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What can i say Just. Wow. I'll admit that animation isn't usually a big thing for me on DeviantArt unless it's creative and ...

First off, probably the biggest and most creative part of this artwork is the use of cubed buildings to convey the dystopian, almost bu...

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen from you in a very long while. The anatomy and the stance is perfect, co...

Honestly, I love how this is well-drawn. The lines are clear and the colors very open, which makes every object stand out. This kind of...

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Hellfire :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
The Adventures of Peter Gray - Book Cover by Domus-Vocis The Adventures of Peter Gray - Book Cover :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
By: Domus Vocis
The sad truth is no one dreams anymore, not like we used to. Once upon a time, we fought to create the impossible, but no longer. It’s really pitiful the more one thinks about it. One millennium, we colonized continents and discovered how to harness electric currents. Go forward to the next thousand years, and here we are.
“Mikaela,” a voice came from my earpiece, “finish up on that current one and head back down. The next shift’ll be here soon to do the rest of your sector.”
Here I am, running diagnostics on one of the many PODS I’m assigned to before being allowed to clock out for the night. Was it still daylight? I doubted anyone could tell in such a claustrophobic structure with no windows.
My eyes widened and I shook my medium-length hair to touch my earpiece. “Yes sir! Sorry, sir!” I nodded hastily, finishing the final touches on the POD’s full analysis. “There we are. N
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 1 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
I will always be with you
I will Always Be with You
By: Domus Vocis
As he laid on his bed, tired from the last treatment he’d recently gone through, Keith kept telling me that the leukemia wouldn’t stop us. It was a small setback, and wouldn’t stop him from getting through high school. We’d go to the same college, sneak to frat parties and grow old together.  
“Hey,” he joked, “I’ll even bring you to that dumb sci-fi movie you’re looking forward to. What was it, uh…‘Transcendence’ ‘Deliverance’? ‘Descendant’?”
“It’s called ‘Ascendance’, silly,” I laughed weakly, giving him a soft peck on the lips. “Y-Yeah, we…we will go see it, and I’ll make sure to save you some popcorn.” Hearing me, Keith tiredly gave a smile with his incredible oceanic eyes staring into mine.
“I love you so much,” he told me. “Did you know that?”
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 2
A Hundred Years - short story
A Hundred Years
By: Domus Vocis
Time goes by as each day arrives.
As always, my day began as a slow wake-up call. My nurse gently nudged me until I stirred, her voice sounding relieved when my eyes twitched open. For a long moment, I thought I’d died and heard my wife’s voice again, then realized where I was as I blinked and saw colors through my hazy vision. She reintroduced herself, and I smiled while turning to her soft voice. She sounded so much like her.
After helping me with a shower and clothing myself, my nurse helped me back into my wheelchair by the bed. I was fed warm porridge by her, and thanked her in a hoarse whisper as she cleaned my chin. While being fed, I heard a bird chirping beyond the windows of my room, as well as feel the warmth of an April sunshine.
“How are you doing today?” she asked. “Is there anything I can do for you? Turn up the thermostat? Change the station?” She referred to the one sitting on the nightstand, which pla
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 3 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Nerf Guns and Broken China by Domus Vocis
Flash Fiction: "Nerf Guns and Broken China" by Domus Vocis
We would be visiting the beach, but my brothers and I planned to play with our Nerf guns one more time before playing on a sandy shore. It started off as a fun and innocent game, until we became soldiers in a war. When the foam bullets fell and we insulted each other about who won, me acting smug and my little brother screaming he won, he threw his plastic rifle at me. As I dodged it, the Nerf gun shattered a china cabinet behind me.
When my parents saw the aftermath, they asked, “Why didn’t you take the hit?”
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
Being a Stepfather
Being a Stepfather
By: Domus Vocis
Tonight was a big night for both of us, me and Chloe.
Nearing the point of being called a middle-aged lion, romance was as much on my mind months ago as it is smiling at job. My name is Gordon Jameson, and I worked as a paralegal in a law firm situated in the inner city, being paid either to help protect a client’s civil rights or a lowly criminals’ butt from being prosecuted. I did relentless paperwork, helped my colleagues prepare documents and spent hours writing on my laptop for upcoming cases.
Despite the great payment, my life outside the firm wasn’t golden. I worked hard into college and more on earning my degree, only socializing if it included friends from the office. When it came to girlfriends, I only had time for one night stands followed by a romance that could never work. My last girlfriend was a foxy lady named Marianne, who left me for the same reason as everyone else.
It wasn’t my tall stature, the deep voice I
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
We Knew Without Knowing (remastered)
We Knew Without Knowing
By: Domus Vocis
       Monday, September 24th
       Where do I honestly begin?
       My name is Connor Clayton. I’m fourteen years old, am related to the famous astronomer Marcus Clayton, and am supposed to be a normal student in a normal world. Sadly, my world is no longer normal and is on the verge of a massive change. I need to type this to remind myself what happened was real and not some schizophrenic episode. It was an extraordinary event that’s been leaving humanity’s future uncertain for all of us. It's affected everyone. The religious, intelligent, unbelievers, poor, rich, and leaders of the world.
       Even me. To make a long story short: we are not alone in the universe.
       It all happened several weeks ago, on August 17th. It was my birthday, a day that started off nicely. It ended with a cake made by my mother, topped with a
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 1 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
By: Domus Vocis
Ambreen Uduak couldn’t shake her doubts away.
As her car glided itself down the bustling highway, Ambreen felt grateful for the autopilot. After the large lobster and chatty dinner conference she endured, a soft bed looked inviting. Sadly, a bed wasn’t the initial thought on her mind, not tonight.
“Ambreen Uduak, you are now a famous woman,” an Egyptian governor spoke between bites. “Ms. Uduak, congratulations and good luck on tomorrow,” said a smiling ambassador. “I hope the launch will be successful. The Federation, ISEC, and countless others are counting on it,” another told her, nodding. “No pressure of course.”
How optimistic, she thought, sighing as freeways and random cars zoomed past. Staring at her shoes, Ambreen couldn’t help but frown, for a man who isn’t risking his life.
In the blink of an eye, Ambreen found herself in her hotel room, a simple one-bedroom suite complete with
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 2
Domus Vocis commission by Tsaiwolf by Domus-Vocis Domus Vocis commission by Tsaiwolf :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 28 9
Mature content
Terror at the Drive In :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 3


Weekend 2 - Page 45 (End) by Zeta-Haru Weekend 2 - Page 45 (End) :iconzeta-haru:Zeta-Haru 65 24 submarine by 5ofnovember submarine :icon5ofnovember:5ofnovember 519 50 Abandoned Uranium Facility by eddie-mendoza Abandoned Uranium Facility :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 280 9 Hydroponics by eddie-mendoza Hydroponics :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 234 3 Hideout by Aviaht Hideout :iconaviaht:Aviaht 5 0 Hielo The Barbarian [COMMISSION] by ARVEN92 Hielo The Barbarian [COMMISSION] :iconarven92:ARVEN92 203 23 Zelda - 1 or 2 by larienne Zelda - 1 or 2 :iconlarienne:larienne 2,009 190 Brothers Till The End by tohdraws Brothers Till The End :icontohdraws:tohdraws 298 6 Under the Neon Lights by tohdraws Under the Neon Lights :icontohdraws:tohdraws 323 6 Bruma by 0laffson Bruma :icon0laffson:0laffson 148 27 Clouded leopard by Vent-Kazemaru Clouded leopard :iconvent-kazemaru:Vent-Kazemaru 64 4 Infantry Support Tank by Abiogenisis Infantry Support Tank :iconabiogenisis:Abiogenisis 1,418 82 abandoned.petrol.station by kiiiat abandoned.petrol.station :iconkiiiat:kiiiat 187 29 Tank by ElenaDarkBerry Tank :iconelenadarkberry:ElenaDarkBerry 138 22 towel selfie by Vent-Kazemaru towel selfie :iconvent-kazemaru:Vent-Kazemaru 109 5



Yep, I'm back and better than ever on Twitter. If you're interested in following me and getting more updates on myself and "The Adventures of Peter Gray", follow this link:
It's the time of the year to be scared, and let's celebrate by me informing everyone about my latest traditional horror story, "Hellfire". It'll chill you to the bone and make you question your own safety in today's world.

Now for some updates. Yes, I'm still working on the latest installment for "High School of Cliches", but that may be a while due to my novel being published. However, I'll try to keep writing while also promoting "The Adventures of Peter Gray".  Speaking of which, a reminder goes out to interested readers that pre-orders begin next week in November while the book itself will be out mid-December, and you can grab a copy by going to the Written Dreams Publishing website and visit the Store. 

On a side note, college is kicking my ass a bit with my macroeconomics class *shudders*, but I think I'll survive this semester. Meanwhile, you have a fantastic Halloween and be safe out there!

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By: Domus Vocis

Before my death, I was nothing more than an everyman you’d meet. I had a job, kept my head down, a girlfriend (or boyfriend, depending on your preference) and a house of my own. My office job was nothing special, nor was the metropolitan city I lived in. I wasn’t religious either, not until that day.

And then came pain. Unnerving pain.

“Ack!” I violently coughed as I knelt up, tasting bitter blood on my cracked lips and pebbles cut into my bleeding knees. “What the…?” Voices could be heard, but I couldn’t hear at first outside the ringing in my ears. “Hello? Is someone there?!”

My entire body felt bruised all over, my gashes and cuts stinging with each move I made. From the tips of my toes to the grainy hairs on my head, the back of my skull throbbed like a jackhammer. As I staggered and opened my eyes in disoriented blinks, I could barely make out the world around me. Screaming, shouting, and howling winds painted in a blackening red haze.

“Anyone? Can anyone hear me?” I shouted with a sore throat. Electric smoke could be tasted in the air, as well as something boiling to a crisp. “What the heck happened?!”

Suddenly, a pair of unknown hands snatched what I presumed to be my wallet from my back pocket.

“Thanks for the cash!” a voice cackled, the owner’s footsteps disappearing into the noise. “The end is nigh!”

“Hey, come back!” I begged, stretching my arms out as thunderous booms resonated from the distance. “Hey, what’s going on?! I-I can’t see! Did something happen?” My limbs limped for anything to grab onto, only to thrash my hands away from a smoldering wall. “Gah, shit! Hot, hot, hot!” My fingers felt like melted putty, and one of my pinkies looked broken and flared with white pain I could barely register.

I continuously opened and closed my eyes to desperately see what was going on, stumbling back down to the concrete ground with each step I made. Luckily, not only did I manage to catch myself and prevent my injuries from getting worse, but my vision came back after a minute of blind wandering.

What I saw though, I’d never forget. “Oh my God.”

To my left and right, giant hazy columns of metal and stone rose up towards the reddish sky, or what I presumed was the sky. I could see words on the entrances and burning billboards, but I couldn’t make out what they said. Ahead, people lay on the ground either dead or squirming as they lay in fallen debris.

My legs almost gave way, but I frantically willed myself to keep standing. “What…what’s going on?” I muttered, “Am I dead or something? Am I…am I in Hell?” To my dismay, my memories weren’t good. Vaguely, all I remembered was a bright flash, followed by darkness. Then this.

“And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the damning lake of fire and brimstone, where the Beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever!”

I came across a man wearing what looked to be a pastor’s garb, a blackened bible in his left hand while his left was raised in the air. “Father, sir!” I asked, noticing as a couple people standing around him in their own disheveled, hungered states. One woman had a bandage haphazardly wrapped around one of her eyes, and the swelling wasn’t good. “Father, what happened to me? Are we...dead?”

“We have ventured to the lake of fire, son!” he replied, nodding as the woman and what I presumed to be her son whispered ‘amen’. “You have sinned in your past life, and we all have! This is the lake of fire and brimstone! Join me, and we shall cleanse our souls for the sins we have ignored.”

I considered a moment, but staggered back as one of the followers, an elderly man, fell down and didn’t get up. “No…No thanks,” I spoke, then made a respective cross on my chest. “If this is indeed…Hell…G-God be with you.”

The preacher’s face, underneath the swelling and blank eyes, just blankly stared. “Prayers go to you then, sinner, and what has led us here to the bottomless furnace!” the preacher shouted and continued as I turned my back and walked. I tried ignoring his words as he rambled on and on through the rubble, but I did hear his last passage before the man went silent. “The cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death! Can…can I…?”

Then he fell over dead, or maybe in a different circle of the inferno. What did he do to be sent here? I asked myself. And that’s when horror hit me, and I wondered, What did I do to be sent here?

Later down the street, the top of a metal structure gave way and plummeted down as hot gusts of wind blew like a hurricane. All around me animalistic screams and shouting echoed around the thick air, and the more I limped the more my aching body rejected my motions. Second-degree burns painted my left leg beneath my shredded jeans. My tears dripped down my red-hot cheeks, and I only wanted to lie down. However, I willed myself to move forward.

If I am dead, I grimly thought, If I’m in Hell...I gotta

Hugging my arm, I limped down the road and made my bearings. The landscape resembled a city, only more hellish. I couldn’t see any demons, but I did see things that would haunt me. What I saw was the stuff of demented nightmares.

To my left as I passed an alley entrance, I caught a glimpse of a little girl begging her daddy to wake up. Inside the dusty remains of a derelict truck to my left, an overweight man sat with his innards scorching and splayed out of the windshield. The man was still alive, begging for death, until I watched him remain still in the vehicle’s darkened skeleton. A teenage boy begged another—either a friend of his, his brother or a lover—to get up as bled to death.

A woman sat in the middle of a sidewalk, hugging the charred corpses of her two toddlers while crying in agony. Looters either limping like me for their greed or for vain safety. Remains of half-deteriorated skulls littered the tarry ground, followed by flailing bodies in roaring structures and out in the open roads. I could smell the lingering flesh on their limbs, the iron blood that carried the vague scent of overcooked bacon, and I wanted to vomit through my burning throat.

One of the looming skyscrapers behind me suddenly collapsed, and the dust cloud came closing in. Frozen a first, I bolted through the pain and managed to lunge into a doorless alcove in one of the buildings. Coughing as the dust settled and the pain at the back of my head seared, I turned to discover the alcove was an abandoned coffee shop.

Desperately, I tried finding water and food, only to find the tap completely melted and the food burnt or molding. Sweat dripped down my forehead, searing the open burns like salt. I was in so much pain, and I wanted to know what the hell happened!

That’s when I heard hectic, almost inhumanly fast footsteps above me. “Hello?” I called, hoping for a familiar soul, “Is someone in here?!” As the footsteps became erratic, I grabbed a fallen broom and held it like a bat.

Part of me expected a fight or struggle, until the door opened and an elderly man fell from the door, his entire face covered in black lacerations. Before I could even swing, the man’s staggered and choked while clawing at his own boiling face. From the cook’s outfit, I guessed he had to be the owner.

"Kill me..." he pleaded, gurgling from his swollen throat, "Killlll meeeeee..."

The man collapsed onto the ground, and I backed away in horror as he tried grabbing my leg. I almost wanted to vomit at his appearance, from the cindery burns on his face to the yellow snot foaming from his lips. His hair was all but gone, like he’d been doused in gasoline and set ablaze.

Before I could process it all, instinct propelled my body to escape the back as I heard explosions above the shop. To either my dismay or relief—I couldn’t yet decide—I escaped the wreckage of the collapsing floor above and made it to an empty alley.

Through the enduring pain on my leg, I further limped in search for an entrance, leaving a trail of more blood behind me, and praying to know what kind of Hell dedicated itself to mimicking a warzone. Well...I got my answer when I found the alleyway’s exit.

As I came out of the alley, a half-burnt newspaper suddenly smacked my face. Grumbling and pulling it off, that’s when I noticed the darkened silhouettes highlighted on the concrete by my torn shoes. I was further perplexed, along with the fact every window on the buildings were melted or broken, until I looked at the newspaper’s remaining headline.

“Peace Talks End Disastrously: Incoming Nuclear War Imminent?”

To my left, I couldn’t help but marvel at the fiery shape of a mushroom cloud a mile or so away. "Well...fuck."
It's Halloween, and let's commemorate today by continuing the long tradition of me writing a horror story every October. After much development hell and tinkering, and without giving too much away in case you're reading this before reading the story, let's just say the story of this was inspired from today's current events and ones yet to come.

Happy Halloween everybody, and good luck sleeping after reading this~! *evil laugh*

This is Halloween  laugh Ursula's evil laugh Teh Evil LaughHalloween Pumpkin, Evil Laugh Halloween Pumpkin, Chuckle Pumpkin Kitteh for Halloween Halloween Ghost :halloween: revamp 
In case you're wondering yes, this is my big secret project I've been mentioning for the past several months. And yes, this is what has happened to my chapters involving Peter Gray. Forgive me for any secrecy, but I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY certain before making any announcements. After some tinkering and editing, this will be my first officially published novel. So for those unaware, what's it about? 

​"The Adventures of Peter Gray" takes place in a world of humans and anthropomorphic animals, with the former viewed as outcasts in society. In 1899 New York City, we follow a young wolf urchin named Peter as he befriends a human boy his age named James Lawton. From escaping bullies to rallying newsies to discovering the true meanings of friendship and family, witness Peter, James and countless colorful characters as they grow up getting themselves in and out of trouble over the course of a year.

It feels strange to day the least, having your book being published. As much as it is cliched to say, I feel like my first child is being born. Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want, but this is what it feels like. After nearly three years of writing and planning each chapter, the hours of editing, phone calls and hope, here it is. "Peter Gray" is to be my first novel, and I feel both worry and endless happiness at all my hard work paying off.

​Getting published by Written Dreams Publishing my novel will come out mid-December, but as soon as next week it can be pre-ordered on the website store. It will be available both in hardcover and electronic format. And while I'm at it I want to already thank those who made this possible, ranging from those who liked it and helped me with their opinions back when I first posted "Peter Gray" on this very website, to my family and loved ones for their support and of course everyone on the Written Dreams team for their hard work to fully bring my story to life the way I could only dream of.

 So whether you're already a fan or just came across Peter and his adventures I'd immensely appreciate it if you'd help spread the word if you know folks who'd enjoy my novel. Maybe tell that librarian right next door or on the block? Either way I'll be sure to keep you all updated and hope you'll enjoy this in the future!

The Adventures of Peter Gray - Book Cover
Oh am I so excited! 

"The Adventures of Peter Gray" is the book I am having published this mid-December. Set in a world populated by humans and anthropomorphic animals, we follow a young wolf urchin named Peter as he befriends a human boy his age named James in 1899 Manhattan. From escaping bullies to rallying newsies to discovering the true meanings of friendship and family, witness Peter Gray, James Lawton and countless colorful characters over the course of a year.

Now if I were you, I'd go and give this a read as soon as you can! The book will be out mid-December, but you can still pre-order it next week in November by going to Written Dreams' Store on its website at: 

P.S. The cover artwork wasn't drawn by me, but the people behind it did a fantastic job!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Yep, I'm back and better than ever on Twitter. If you're interested in following me and getting more updates on myself and "The Adventures of Peter Gray", follow this link:


Domus-Vocis's Profile Picture
Domus Vocis
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." -Ray Bradbury

I'm Domus Vocis. The name is Latin for 'home's voice'. I named myself this because our planet earth is a place that needs many voices for people to hear. I became a writer a while back, all the way back in middle school. I began with poetry and got to writing short stories. As I wrote more, I got better and better over the years. And during those years, I came up with three rules for becoming a more skilled writer. They are:

1) Your ideas are your own.

2) Never let an idea slip away when it comes.

3) Don't base your creations off of society's rules.

For my hobbies, interests, favorite books, movies, etc. feel free to ask me anything you're interested in knowing!

I mostly write science fiction, young adult, and contemporary fiction, but on a few occasions write something else of a different genre. Almost all of them have a form of symbolism to them, so read it carefully. Some of the stories I write don't take place in the same universe, and only a few do. The reason for this is because my OC's are very different from one another.

Speaking of which, the last thing I will say is that all my stories and OC's belong to me alone. If you wish to borrow any o them, feel free to ask, but still, be creative with your OC's.

Trust me; a true writer and artist creates his/her own ideas from scratch.

Who here is excited for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell? 

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