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What can i say Just. Wow. I'll admit that animation isn't usually a big thing for me on DeviantArt unless it's creative and ...

First off, probably the biggest and most creative part of this artwork is the use of cubed buildings to convey the dystopian, almost bu...

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen from you in a very long while. The anatomy and the stance is perfect, co...

Honestly, I love how this is well-drawn. The lines are clear and the colors very open, which makes every object stand out. This kind of...

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The Adventures of Peter Gray Commission by Temiree by Domus-Vocis The Adventures of Peter Gray Commission by Temiree :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 6 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Meet the Parents :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
Azure (remastered version)
The sad truth is no one dreams anymore, not like we used to. Once upon a time, we fought to create the impossible, but no longer. It’s pitiful the more one thinks about it. One millennium, we colonized continents and discovered how to harness electric currents. Go forward to the next thousand years, and here we are.
“Mikaela,” a voice emanated from my earpiece, “finish up on that current one and head back down. The next shift’ll be here soon to do the rest of your sector.”
Here I am, running diagnostics on one of the many PODs I’m assigned to before being allowed to clock out for the night. Was it still daylight? Nobody could tell in such a window-less, claustrophobic structure.
My eyes widened, and I shook my hair away to touch my earpiece. “Yes sir! Sorry, sir!” I nodded hastily, finishing the final touches on the POD’s full analysis. “There we are. Now sleep tight.” I chuckled at my
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 0
Invisible in the Twilight - A Villanelle (updated)
"Invisible in the Twilight"
By: Domus Vocis
The cities we build that shine too bright
Cause the stars to become so shy.
Will diamonds be visible in the night?
Stars remain invisible in the twilight,
And beyond the forests now lie
The cities we build that shine too bright.
From the mountainous forests out of sight,
To the skies unclean by man’s goodbye,
Will diamonds be visible in the night?
Why is the countryside untouched by this blight?
As we stare at other shiny things and vie
For the cities we build that shine too bright.
Venture out beyond the moonlight,
And marvel at the wonders in the sky.
Will diamonds be visible in the night?
Leave your dwellings now and depart tonight
To empty cities or desolate fields of rye,
In the cities we build that shine too bright,
Will diamonds be visible in the night?
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 0
Ode to the Future
Ode to the Future
Oh future, how amazing you always seem to be!
A distant phantom we can never seize
Made of shining gadgets and a floating city,
That bring our imagination to its knees!
Across warring nations and battlefields away.
You’ll never be beyond our hopeful view.
From yesteryear’s tomorrow to yesterday’s today,
You are as infinite as the oceans’ blue.
Oh future, you help us achieve impossible deeds
Through hardship and darkening horizons.
Carrying remarkable visions and creeds,
We march onward as the past wizens!
Oh future, we are conductors of your choirs!
No matter the numerous chains limiting you
Today, you will always arrive by our desires
For a better world that shines anew.
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 4 1
Mature content
Hellfire :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
The Adventures of Peter Gray - Book Cover by Domus-Vocis The Adventures of Peter Gray - Book Cover :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 13 2
By: Domus Vocis
The sad truth is no one dreams anymore, not like we used to. Once upon a time, we fought to create the impossible, but no longer. It’s really pitiful the more one thinks about it. One millennium, we colonized continents and discovered how to harness electric currents. Go forward to the next thousand years, and here we are.
“Mikaela,” a voice came from my earpiece, “finish up on that current one and head back down. The next shift’ll be here soon to do the rest of your sector.”
Here I am, running diagnostics on one of the many PODS I’m assigned to before being allowed to clock out for the night. Was it still daylight? I doubted anyone could tell in such a claustrophobic structure with no windows.
My eyes widened and I shook my medium-length hair to touch my earpiece. “Yes sir! Sorry, sir!” I nodded hastily, finishing the final touches on the POD’s full analysis. “There we are. N
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 1 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
I will always be with you
I will Always Be with You
By: Domus Vocis
As he laid on his bed, tired from the last treatment he’d recently gone through, Keith kept telling me that the leukemia wouldn’t stop us. It was a small setback, and wouldn’t stop him from getting through high school. We’d go to the same college, sneak to frat parties and grow old together.  
“Hey,” he joked, “I’ll even bring you to that dumb sci-fi movie you’re looking forward to. What was it, uh…‘Transcendence’ ‘Deliverance’? ‘Descendant’?”
“It’s called ‘Ascendance’, silly,” I laughed weakly, giving him a soft peck on the lips. “Y-Yeah, we…we will go see it, and I’ll make sure to save you some popcorn.” Hearing me, Keith tiredly gave a smile with his incredible oceanic eyes staring into mine.
“I love you so much,” he told me. “Did you know that?”
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 2
A Hundred Years - short story
A Hundred Years
By: Domus Vocis
Time goes by as each day arrives.
As always, my day began as a slow wake-up call. My nurse gently nudged me until I stirred, her voice sounding relieved when my eyes twitched open. For a long moment, I thought I’d died and heard my wife’s voice again, then realized where I was as I blinked and saw colors through my hazy vision. She reintroduced herself, and I smiled while turning to her soft voice. She sounded so much like her.
After helping me with a shower and clothing myself, my nurse helped me back into my wheelchair by the bed. I was fed warm porridge by her, and thanked her in a hoarse whisper as she cleaned my chin. While being fed, I heard a bird chirping beyond the windows of my room, as well as feel the warmth of an April sunshine.
“How are you doing today?” she asked. “Is there anything I can do for you? Turn up the thermostat? Change the station?” She referred to the one sitting on the nightstand, which pla
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 3 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Nerf Guns and Broken China by Domus Vocis
Flash Fiction: "Nerf Guns and Broken China" by Domus Vocis
We would be visiting the beach, but my brothers and I planned to play with our Nerf guns one more time before playing on a sandy shore. It started off as a fun and innocent game, until we became soldiers in a war. When the foam bullets fell and we insulted each other about who won, me acting smug and my little brother screaming he won, he threw his plastic rifle at me. As I dodged it, the Nerf gun shattered a china cabinet behind me.
When my parents saw the aftermath, they asked, “Why didn’t you take the hit?”
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
Being a Stepfather
Being a Stepfather
By: Domus Vocis
Tonight was a big night for both of us, me and Chloe.
Nearing the point of being called a middle-aged lion, romance was as much on my mind months ago as it is smiling at job. My name is Gordon Jameson, and I worked as a paralegal in a law firm situated in the inner city, being paid either to help protect a client’s civil rights or a lowly criminals’ butt from being prosecuted. I did relentless paperwork, helped my colleagues prepare documents and spent hours writing on my laptop for upcoming cases.
Despite the great payment, my life outside the firm wasn’t golden. I worked hard into college and more on earning my degree, only socializing if it included friends from the office. When it came to girlfriends, I only had time for one night stands followed by a romance that could never work. My last girlfriend was a foxy lady named Marianne, who left me for the same reason as everyone else.
It wasn’t my tall stature, the deep voice I
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0


Noah Hamilton Ref sheet by Big-bad-Rocket Noah Hamilton Ref sheet :iconbig-bad-rocket:Big-bad-Rocket 6 6 A Tempestade by Tatujapa A Tempestade :icontatujapa:Tatujapa 89 10 Vincent Von Vulpiloupus O Pianista by Tatujapa Vincent Von Vulpiloupus O Pianista :icontatujapa:Tatujapa 80 6 Daily Paint 1917# Accorgian by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1917# Accorgian :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,067 104 The King's Emissaries by andreasrocha The King's Emissaries :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 793 34 After by Illusir After :iconillusir:Illusir 17 4 The inward battle by kevron2001 The inward battle :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 49 2 Steven Universe: Open Mind by Neodusk Steven Universe: Open Mind :iconneodusk:Neodusk 3,439 616 The Crystal What? by Neodusk The Crystal What? :iconneodusk:Neodusk 2,126 248 Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk Cookie Cat Capers :iconneodusk:Neodusk 2,074 187 Commission: Funky's Expression Sheet by Temiree Commission: Funky's Expression Sheet :icontemiree:Temiree 202 17 Dom Claude Frollo by Culpeo-Fox Dom Claude Frollo :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 222 16 Valentine's Day by TokyoTeddie Valentine's Day :icontokyoteddie:TokyoTeddie 4 0 Alpines by SeerLight Alpines :iconseerlight:SeerLight 1,397 101 Join the Foundation by GX67 Join the Foundation :icongx67:GX67 13 2 Broken Masquerade - SCP Foundation Ad 5 by GX67 Broken Masquerade - SCP Foundation Ad 5 :icongx67:GX67 7 0



So it's been a busy several days for me and I'm sorry I haven't posted anything. 

So what's happened to me? :) Well, after I arrived in Heathrow International on Thursday morning and took a bus to Winchester Campus, I was exhausted from the new time zone and slept all day and night until the next morning. From there, I met with a new friend and we toured around a bit for the weekend. We visited the (GORGEOUS) town along with their famous 1,000-year-old cathedral that's been through civil war, the medieval ages and even WWII.

Soon as Monday arrived, the week's been focused on classes and exploring the nearby town, along with homework, working on revisions for "The Adventures of Peter Gray", etc. Now, tomorrow I plan to go on a tour of London and will be sure to take some pictures :) 

Anyway, I just wanna say I'm okay, and if you wanna see more of my pictures of England, Winchester and London tomorrow, keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a wonderful day, night or whenever, and I'll try to keep you updated on my other projects :)

Cheers! ^^

The Adventures of Peter Gray Commission by Temiree
To celebrate my upcoming publication of "The Adventures of Peter Gray" this coming 2018, I had Temiree do a commission of my main character Peter grinning as the New York Newsboys begin to strike. Set in 1899 New York City, this historical coming-of-age fantasy novel follows a twelve-year-old wolf urchin as he befriends a human boy his age named James (who faces prejudice in a world where humanity is lower-class to anthros). Follow their antics as they explore Manhattan's culture, interact with historical figures and explore the meanings of friendship and true family.

If you're interested how this mischievous wolf urchin gets involved, pre-order a copy using the link below, and enjoy Peter's happy-go-lucky antics in this world that combines fantasy with history (and anthros). Enjoy! 

Link here:!/PRE…

This wonderful artwork was done by:

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High School of Cliches: Meet the Parents
By: Domus Vocis

“Oh, oh Holden~!”

Inside the football field’s back shed, Hunter stifled a moan as his aching dick leaked like a fire hydrant. As the lithe fox licked and nibbled on the tip, the German shepherd struggled not to shove it all the way down his throat. Meanwhile, his eyes were glued between the blocked door and Holden’s tender lips on his bare length.

“Nnnggghhh,” the shepherd’s cock twitched and burned with each thrust inside the fox’s maw. He drooled and panted as his tail wagged at the wall and his bare ass. “Ahhhhh! Mfh, Holden don’t stop.”

“Mmmmfh,” he mumbled back while tonguing under and over the heated rod, his bare paws patting his partner’s firm, furry thighs. Holden’s lips drooled with each lick and kiss onto the aching cock, causing the fox’s own length to drip.

“Oh yes!” Hunter moaned aloud like a horndog, biting his lower lip.

Ever since their little tryst earlier that week in Hunter’s car, both canines found whatever times they could to exchange blowjobs. As much as the German shepherd wanted to blow his foxy boyfriend, Holden insisted he preferred to service than be serviced. Hunter didn’t complain though, especially considering how great the fox performed, from his tongue wetting underneath his hot dick to the way Holden’s nimble fingers brushed the underside of his balls.

They had plans for the night, but with football practice canceled—due to Coach Sampson catching stomach flu and Greenville’s lack of substitute coaches—Hunter and Holden snuck themselves into the football shed to ‘relieve stress’. And by relieve stress, you mean having the red fox on his knees sucking the German shepherd’s dick like a furry on free commissions.

Hunter meanwhile had his back to the wall and his pants around his knees. His cock was leaking faster and building further up, and the German shepherd felt like his length was turning into a German bratwurst.

Suddenly, sharp fangs met tender flesh. “Nahgh!” Hunter hissed. “That hurts!”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Holden whispered, kissing the tender part of him accidentally bitten, “I’m still learning.”

“With what?” Hunter asked, chuckling at the knowledge the fox kept a dildo in his room after the whole Banana Incident. “Am I not good enough for you, foxyahhhh!”

As a blunt reply, Holden playfully wrapped his lips around the whole girth and squeezed one of Hunter’s bare cheeks, making the jock’s cock swell and the jock himself moan through the walls. Hunter’s heated balls throbbed as the fox caressed them, his tongue teasing his leaking tip even more. He was sure his spent boyfriend could feel his heartbeat through the skin too.

“Mfh! Ha…Ah! That-that’s it, sweetie!” the German shepherd’s legs buckled, “H-Holden, I’m…ahh...g-gonna…ahhhh~! I’m…I’m cumming!”

Streams of hot essence erupted from his wet rod, coating Holden’s throat as he suckled further on his boyfriend’s bulged length. Last thing they needed was proof of their rendezvous, so the lithe fox licked up every drop from the German shepherd’s soon-calming, glistening shaft.

“Mmmm,” Holden licked his lips as he stood. “Satisfied?” Hunter replied by bobbing his hung head up and down with heavy breaths, then reached for the fox’s crotch. “Ah, ah, as much as I wanna let you stroke me, a) we don’t have much time, and b) it’ll make a bigger mess someone’ll find.”

“But you’re still hard,” Hunter pointed out, his tail wagging between his chiseled rear and the wall behind him. “I don’t wanna bring you to dinner with blue balls, Holden.”

Smirking, the fox flicked his tail at the lustful shepherd. “I’ll manage.

“If…” Hunter panted with slight concern, “…you insist.”

“And by the way, you’re breathing like you had the best orgasm of your life,” Holden laughed, “so I’ll be the one driving.”

Hunter rolled his eyes and groaned. “Fine, if you say so…” he grumbled as he zipped his jeans back up and tucked his cock away. “You know, with how much the school knows about our relationship, I’m surprised we’re not being caught by this.”

“By afterschool teachers?” Holden asked. “Classmates unfortunate to hear me making you spill your load, sweetie?” He playfully gasped. “Or maybe the FCC?” Both spit to the ground. “Who then, big boy?” He then slyly grinned before patting the jock’s tight, jean-covered rump.

Hunter yipped and blushed at the fox’s action, but shook his muzzle.

“Nah,” he replied. “The yaoi fangirls.” That got both of them to shiver, but Hunter comforted Holden by caressing his right wrist. “There, there sweetie. Those foppish fujoshis can’t hurt you. All we gotta worry about is my cousin taking pics of us for the girls at his school."

Holden couldn’t prevent himself from smiling, and kissed the back of Hunter’s turned neck. “Tell me, narrator,” he asked, grabbing their backpacks nearby, “why exactly did I give Hunter head in the 3rd least sexy location and 4th most risky spot for a blowjob? Did you want us to get caught?”

I’m actually hoping this’ll get the attention of potential readers.
Hunter growled. “Pervert.”

Said the guy who got a blowjob in a high school football supply shed?
“Pervert!” he growled again.


They stopped by Holden’s duplex so the fox could freshen up in the shower. As Hunter waited for Holden to finish getting into fresh clothes (as well as ogle him as he—literally—came from the shower), the shepherd jock wondered about tonight. Tonight at 5:00, they’d be having dinner with his parents, at his mom’s workplace no less.

I hope they like Holden, the shepherd jock thought like a dumb idiot. Hey, how am I a dumb idiot You’re the one writing my dialogue! Of course, they’ll like him! Don’t you remember what they said in the last installment? You mean the same one where my folks admitted they knew my bisexuality by reading the story tags? Hunter suddenly perked his ears in alarm. Speaking of which…what me and Holden did…can everyone read what kind of sex acts me and Holden do, pervert?

As HILARIOUS as that would be, no.


Said canine turned to see Holden wearing a black t-shirt with an all-American flag, along with regular blue jeans that contrasted his red leg fur. The fox’s tail rustled with lively anticipated movements as he twirled for show. “What do you think? Am I dashingly handsome for tonight?”

“Well,” Hunter grinned while craning his neck around to see his firm rump, “your pants certainly fit nicely.”

“Hey,” Holden chortled and flicked his tail at the taller canine, “My eyes are up here, smart-ass!” Smirking, Hunter playfully patted the fox’s perked rear.

“But this here’s my property in the future,” he laughed, only to fall silent as Holden tapped his footpaw unamused. “Hehe…I’m gonna pay for that later aren’t I?”

“Yep,” Holden nodded back, and chuckled as he grabbed the shepherd’s larger paw. “We better get going. You said it takes twenty minutes to get to Samson’s from this side of town, right?”

“Fifteen actually,” Hunter corrected as they went downstairs, “if we take the main road to Lime Kiln Avenue.”

“Have fun, sweetie!” the fox’s mother called from the living room they passed. “Tell your mom I said ‘hi’, Hunter. I haven’t talked to her in ages.”

“I will, Mrs. Brewin!” he replied back.

“Thanks, Mom!” Holden chirped and acknowledged his indifferent little sister texting on the couch as she and her mom watched the newest soon-to-be-canceled show on FOX. “See you later, Mary!”

“Whatever…” she murmured.

Hunter couldn’t resist smirking, wondering now what’d it be like to have a little sibling. He then helped put on his and Holden’s coats before walking outside.

It was already dark outside thanks to the November weather, turning Greenville, Wisconsin into a colder realm compared to down south. The streets still had their lights on, but it was clear everyone preferred staying inside, like burly bears wanting away from the cold.

“Purple prose much?” Hunter joked as he drove. You certainly aren’t complaining whenever it involves sex, right? “…shut up.”


Samson’s Bar and Grill didn’t always use to have the ‘Grill’ part in it. A couple decades ago, it used to be a regular, seedy bar frequented by Greenville’s seedier residents. As the town expanded and more families arrived though, owners changed, and it became a family-friendly restaurant on one side of the two-story building.

After parking outside in front of the pawn shop neighboring Samson’s, Hunter could see his parents’ car resting a couple parked cars down. Looked like Samson’s was booked tonight, surprising for a Thursday, but then the German shepherd’s attention went to seeing Holden’s ears perk.

“I remember this place,” he mentioned as they walked towards the entrance. “My folks used to bring me and my sis here a bit when we were kids.” The taller canine held the door open as they walked in, and the fox immediately grimaced at the pungent smell emanating directly from the smoke-filled bar to the left. “Ack! Well…that hasn’t changed. God, where are we, north Green Bay?”

Hey, that’s a little too close to home, fox!

“‘Samson’s Bar & Grill’,” Hunter joked, “if the second-hand smoke won’t kill you, our diabetic food will’.” Both canines laughed and fist-bumped.

The Grill side’s layout was what you’d expect. Eighties country music in the background, greasy floor littered with dropped French fries, tables oddly strewn around, and seated booths along the walls knick-knacked with all-American décor. And in a corner booth along the back, sitting right beneath a shelf collection of vintage soda pop cans, were two familiar muzzles.

“Over here, Hunter!” Mom called.

Immediately both could hear music on the speakers. “Come on in, boy, sit on down, And tell me about yourself. So you like my own son, do you now? Yeah, we think he's something else…

Hunter nervously nodded to his mother and father, gripping his boyfriend’s paw as they sat down. Meanwhile, Holden’s ever-present grin never faded, especially from the butter-entrenched smells coming from the neighboring kitchen doors.

The Mrs. shook the fox’s paw, eagerly replying, “You must be Holden. I’m Karen. It’s great to finally meet you.”

“Same here,” Holden chuckled. Hunter’s father was beside her nose-deep into the dinner menu while the fox beamed his trademark smile. “And you must be Mr. Thurman.”

“Greg?” Mom gently elbowed him.

On cue, the elder canine glanced up and hastily put the menu down. “Oh uh, sorry there!” Dad beamed back and leaned forward from his seat. “Good to meet you, Holden.”

Both shook paws and sat back down into awkward silence.

“Um…” Hunter’s father tried breaking it, “So you’re dating my son then?” Holden meekly nodded.

“Okay. Cool. I hope school’s been good for you?”

“It has,” Holden eye-smiled

Suddenly, a short female rabbit in a tan-and-black waitress’ uniform popped beside their table.

“Hello! My name’s Stacey and…” she momentarily paused and stared at Hunter and Holden to her right, and heavily blushed. When the shepherd’s eyes met hers, she immediately resumed, “…and I’ll be your w-waiter for the evening.”

As everyone placed their orders, Hunter couldn’t help but find Stacey somewhat familiar. Based on her age, she had to be sixteen and obviously a student at Greenville High. However, he couldn’t put an identity to the blushing, anxious rabbit.

“And I guess…” Holden sighed. “God, it’s been years since I’ve been here…um, how does the ‘Double-Bacon Cheesy Burger sound?”

“Mmmhmmm,” she mumbled, scribbling it down. “Pronto!”

“Uh, Holden?” Hunter murmured to him with perked ears and concern. “You sure you wanna eat something like that?”

His mother nodded. “Yeah, I mean Greg’s eaten it once in the past, and look at him now.”

To which Mr. Thurman frowned. “Hey, honey…” he whimpered. “I’m still healthy.”

The fox meekly waved a paw. “Eh, might as well get something interesting right?”

Shrugging, Hunter gave his order as well and Stacey smiled. “I’ll be right back with your drinks then!” she chirped, beaming to the fox and German shepherd. “By the way, you two look absolutely adorable together!”

Hunter suddenly tensed with recognition. “Y-Y-You’re…” he stammered. The rabbit disappeared towards the other end of the restaurant, so the shepherd jock decided to hastily tell Holden, “She’s one of the yaoi fangirls that’s been chasing us!”

"'Yaoi' what?" Hunter’s father asked, clearly confused for a forty-something engineer in the Midwest (who probably doesn’t even know what ‘NSFW’ stands for). “Hey, I have Google like everyone else, and isn’t NSFW what this installment is?”

…well played.

“I’m sorry, but…what’s wrong with that girl?” Mom asked, chuckling.

“Oh, uh…” Holden coughed. “It’s uh, nothing. Ever since me and Hunter were outed to the school, there’s been a horny, male-on-male-obsessed mob of girls that wanna see us in romantic and/or sexual situations, chasing us all ‘round the school.”

Mom and Dad blinked, with the male canine furrowing a confused brow. “Oh. Okay,” he replied, then poorly half-joked, “Well, it can’t be as um, awkward as all the phone calls we ah, have been getting.”

Hunter’s eyes widened, but he couldn’t help but laugh. “Let me guess: the neighbors have been calling you on your phones, asking if the rumors of your son ‘being a fag’ are true?”

“Sadly yes…” he replied with fallen ears. “People talk.”

“And in the marketplace, son,” Mom butted in with rolling eyes. “In fact, I’ve gotten even more phone calls from Mrs. Burgess than usual ever since Sunday. Seriously, it looks like she was spamming me with messages all night. I’d normally listen to her rantings about church from before, but,” To Hunter’s surprise, his normally calm and spunky mom shuddered, “now I’m afraid.”

“Same here,” Hunter showcased the past week’s homophobic texts on his phone.

His father patted and caressed his wife’s paw for a moment, then turned to the fox and the younger German shepherd. “Is this a phase?” Dad suddenly asked, to which Hunter, his mother and especially Holden tensed in surprise.

Mrs. Thurman wasn’t jolly either. “Greg!” she growled in annoyance. “Why would you say something like that?”

His son wasn’t impressed either. “Dad—”

“I meant the texts you’ve been getting!” the elder shepherd corrected himself, ears flushed with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound homophobic.”

“Narrator,” Hunter pouted, “I thought we were finished with the cringy LGBT comments from the last story!” Trust me, kid: we’ve got plenty of unintentionally homophobic schlock left over. “Huh, it’s fine, Dad.”

“Holden,” Dad restarted, “I’m so sorry about that. I uh, hope you’ve been doing well?” he then quickly added, “With what’s been happening, and returning to Greenville?”

The lithe fox relaxed himself and shrugged. “Eh, I’ve been through worse,” he replied. Yeah, the bullying Hunter did to Holden in middle school is much, much worse than this. “Yeah, what he did to me—hey!”

“Um, wait what?” Hunter’s dad stared incredulous.

Mrs. Thurman’s maw gaped open in utter shock. “What do you mean he used to bully him?”

“Mom, Dad, context!” Hunter gasped with folded ears. “I promise I’d never hurt Holden! I mean, I used to bully him back when we were in middle school but that was like, before I accepted myself. It…It was nothing.”

Over several months, you pantsed Holden several times, stole $44 worth of lunch money from him, and then spread rumors to everyone he was peeping on the other boys changing in the locker room and bathroom stalls. I wouldn’t call it ‘nothing’.

“What the hell?” Hunter barked aloud before lowering his voice to whisper, “What do you think you’re doing, Narrator?” My job. “Fuck you!”

Mrs. Thurman gasped. “Hunter!”




Meanwhile Holden’s ears were downcast from this pandemonium. “Ugh,” the fox muttered under his breath, “I can’t believe you’re doing this cliché. This is more embarrassing than that pro-life Zootopia comic from a month back.”

All three German shepherds sat in sudden silence.

Then Hunter couldn’t help but suppress a small giggle. “Pwuff haha,” he suddenly laughed, and for some reason so did his parents. “Oh my God, that comic!”

Holden wiped his eyes and struggled to speak between laughter. “…so awful…so stupid…so pretentious…” The comic or Michael Bay’s entire filmography? “Both!”

After calming himself down, the lithe fox gathered himself and laughed. “I’m so sorry for this misunderstanding. Lemme say there’s context behind what the Narrator has been spewing his mouth off like a twat!”

Uhh…are you referring to me?

Dad smirked back to the young fox. “It’s okay, sonny. Like you said, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“You can’t blame us though,” Mom replied with an earnest smile, her tail now wagging freely “Hunter’s told us almost nothing about you. I mean, he rarely tells us about his school life.”

Hunter chuckled and scratched the back of his twitching ear. “Uh…sorry,” he replied, then turned to Holden. “Sorry.”

To his surprise, the fox grabbed the muscular shepherd’s paw and beamed his trademark grin. “I love you,” he spoke, to which the shepherd blushed more heavily—to his parent’s amusement, of course.

Mom smirked and looked to Holden across the seated booth. “Tell us then,” she asked, propping an elbow up, “how did you two, after all these years, became a couple?”

“Yeah,” Dad added in, “how’d you go from hating each other to…ya know…?”

More relaxed than before, Holden grinned to Hunter and told them everything.


Well, save for their Halloween adventure in Rukisburg and sexy times. Otherwise the lithe fox eagerly spilled everything, from his parents’ divorce a while ago to the conversation he and Hunter had at the McDonalds and the German shepherd’s acceptance of himself. Not to mention the former secrecy of their relationship leading to their high school’s strange reactions to them coming out (or rather Hunter coming out).

“Okay, you’re both seriously telling me,” Dad stifled a laugh between bites of his burger, “that your teammates made a bet on when you’d come out to Angela?” The elder canine wiped his paw and pointed to the fox across the table, “And HE put his name down and won all of the money?”

Holden, who was having trouble wrapping his maw around the large Double-Bacon Cheesy Burger, simply nodded. Funny, seeing how he didn’t struggle wrapping—“Don’t even think about it, you pervert,” Hunter growled.

Anyway, Holden struggled eating it. “Uhhhh…” he swallowed the first half down, and held his swelling stomach down. “Why’d I order this?”

“Because it’ll help give you more bone!” Mom giggled aloud.  

Stacey soon arrived with refilled drinks (without more Klinky per Dad’s request), and Hunter immediately noticed her eyes gazing at him and the fox. “Do…do you want me to give the b-bill, ma’am?” she asked Mrs. Thurman, who put it off.

“Nah,” she shrugged away and patted Holden’s shoulder across the table. “A few minutes? I’m getting to know more of my son’s boyfriend here!”

The female rabbit softly gasped and glimpsed back to them. “So-So it’s true then?” she asked with fidgeting paws. “Are…Are you two together? Y-You’re gay?”

“They sure are!” Mom toasted before drinking the last of her Klinky glass.

“Dawwww, that’s so cute!”

Without a beat, the look of an idea formed on Holden’s muzzle. He turned to the slightly embarrassed shepherd and grinned.

Hunter noticed. “What’s wrong?”

“You’ve got mustard on your cheek,” the smaller canine explained, leaning up from his seat. “Lemme get that for you~<3”

In a series of seconds, Holden licked the mustard from Hunter’s cheek, their waitress rushed off with a nosebleed and Hunter blushed red enough for it to be seen through his mahogany fur.

“Holden!” Hunter stumbled with words. “I think you made your point there!”

“I know~!” the fox smirked, then kissed his lips before the tall, muscular jock shriveled in his seat with embarrassment at the open display of affection. Meanwhile, Holden looked back down to his plate and pouted. “Mr. Thurman—”

“Please, Holden,” the elder canine replied with earnest, “call me Greg. ‘Mr. Thurman’ makes me feel old, and so does describing me as an ‘elder canine’.” Forgive me for giving grammatical variety, but you are old. “Shut it.”

“Yep, like father like son,” Holden replied, laughing. “Anyway, Greg, I hope I won’t have to eat the rest of…this?” He blanched at the remaining half of the burger. “I dunno if I can handle anymore of this much meat.”

“That’s what he said!” Hunter’s mother giggled.

“Sure thing, kiddo,” Hunter’s father—an elderly canine—replied, grabbing the plate as he spotted the familiar rabbit nearby. “Hey Stacey, mind getting us some doggy bags? I think we’re almost ready to go.”

Stacey—jotting an order down while having bloody tissues stuffed in her nose—responded, “Sure thing, mister!”

Hunter couldn’t help but laugh at her hurriedly retreating into the kitchen.

“She seems lovely,” Dad commented.

Hunter stifled a laugh. “Wait ‘til she starts chasing you.”

Dinner ended when the bill was paid, and Hunter helped his father guide Mom towards the door. While doing so, Holden kept his distance from the overly-happy female shepherd’s grasp.

“Ah yes!” she giggled, “You know yer welcome to our house anytime, Holdie! Heh, ‘Holdie’.”

“Uh…thank you, Mrs. Thurman…”

“It’s…*burp*…Karen,” she corrected him. “And I mean it I approve of you! Huntie, I approve!” The
elder German shepherd giggled and wagged her tail at the short fox. “I…I’ve met Hunter’s few girlfriends before, and lemme tell ya,” she tried leaning forward only for her husband to clutch her upward onto her feet, “they weren’t as bright as you, or smart or foxy, heh. Hot yes, but…”

“Alright, Mom that’s enough,” Hunter mused with her. “I think he gets the point.”

“Really?” Holden couldn’t help but grin despite the stomachache. “Well then, we’re gonna have to have a chat about these other girls, right Hunter?”

The youngest German shepherd laughed nervously. “Of-Of course, sweetie.”

Mom hooted with laughter, clearly drunk off her tail after a couple glasses of Klinky. “Hey, I’m not drunk!” she then turned to the back office and saw a weasel. That was Paulie Samson, owner of Samson’s for the past generation and the local hard-ass save for George Johnson. “Hey Paulie! Imma be a little late tomorrow for work, okay?”

“Fine, Karen, but I want ya to stay back for an extra hour tomorrow night’s shift, okay?” he grumbled.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be driving home then,” Greg spoke amusedly to his son. As they helped her into the passenger seat of the family car, he turned to the lithe fox and smiled. “I hope dinner was good for you, Holden?”

“Oooh,” the fox smiled uneasily while holding his stomach. “It was great meeting you and Mrs. Thurman—Karen, I mean!” Suddenly, his ears perked straight up. “Oh yeah, and my Mom wanted to say ‘hi’ to you two. She says she knew Karen?”

“I do!” Hunter’s mother screamed giddily in her seat. “Oh my God, I haven’t seen her in years!”

“I’ll tell her you said ‘hello’ too,” he called back from the other end of the empty street. “Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman!”


Before driving Holden home, Hunter dropped by one of Greenville’s two gas stations to fill up the Ion. Unlike the other station across the street (literally), Ceddo’s Car n’ Go stayed open 24 hours, while the other—an old one from the town’s founding in 1962 called ‘Gas, Grass n’ Pass’—closed early due to the owner also co-managing Bojack’s Snack Shack. Yep, small town.

“You sit here then, okay?” Hunter spoke comfortingly to the queasy fox. “Do you need anything from inside?”

“No,” the fox shook his muzzle. “I would like a kiss?”

The teenage shepherd smirked, and leaned forward for a peck. Then two. Then three and more until the horndog and hornfox remembered the need to breathe.

“Mmm, I think tonight went well…”

“You think it went well?” Holden asked the unsure shepherd. “Honey, if a parent gets drunk and starts telling you they approve of your boyfriend, I think it’s a win.”

“Point taken,” he replied, then nuzzled the fox’s warm cheeks. “You stay here then while I get gas.”

Holden chuckled and “I’ll try not to barf.”

Hunter went inside then and reluctantly paid for a full tank of gas, coming back out to see another car parking by the pump. A foreign-manufactured Ebenezer model, and red as the skirt and coat of its driver.

“Speak of the devil,” Hunter groaned before musing, “…or is it succubus?” I don’t know, I’m not a demonology major. “Wait, where can you get a demonology major?” His ears perked back to the driver exiting her vehicle. “I’m considering it for college.”

Two figures exited the vehicle. One was a golden-furred she-wolf and the other a husky, with the former stayed in the car as the she-wolf ran inside. “Fuck, I gotta pee like a banshee…” However, she stopped for a moment when her blue eyes met Hunter’s. “Hunt…Hunty—”

Without a word, the German shepherd got to his car, leaving Angela to dash inside for the restroom.

Growling under his breath, Hunter’s anger dissipated when he saw the husky in the passenger window. A familiar muzzle.

“Hey Hunter!” she greeted happily. “It’s been a while since the author decided to include me from the first story!”

“Veronica?” the shepherd formed a smile and flicked his tail. Looking over his car’s roof he began loading gas into the Ion. “Hey there. How are you?”

It was Veronica Falk, the husky cheerleader who’d convinced him into seeing Holden. Who knew time went by so fast in only two months?

“Hunter?” Holden asked from the back seat, having decided to lay down due to his stomachache getting worse. “Hunter?”

“Wait, is that Holden in the car?” Veronica asked the shepherd. In response, the fox sat up and gave his trademark beam again. Widening her eyes and giggling, the husky’s tail wagged against the seat as she craned her neck. “Oh em gee, I saw you and Hunter holding hands once in the halls! I wanted to say hello and congratulate you, but…well, there’s Angela.”

Angela Preacher had plenty of compatriots and ‘best friends’ in her arsenal, going through them more than the current White House administration goes through internships. Unlike there however, Angela didn’t take betrayal lightly. The last time one turned against her included a nasty rumor involving a pig. That was a couple years ago.

“Right,” Hunter commented. “Do we only have a minute or so to talk?”

“Two if she’s angsty over her make-up. With you though, I give it three or four at minimum,” Veronica explained, grinning and giggling towards the queasy fox. “Are you feeling alright there, Holden?” The husky eagerly got out and offered a paw through the open window. “Oh right, I’m Veronica. Veronica Falk.”

“I’ve seen you before at football practice,” Holden, trying to keep a smile as he shook her paw, moaned while clutching his stomach. “Sorry, I’m not feeling well. Just had dinner at Samson’s.
Now…” The poor fox burped, and his stomach grumbled. “Now I feel like Morgan Spurlock in 2004.”

Veronica giggled despite not knowing the name.

Hunter got it though and sighed. “We were out having dinner with my folks, and he chose to have the Double-Bacon Cheesy Burger.”

Veronica gasped. “You really ate the Double-Bacon Cheesy Burger? That comes with a warning for diabetes, doesn’t it?”

“Wouldn’t doubt it…” Holden moaned a giggle and lied down. “Welcome to Wisconsin.”

Hunter laughed with Veronica. “So uh…I never got the chance to say this…” the German shepherd spoke, “but thank you.”

The husky blushed softly for the muscular, handsome German shepherd. “Y-You’re welcome, Hunter,” she peeped, leaning back against Angela’s Ebenezer. “I...I just wanted you to go with your h-heart. B-Besides, you and H-Holden look so cute together.”

“We really do!” Holden called from the car, giggling upon remembering something. “Especially when Hunter was helping me with basketball yesterday, and I couldn’t get a single shot in the basket. Coach Sampson told me I needed a single shot, so Hunter here stepped behind me and tenderly guided my arms to make the shot.”

Right then, Hunter’s ears fell and his tail curled. “Holden!” he whimpered.

He remembered that moment. Coach was pressing for the fox to make a single shot, but given his slim body it was difficult. The tall shepherd didn’t know what came over him, but he did just as Holden described despite stares from some of the guys and the giggling from the girls. When the fox mindlessly turned to peck his nose, that was when the German shepherd’s embarrassment shine.

“Dawwwww,” the husky clapped her paws to her cheeks. “I actually saw that! The way you held his elbows and such! And that nose kiss; so romantic!”

You just keep doing this to me, don’t you? Hunter thought.

Give me credit, won’t you? Admit you like it. Come on, admit it.

Hunter sighed as a small smile formed. “Alright, it was romantic,” he confessed. “Plus, I uh…I couldn’t let Holden down.”

Suddenly, the air grew chilly before anyone could speak. All eyes then turned to see Angela step outside, and her eyes glare at them.

“Veronica!” Jumped away from where she was leaning.

“Hunter.” Put the pump away and quickly went around into the driver’s seat.

Angela stood dressed in a red skirt and white blouse, underneath a red-and-white trimmed coat that’d make Mrs. Claus laugh. As always her fur shone under the lights of the gas station

“Veronica, get in the car,” she ordered, to which the visibly frightened husky followed. As the golden she-wolf strolled towards the Ion, part of Hunter wondered if her smiling mask would crack in negative degree winter. “Hey Hunty.”

Hunter said nothing.

“Hunter, look at me!” she persisted. “Hunter, you’re being immature here.”

Still nothing.


Holden suddenly moaned in the backseat, causing Angela’s eyes to icily stare at the fox. Looking up and seeing the fancy she-wolf, he didn’t miss a beat and smiled.

“Hello Angela,” he waved. “Wonderful evening out.”

Looking at the fox with clear disgust, the golden she-wolf turned to her ‘friend’ in the car. “Veronica,” she said, “Who’re you dating lately? I’m going out this weekend with Zachary Apple. He’s such a dreamboat, and is totally into me. After all, it's a rule for the jock to be with the cheerleader, right.”

“More of a hopeless trope Angela,” Veronica muttered.

Angela flared. “What was that?”

“Oh, one can only hope Angela,” the husky saved face.

“Yeah,” she shrugged, glancing back to the German shepherd and fox. “It’s natural for him to be into me. Guys are programmed that way. Always has been and always will be. Any guy who isn’t into beautiful girls like me are only unnatural, disgusting fag—”

Hunter stomped his toes on the gas and swerved onto the road, leaving dust trails behind as a faint scream could be heard.  

“Ugh,” Holden moaned from the back seat, and the shepherd slowed down. “You could’ve warned me you were gonna do that, sweetie!”

Hunter’s angered expression softened, and he glimpsed at the mirror. “Oh God, I’m very sorry, Holden,” he hastily apologized, now feeling like a colossal dick for his actions. “Very, very sorry!”

The fox laughed and shifted onto his back. “I’m fine, but I don’t think she is,” Holden added, “I think you got dust onto her shiny car.”

To this the German shepherd gave a lowly growl. “Whatever,” he grunted.

Holden suddenly made a lewd smirk. “Are you jealous of her and thinking of dumping me?”

The jock at the wheel immediately frowned. “After she tried to Freddy Kreuger you last week on Halloween?” Hunter’s neck craned to the fox and formed a soft grin. “I’d rather transfer to Rukisburg High and deal with their bullshit rules than do anything with that manipulative alpha bitch.”

Holden beamed. “That’s a good pup.”

Suddenly Hunter felt his phone buzz, and read when they came to a stop light. “Veronica sent me a text. Says we should ‘totally go see a gay film together. Like “Brokeback Mountain” or whatever’,” he then laughed the second hardest laugh of tonight. “She even said, I kid you not this is real, ‘something with gay teen pride in it’.”

“Oh yeah,” Holden chirped and burped, “Nothing says ‘gay teen pride’ than movies with casual homophobia, R-rated violence and a soundtrack mostly made of one background song and tense silence.”

They eventually came to Holden’s duplex, and Hunter was happy to walk the lithe fox to his door. Holding paws, of course. When they came to the door, Hunter didn’t stop to pull the smaller canine into a close embrace, kissing him close and tasting the traces of the fox’s meal.

Hunter parted for air and blushed under his cheeks. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” Holden smiled despite his stomach. “See you tomorrow, Hunter.”

The shepherd jock drove home with a complete grin on his muzzle. Screw the awkwardness of tonight, the yaoi fangirl waitress, his mother being drunk and that encounter with Angela; tonight was great.

Until he came home to find his father and (soberer) mother in the kitchen.

With pamphlets.

Sex-Ed pamphlets.

“Well good night!” Hunter tried running only for Dad to drag him to the table.

“We just want you and Holden to be safe, honey,” he said to his son.

“We don’t have STDs, dammit!” he growled. “And I have Google!”

“Hunter,” Mom patted his paw at the table. “It’s not about STDs. We also want to talk to you about HIV infection,” Hunter groaned, “genital warts,” Hunter groaned louder, “anal fissures,” Hunter groaned even louder, “consent with partners…”

Hunter’s ears perked up. “Okay, that’s actually not a bad thing to address.”

“Along with genital warts and planning of sexual activity,” Mom finished, “such as what happened in the school’s tool shed.”

If Hunter thought the previous revelation was a nightmare, then this was hell.

Dad laughed in his seat. “Kudos for not getting caught though.”

“I thought you said they couldn’t see our actions anymore!” Hunter growled.

I lied.

Hunter whirled back to his folks. “And I thought you said you wouldn’t have to have me read those if I brought Holden to dinner?!”

“We lied.” Mom smirked.

Dad nodded. “We sure did. Son, it’s time for you and me to suffer through this.”

“Now,” Hunter’s mother chirped up, grabbing one of the pamphlets, “let’s discuss the safeties of anal sex…”

Somebody shoot me.

The End
High School of Cliches: Meet the Parents

Hello! Surprised to see this? Well, I thought I'd post this as a final story of 2017 and end it on a high note for the new year.

So in case you haven't been following "High School of Cliches", Hunter Thurman is a bisexual German shepherd jock whose relationship with Holden Brewin, a gay teenage fox his age, is put to the test as they live and attend school in their small WI town. Bullies, disgruntled teammates, yaoi fangirls, homophobic neighbors and even a popular she-wolf who is all yandere for Hunter (poor kid). Now, our main couple must face one of the greatest challenges yet: meeting Hunter's parents for dinner. gasp

If you have been following so far, I hope you're excited as much as I am (though probably not as /excited/ as Hunter and Holden are in the first several paragraphs ;P As always, "High School of Cliches" this is a parody of typical gay romances you find in the furry fandom, as well as outside it, while having fun with being a gay romance. Any and all pop culture references are for fun, and aren't to be taken seriously...most of the time.

Anyway, feel free to leave comments, reviews or thoughts down below! :)

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is excited for 2018 as much as I am? 

Well, before the eve of the New Year, I'd like to make some announcements: sadly, while  I was hoping for a mid-December release for my upcoming novel "The Adventures of Peter Gray", publication is being delayed until later this January. Hopefully it can still make a good present and a nice first read of the new year, right? Meantime I'll keep you further updated on here and Twitter! :)

On a side note, I'm also going to be studying abroad at the University of Winchester in England this Spring of 2018~! :D Great right? For four months plus an extra month of spending time with my beloved boyfriend, Cedric, in Germany. I'll even hope to post some photos of my time with him as well as my time in England! ^^

Lastly, regarding my next (steamy ;)) installment of High School of Cliches, the latest story will come out tomorrow. Think of it as a last story post of 2017, a year that has had its ups and down but is what I consider a  memorable year of hardships and progress. The same can be said for Hunter and Holden in this next installment, where Holden will be meeting his boyfriend's parents in their small town. :P

I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve tomorrow, and thank you for your support! :) Happy New Year!

The sad truth is no one dreams anymore, not like we used to. Once upon a time, we fought to create the impossible, but no longer. It’s pitiful the more one thinks about it. One millennium, we colonized continents and discovered how to harness electric currents. Go forward to the next thousand years, and here we are.

“Mikaela,” a voice emanated from my earpiece, “finish up on that current one and head back down. The next shift’ll be here soon to do the rest of your sector.”

Here I am, running diagnostics on one of the many PODs I’m assigned to before being allowed to clock out for the night. Was it still daylight? Nobody could tell in such a window-less, claustrophobic structure.


My eyes widened, and I shook my hair away to touch my earpiece. “Yes sir! Sorry, sir!” I nodded hastily, finishing the final touches on the POD’s full analysis. “There we are. Now sleep tight.” I chuckled at my grim joke, but paused as images of Rylan and Darren came to mind, as well as the day’s date. “As always.”

By the time I finished placing the equipment away, the entire workday’s exhaustion began taking its toll. My muscles ached all over, and my legs moved together like straw. Aimlessly waving good-bye to the POD’s sleeping occupant, as well as the other millions of occupants on the current floor, I strolled over to the elevator. It’d been a long day, and all I wanted was to rest. Simple, but nice for today; maybe even visit Rylan.

“Oh, and Mikaela? This is only coming from me, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.”

My eyes blinked rapidly, and I stood still as the elevator door slid open to reveal several tired, silent coworkers from the Tier’s higher levels. On instinct, I awkwardly nodded as they trudged their hunching forms past me to their important tasks.


Again, I shook my hair away to touch my earpiece. “Uh, oh yeah, it’s the 21st.” I responded with a high voice. “Thank you, sir. I didn’t expect you to say that.”

He didn’t reply, so I shrugged and stepped inside. As I glanced past the closing door towards the endless rows of endless shelves of endless active PODs, my thoughts turned to Azure—a paradise I’d never visit, along with those who remained behind.

I was only a little girl after the Fifth World War officially came to an end. I don’t know much about the previous four given the loss of information over decades, but I know about the Fifth. Everyone else does. I remember the fires, the deadly smog that covering most of the globe, and the screams that could be heard everywhere. By then, the planet had already become a shadow of its former self.

According to historical text files, what were once luscious green fields transformed into barren rock, and areas that used to be thriving cities became abandoned graveyards. More dry land grew smaller as the oceans rose, and warfare ravaged like wildfire in the blink of an eye. The older I grew, the darker the world became, and people searched for an escape. Some looked to the cosmos beyond the stars, others became fond of an afterlife. In the end though, we turned to a different kind of escape.

Azure. A virtual reality-based world and humanity’s greatest salvation for those who desired blissful ignorance.

The elevator slowed to a lower floor, so I stepped aside to make room for workers who came and went to other levels. During the ride down the metallic lift, I stood in solemn silence between coughs and twitching boots. My eyes wandered between the floor and the windowless walls, doing everything to occupy myself on the long ride down. As we dropped by an open window, I caught sight of the outside world and couldn’t help but marvel at the sun reflecting off the watery ground. When I spotted a rainbow and pointed it out to a middle-aged woman and younger man beside me, their faces lit up.

“Don’t see that much color outside of the screens downstairs,” I asked the elderly man, “Incredible, isn’t it Graham?”

He beamed. “Sure is. When was the last time you ever saw something like that?”

“Not in a while,” an unnamed woman behind me commented. I didn’t know if her name was Mary F. or Mary H. or if she even was a Mary. It was often hard to keep track of everyone you worked with, especially if your coworkers were in the tens of thousands. “Haven’t seen something like that with my own eyes in years.”

Sadly though, it disappeared and we were left once again in monochrome darkness. “Now arriving to Ground Level. Mind the gap, and thank you for your service to the Administrators and citizens of

Once the doors slid open and I minded said gap, I walked tiredly past the blank stares and sunken eyes of my coworkers. There had to be hundreds gathering on the Ground Floor’s lobby, many of those not on the clock either making quiet small talk, grabbing a tray of the horrible food (seriously, I heard rumors that the goopy sludge fed through tubes to the comatose people in the PODs taste better) or haplessly glaring at the various screens dotting the walls. One side reported updates on the other Tiers while the more popular side discussed anything and everything happening in Azure.

—story says so much with few words. Meanwhile, Azure’s most prolific architects have unveiled the latest designs for what the Administrators are planning to be new infrastructure. The first contestant is the world’s greatest prodigy, aged 27, whose proposal is simply called ‘City in the Clouds’. My God, isn’t it beautiful? It sure is. If built into Azure’s immense program, as you can see in simulation, it’ll involve the construction of a beautiful atrium of apartments entire families can—

Again, images of a smiling Darren and a giggling Rylan clouded my vision, so I gritted my teeth and counted to ten. My entire day had been spent focused on my job, and all I wanted was to burrow back into my room for the evening.

Before that though, I went to the cafeteria dispensers for a tray-full of the slop served. “Bon apatite,” I muttered, sniffing the tray and saying the same thing each meal, “Gets worse every day.” Sitting down on the less crowded side, I set my tray down and viewed the international broadcast.

—Tiers along Western North America and the Tibetan region continue experiencing sandstorms and excess food shortages for workers, and there’s ongoing controversy over robotic replacements in the future. As of late March, ration meals will decrease to two meals a day for workers and three meals for families. Reminders go out to workers in the African Tiers—

“Evenin’, Mikaela!” a familiar voice came from my right. With a perked attitude, I swiveled my head to see a thirty-something year-old woman, whose burly frame made the table shake sitting beside me. Her close-cut, strawberry blonde hair stood as the only color in the room, yet it was her easy smile that brightened my mood. “Glad to see you.”

I couldn’t help but smile back. “Hey Clare. How’d today’s shift go? I heard from Jordan you and the others found a couple dead ones in their PODs.”

“Yeah,” she shrugged, “Doctors are still running autopsies, but it’s likely old age. Oh well, 135’s pretty ripe, isn’t it Mikaela?”

I choked on my horrible sludge, but not just from the taste. “Pretty ripe?” I gawked, “When I was a kid ‘pretty ripe’ meant being my age.”

She and I went as far back as both our families could remember. Unlike me, who knew about the Earth before Azure, Clare was born into this life. Her parents were scavengers between world wars, and arrived to this Tier during the last Great Exodus a while back. Working as one of several dozen morticians, Clare’s job involved cremating the dead from expired PODs once they expired in Azure.
Thankfully I’d never had the opportunity to work that job, since someone as old as me who’d witnessed warzones didn’t think too kindly of seeing corpses on a daily basis. How Clare kept an optimistic smile was beyond me, but her company was nice.

Between our honest conversations though, Clare was always watching the screen display newscasts and live feeds of Azure’s colorful landscapes. Me? I didn’t even want to acknowledge the damned things. They weren’t real.

“Anyway,” she trailed an hour or so later, “I gotta get going. I’ve got an early shift in the morning. How ‘bout you?”

I smirked and wiped my hair. “I’m celebrating tomorrow with a day off.”

Clare frowned and playfully swatted my arm. “Lucky.” I laughed with her.

We said our good nights and I made my way to my own apartment, a two-bedroom loft now all to myself. Some of the lights needed changing, the air conditioning didn’t help the extra sweat of today’s January day, and Rylan’s bedroom remained closed, but it still had its charms. It had a holographic window of an ancient grass field adjacent to the touch-screen wall, some of my son’s paintings he’d left behind for me, and knickknacks collected from time to time.

Ack! I grumbled while stretching my arms. Forty-five and I’m as old as a century.

Despite the ‘nutritionally vitamin-rich’ food served, my bones still grew old with my young age. Under a quick shower to clean my greasy skin and hair, and putting on some casual overalls, I went to the wall to check for any messages. Reminders from the Administrators to be safe during incoming superstorms, the latest details on a new rationing plan, a failing petition to raise the working age, another failing petition to lengthen family rations, and…

I glared at the screen. “It…it can’t be! Already?”

To: Sanders, J. Mikaela. From: The Global Administration

Mikaela Sanders, we are pleased to inform you that you are eligible to become an honorary citizen of Azure. As you know, we normally reserve this wondrous opportunity for more senior Tier Workers nearing retirement. However, a new job opening for digital maintenance in Azure has led us to decide in offering you this wonderful chance to join us. Of course, payment is great and will be negotiated upon your arrival, and there is always someone to take your place in the Tiers. Per protocol, you may wish to bring another friend, family member or loved one, though please inform us beforehand. Because of your loyalty, participation and dedication to Azure’s preservation, we thank you and your plus one for ensuring humanity’s comfortable survival, and hope to see you both soon!

P.S: Happy Birthday!

My knees quavered, and I couldn’t breathe. “I’m going to Azure?”

In that moment, I felt my chest lurch as I struggled keeping my composure. Part of me wanted nothing more than to delete the message. However, what came to mind was Rylan, my son.

Darren and I never married out of love; we married out of necessity, and for the sake of the human race. When my family and I first emigrated to the Tier, it wasn’t long before the Administrators started pushing for everyone to have children. “Copulate to repopulate,” was shouted to anyone single or past twenty.

Both me and Darren Sanders—one of my fellow coworkers—were eventually pressured beyond our limits, and we registered as a couple out of convenience. We were never forced into these marriages, but we might as well have been given the constant propaganda. However, I never regretted having our baby boy together. Those years with Rylan never faded, while the few happy memories I had with Darren did.

Had it really been five years since I’d last seen him, seen Rylan? Five long years? Five years since the night Darren was promoted to become an Azurian architect and we had that fight?

“I…I gotta see them,” I muttered to myself, “I need to see them!”

My legs carried me out the door and down the mazing corridors. I tried avoiding eye contact to focus on getting there without having a nervous breakdown. If I made a scene, then people would ask, followed by them learning of my new upcoming life. And my plus one. I remember one acquaintance/fellow coworker named Brian Armando, who’d been granted permission after living in this world for fifty-five years. When others learned about him being promoted into Azure, handfuls of coworkers desperately tried being his friend, sending him gifts, or blatantly begged to bring them out of ‘this nightmare’. One woman even pretended to love him.

Still feel sorry for the guy, I thought, pondering back to a simpler time. Now, keep calm Mikaela. Get a grip, and go see your boy.

I made my way through the Ground Level’s lobby for an open elevator, fortunately finding one without someone inside. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about as many of my coworkers due to it being the night shift. Going up, the eerie silence vibrated throughout my skull for several minutes until I came to the correct floor.

Now arriving to Level 141. Mind the gap, and thank you for your service to the Administrators and citizens of Azure.

Finding the correct PODs were easy. Taking a mechanical lift that wasn’t in use (one coworker who owed me a favor gave me a spare key on days I wanted to see my son), I fixed it up to the correct height and hovered for the right names. For a moment, I feared they were moved without my knowledge, and I almost panicked, until I saw them. In front of me were two PODs side-by-side, the one on the right holding a boy as young as fifteen, and the POD on the left held a man as old as fifty-three. Like his father, the teenager’s hair was slick as pre-disaster oil and his skin as clear as the moon, while experience told me his eyes had my cerulean. And my smile.

“‘Sanders, Johann Rylan’,” I whispered with relief. Looking to my left, I recognized the other man, and only gave an acknowledging glance to him. “Evening, Rylan. I uh, I hope you’re doing well?”

Most people would think these one-sided conversations meant I was insane. To a point, it is one thing to steal a mechanical lift without proper clearance and use it to talk to your chemically-induced comatose son living in a virtual world with your ex-husband, living a life without you. However, although I couldn’t hear him as his youthful voice fades to my memory, these nights were the only thing keeping my sanity intact.

“Darren, please…don’t…don’t do this to me! Please tell me this isn’t true?!”

“Mikaela, look! I’m sorry, but you and I both know Rylan can’t live like this! I can’t live like this!”

“And you’re going to leave me here for some place that isn’t real?”

“Azure is a ‘place’ that has opportunities, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to give our boy the chance to live a normal life. Don’t…don’t you want that for him too?”

“I…yeah, but…look don’t change the subject! You can’t take my boy from me!”

“I can, and I am! I’m doing what’s best for Rylan. I already signed the contract, and I’m taking him with me tonight. Mikaela…look, if I had the chance, I’d bring you with us. They only let us bring one person and…I won’t let this slip away. I’m sorry.”

“…so am I, Darren.”

Later that night, as security held onto me, I helplessly watched as Darren and my child walked towards the PODs, his bright face offset by my sobbing. “Mommy, are you coming with us to Azure?”

“N…No, sweetie,” I quivered, “Mommy can’t come with you, but Rylan, promise me you’ll be a good boy? Please be a good boy.”

“Y-Yes, Mommy…I’ll be a good boy and wait for you!” Before we could say another word, Darren pulled Rylan by his arm and they disappeared behind the doors, and into their respective PODs. My boy tried speaking more, but the POD regulators instructed him to be silent for the operation. However,

I remember him telling me, “Mommy! I love you, Mommy!”

One morning, I had my cheerful little boy bounding on his bed as the day began, and the next I was all alone. Like a robotic drone, I did everything automatic; for a while I was in deep denial, probably more denial than the same people convincing themselves Azure wasn’t a virtualized computer program. For a few agonizing months I continued expecting either a little boy or my legal spouse to enter the room unannounced. When school officially started again, and I saw one child among what little children the Tier had left attending, it was then and there that I knew.

Rylan. He was gone.

I considered an afterlife for myself a couple times, but it was Clare’s guidance and friendship that prevented me from making my greatest mistake. Rylan and his father’s consciousnesses may have left reality behind, but they still breathed. They still lived.

“Yeah, so…” I paused, staring through the visor to my boy’s sleeping form, “I have some big news, Rylan. Your mother, she…she’s getting a promotion. I…” My voice stammered and I kept my smile up, “I’ll be living in Azure, son. Great news, right?” Silence. “I know, I know. I should just refuse and keeping telling myself the same thing I said the night me and your father…”

I trailed off as I looked left, right and back to Rylan. Inside the POD, he looked so peaceful, like a baby. “What’s it like there, son?” I asked. “Is it the perfect dream world for you?”

Each day Rylan grew older, I told him countless stories my own parents told me. Most children his age thought they were fairy tales, like how the sky used to be blue instead of a bleeding yellow—if you even saw the sky at all. He’d be so confused at my stories, but I insisted it was all true.
Once upon a time we walked outside without hazmat suits, we once traveled to the moon, and marveled at titanic ocean creatures called whales.

Oh wait, I paused, remembering my plans to tell him about the whales the night he left with his father, not knowing it’d be the last time he’d see me beyond the virtual world. I never told you, did I Rylan? My disdainful eyes turned to Darren, then at the other PODs lined up half a mile one direction and another mile the next.

“How can you two leave me here?” I asked to constant silence. How could they leave me all alone in the Tier? Leave me for a digital denial? “Rylan…why aren’t you here with me? Rylan…talk to your mother…please...why’d you leave your mother?”

After a fuming minute, I calmed down and got a grip on my anger. It was wrong to blame Rylan for leaving. Ever since he was a young child going to school in the Tier’s Learning Center, Rylan eagerly talked about Azure like it were a prize. He competed with other kids in school, pushing his limits to the core so he’d graduate early and snatch a scholarship or exemption message for living in Azure.

I checked the time and realized the next shift would be here soon. Saying a simple ‘good night’ to Rylan and Darren, I put the lift away and wandered around the halls, not knowing what to do. Sometimes, I imagined myself sneaking into the POD rooms and unplugging every single one until they all woke up. Or maybe grabbing a plasma gun and initiating a revolution. As much as the thought brought a grin to my face, I knew it’d be impossible.

Talks or even whispers of rebellion were silenced out, not by the Administrators or the Tiers’ security, but by your own coworkers. If a worker audibly mentioned the beloved virtual world being turned off, the person was treated as an outcast and given the more tedious jobs. There is no resistance.

“After all, what’s left out there?” people ask. “The oceans around us are lifeless pools of chemical sludge, most of the continents are uninhabitable and fresh water is only found on window condensation. Animals are extinct, the air’s hard to breathe in, and the sky’s either a never-ending storm or heatwave. There’s nothing left to fight for.”

Even outside the Tier’s walls, once a howling, frozen landscape called Antarctica, rested as an empty rock. To this day, I remember once working outside to do maintenance repairs on a faulty satellite dish, and nothing could’ve prepared me. Although most of the radiation saturated in the Northern Hemisphere, and the southernmost continent held enriched oxygen compared to others (I heard the Tiers in the Americas required full gas masks for outside), it wasn’t pleasant. The winds were chilly to the bone, almost as if distant screams howled. The air belched an indescribable stench from the nearby sea, and it was as humid as a crucible.

Between drowsy daydreams and thinking about Azure, I waltzed by every location in the Tier. The Archives, the lobby, the cafeteria, the Ground Level, the vertical gardens on the upper level, the closed Learning Center where memories of dropping Rylan off to learn about the world, and eventually the Modem.

Above a balcony overlooking one of Earth’s last wonders, my face pressed itself against the glass. “Ahh,” I gazed downward, momentarily distracted from my troubles, “what a beauty.”

If there were a single thing I’d have to admit about liking Azure, it’d be the Modems in the different Tiers connecting everyone across the globe to their virtual world. No eco-anarchist or anti-mechanical revolutionary from my time could deny how remarkable they were. At a closer look, one could get lost in the intricacies of the technological wonder, and stare in awe at how it hummed like a heartbeat. On some days, it help me on sadder moods, and today it helped again. A part of me resented myself for it, but in the end it was best for me and my son.

I made my decision.

When I went to tell Clare the next day at her own apartment, she couldn’t believe me at first. One moment, she was excited, then that excitement transformed into shock and confusion. I definitely expected it, especially from her.

“Why are you going there, girl?” Clare asked me from her side of the kitchen table. A cup of rationed coffee rested in her hand, but we both ignored drinking either of them. “Why are you accepting their offer? Didn’t…didn’t you just say this evening you hated Azure?”

“Yes, but…I changed my mind,” I tried steering the conversation by proposing, “They said I could bring a plus one, ya know. Why not come with me—”

“No.” Clare barked, then softened her expression into a sad smile, “Mikaela, tell me the truth. Is this about seeing Rylan again?”

Silence echoed around the apartment, like the walls of a shrinking compacter. “I...I need to see him. I’ve thought about it, and I can’t go another day without seeing my boy,” I paused, and slipped from my best friend’s grasp as I pressed my palms onto my head. “I know Azure’s not real, and I’ll be trapped forever, but…being with Rylan all I want to do.” I stayed silent again, glancing down at my fingers as they jittered and trembled in my palms. “Clare, please tell me why you aren’t coming with me?”

“Same reason you shared with me earlier, and the day before that,” she sighed, “Mikaela, I respect you for wanting to see your kid, and as much as I think this is completely stupid…I’ll support you for this.”

In that moment, we both broke down and hugged each other tightly. We’d been through so much together over the years, and soon I’d never see her again. “Promise me…whatever happens out here…don’t give up.”

She gave a solemn nod, and promised as long as she lived, she’d never make the same choice I was about to make. “And Mikaela, tell Rylan I said ‘hi’, okay?”

“Of course I will!” I laughed and lightly nudged her shoulder in a playful manner. “I’ll be sure to send you a postcard.” We both giggled at that one, despite knowing she had no idea what a postcard was. "I'll miss you..."

Clare held her hands on mine and wiped her eyes. “Me too, my friend.”

I went to my boss the day after, and informed him of my wanting to plug into Azure per the Administrator’s request. Everything went by in a blur, and the last thing I recall is seeing Clare through the glass visor of my POD before going under. As I watched her wave me a final goody-bye, I let my mind ricochet between my former life, Azure, seeing my son again and the Earth.

The sad truth is no one dreams anymore, not like we used to. Even so, maybe if I couldn’t appreciate what was left, someone else would. Maybe someday, I could walk under a real blue sky with Rylan. I mean one can only dream, but we can also try.

"...Mom? Is that you?"
Azure (remastered version)
I've decided to take my class project and tweak it into a better format, as well as add some scenes. I hope you enjoy :)

And in case you're wondering, 'azure' is pronounced as "/AZH-uhr/". It's a variation of the color blue, and is often equated as the color of the sky. The more you know ^_^ I hope you enjoyed reading this, and please be sure to leave a comment or review below! :) Enjoy!

This story is (c) to Domus Vocis. If you wish to use any characters and/or locations involving this story, please contact and ask for permission.



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