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What can i say Just. Wow. I'll admit that animation isn't usually a big thing for me on DeviantArt unless it's creative and ...

First off, probably the biggest and most creative part of this artwork is the use of cubed buildings to convey the dystopian, almost bu...

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen from you in a very long while. The anatomy and the stance is perfect, co...

by TitusW

Honestly, I love how this is well-drawn. The lines are clear and the colors very open, which makes every object stand out. This kind of...

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Mature content
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 1 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 1
I will always be with you
I will Always Be with You
By: Domus Vocis
As he laid on his bed, tired from the last treatment he’d recently gone through, Keith kept telling me that the leukemia wouldn’t stop us. It was a small setback, and wouldn’t stop him from getting through high school. We’d go to the same college, sneak to frat parties and grow old together.  
“Hey,” he joked, “I’ll even bring you to that dumb sci-fi movie you’re looking forward to. What was it, uh…‘Transcendence’ ‘Deliverance’? ‘Descendant’?”
“It’s called ‘Ascendance’, silly,” I laughed weakly, giving him a soft peck on the lips. “Y-Yeah, we…we will go see it, and I’ll make sure to save you some popcorn.” Hearing me, Keith tiredly gave a smile with his incredible oceanic eyes staring into mine.
“I love you so much,” he told me. “Did you know that?”
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 2
A Hundred Years - short story
A Hundred Years
By: Domus Vocis
Time goes by as each day arrives.
As always, my day began as a slow wake-up call. My nurse gently nudged me until I stirred, her voice sounding relieved when my eyes twitched open. For a long moment, I thought I’d died and heard my wife’s voice again, then realized where I was as I blinked and saw colors through my hazy vision. She reintroduced herself, and I smiled while turning to her soft voice. She sounded so much like her.
After helping me with a shower and clothing myself, my nurse helped me back into my wheelchair by the bed. I was fed warm porridge by her, and thanked her in a hoarse whisper as she cleaned my chin. While being fed, I heard a bird chirping beyond the windows of my room, as well as feel the warmth of an April sunshine.
“How are you doing today?” she asked. “Is there anything I can do for you? Turn up the thermostat? Change the station?” She referred to the one sitting on the nightstand, which pla
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 3 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Nerf Guns and Broken China by Domus Vocis
Flash Fiction: "Nerf Guns and Broken China" by Domus Vocis
We would be visiting the beach, but my brothers and I planned to play with our Nerf guns one more time before playing on a sandy shore. It started off as a fun and innocent game, until we became soldiers in a war. When the foam bullets fell and we insulted each other about who won, me acting smug and my little brother screaming he won, he threw his plastic rifle at me. As I dodged it, the Nerf gun shattered a china cabinet behind me.
When my parents saw the aftermath, they asked, “Why didn’t you take the hit?”
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
Being a Stepfather
Being a Stepfather
By: Domus Vocis
Tonight was a big night for both of us, me and Chloe.
Nearing the point of being called a middle-aged lion, romance was as much on my mind months ago as it is smiling at job. My name is Gordon Jameson, and I worked as a paralegal in a law firm situated in the inner city, being paid either to help protect a client’s civil rights or a lowly criminals’ butt from being prosecuted. I did relentless paperwork, helped my colleagues prepare documents and spent hours writing on my laptop for upcoming cases.
Despite the great payment, my life outside the firm wasn’t golden. I worked hard into college and more on earning my degree, only socializing if it included friends from the office. When it came to girlfriends, I only had time for one night stands followed by a romance that could never work. My last girlfriend was a foxy lady named Marianne, who left me for the same reason as everyone else.
It wasn’t my tall stature, the deep voice I
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
We Knew Without Knowing (remastered)
We Knew Without Knowing
By: Domus Vocis
       Monday, September 24th
       Where do I honestly begin?
       My name is Connor Clayton. I’m fourteen years old, am related to the famous astronomer Marcus Clayton, and am supposed to be a normal student in a normal world. Sadly, my world is no longer normal and is on the verge of a massive change. I need to type this to remind myself what happened was real and not some schizophrenic episode. It was an extraordinary event that’s been leaving humanity’s future uncertain for all of us. It's affected everyone. The religious, intelligent, unbelievers, poor, rich, and leaders of the world.
       Even me. To make a long story short: we are not alone in the universe.
       It all happened several weeks ago, on August 17th. It was my birthday, a day that started off nicely. It ended with a cake made by my mother, topped with a
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 0 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 1 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
By: Domus Vocis
Ambreen Uduak couldn’t shake her doubts away.
As her car glided itself down the bustling highway, Ambreen felt grateful for the autopilot. After the large lobster and chatty dinner conference she endured, a soft bed looked inviting. Sadly, a bed wasn’t the initial thought on her mind, not tonight.
“Ambreen Uduak, you are now a famous woman,” an Egyptian governor spoke between bites. “Ms. Uduak, congratulations and good luck on tomorrow,” said a smiling ambassador. “I hope the launch will be successful. The Federation, ISEC, and countless others are counting on it,” another told her, nodding. “No pressure of course.”
How optimistic, she thought, sighing as freeways and random cars zoomed past. Staring at her shoes, Ambreen couldn’t help but frown, for a man who isn’t risking his life.
In the blink of an eye, Ambreen found herself in her hotel room, a simple one-bedroom suite complete with
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 2
Domus Vocis commission by Tsaiwolf by Domus-Vocis Domus Vocis commission by Tsaiwolf :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 27 9
Mature content
Terror at the Drive In :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 3
'Beyond the Cave' short story from Furry Migration
Beyond the Cave
By: Domus Vocis
Cub still not come back yet.
Wolf did not worry much for Cub, especially since he hunted on his own accord. Whenever they woke up, Wolf and Cub hunted by themselves. Game such as small rabbits went by the maw of the cave, curious about the glow of their fire, and both would slice their throats. After that, they’d grill it above Fire, eat, then play before falling asleep. Nothing changed, nothing ever did.
One day though, Cub whined about leaving the Cave. He wined and begged for Wolf to go beyond the Cave. Wolf growled that nothing but darkness was beyond the Cave, that leaving the Cave meant being Gone. She should have been graver toward Cub. Cub did not listen well. Cub barked angry at Wolf, then she thrashed Cub’s cheek. In the blink of an eye, Cub ran off into Darkness, and did not return for many nights.
Wolf grew worried for Cub, and did not want Cub to be Gone. Being Gone meant being swallowed by Darkness, and not being Gone meant alwa
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Homecoming :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 8
The Peasant and the Mirror
The Peasant and the Mirror
By: Domus Vocis
Once upon a time, there lived a young peasant named Noah who led a simple and lonely life. Though he came from poor, humble background, the young man persevered out of the dirt and worked to become a famed scholar, one that would be known throughout the wealthy kingdoms. Every day, he’d run from his humble village to the nearby city, study the teachings of his intelligent instructors, and diligently do his family household’s chores before working on his manuscripts. Noah had few friends, both yearning for wealth, glory, and therefore companionship in his lonesome daily life.
While gathering fresh food for dinner, young Noah tripped on an object in the middle of an empty street. Picking up, he saw it to be a small wooden board with a mirror embedded into the oak. He looked around him to find its owner, but saw nobody close to the peasant. Noah, ever so curious, examined the mirror. It was rectangular, half a king’s foot long,
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0


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I'm sorry for not posting this sooner than I should've (new dorm room in college and all that), but I do think this is worth mentioning. If you have the time to give a dollar, ten dollars, fifty dollars or your entire banking account if you want to, then don't hesitate to help the people who've lost their homes to this horrible disaster. Here are some links below you can go to, from the Red Cross to the Salvation Army, to give charity to the families and loved one forging their way through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.……

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High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 2
By: Domus Vocis

As Hunter made his way to the school’s entrance, the entire building was quiet save for the janitor and a couple after-school clubs. Yet going around a corner to the doors, the German shepherd stopped in his tracks when he heard something.


“What the…?” he paused, and frowned before glancing down the hallway behind him. “What have you got planned?” Nothing. “Sure.”

That’s when a familiar voice called around the corner. “Hunter?”

Hunter sniffed the air to find fox musk, making the taller canine less tense. He glanced back to see Holden stop by the doors, and a smile appeared on both their muzzles.

“Hey, sweetie,” the lithe fox beamed. “I hope the locker room wasn’t too bad?”

The jock chuckled and waved. “Not too shabby,” he answered. “Frankly, I just wanna get home and relax a bit. Today’s been stressful enough already.”

“You said it, but at least they’re not chasing us out or anything,” Holden leaned up to lightly kiss the tall dog’s cheek. “You ready to get going then?”

The German shepherd paused, and touched his cheek before smiling back down to the fox. How could this feel so natural? “Sure,” he began, albeit blushing like a complete idiot. “Jason’s probably fishing for something in those dumb magazines of his—”


“Uh oh,” Holden widened his eyes.

Hunter, meanwhile, felt his face flush. “Oh no. Them.

The next thing both students knew, they were bombarded by blood-sucking, dastardly creatures unlike any other. They usually cowered in dark caves as their dwelling or home, camouflaged among the populace, and found sustenance on the unorthodox. You’ve heard about them through the internet, word of mouth, and witness their wrath.

They did not stop, they did not yield, and they did nothing but leech off their prey.

They were…yaoi fangirls.

“Dawww,” one student squealed, “they’re so cute!”

“Can you two kiss?” another asked, “I gotta send it to my friends!”

“It’s like ‘In a Heartbeat’, Stacy! It’s like ‘In a Heartbeat’!”

“I’ve gotta bring you two to this pride parade in Green Bay sometime!”

“You’re so adorable! I gotta bring you two to my cousin’s friend’s brother’s wedding!”

“Lookie, they’re blushing, Marta!”

There had to be eight or nine girls. Some were obvious nerds, others cheerleaders who’d practice outside with the football team, and the rest came from other cliques. Either way, all had their phones out taking pictures or giggling and asking more questions similar to this morning.

Squeee! You’re both so adorable together!

Gawking and embarrassed, Hunter grabbed Holden’s arm and backed away with the lithe fox. “N-No. Listen, girls. T-Thank you for…your support,” he chuckled, then leaned down to whisper, “We should go.”

“Why should we?” Holden whined softly, smiling like he’d been through this plenty of times. “They seem nice, and it’s not like they’re harmful—”

“So, have you had uh,” a lioness Hunter recognized from the cheerleading squad asked. “Have you two had sex yet?”

Holden calmly looked up to Hunter. “Okay, now we get going.”

That’s when the yaoi fangirl’s roars echoed around.


As they stumbled from the entrance doors, Holden and Hunter sprinted from the incoming horde. Into the parking lot and past a few cars went the two canines, yet the several girls kept snapping pictures or squealing as they ran.

The thought of their being more made Hunter’s stomach churn, especially at the thought of enduring a couple years of this. And afraid of how close they got, claws retracting and lusting eyes on him and his boyfriend.

“Don’t stop, Holden!” he panted and pulled the smaller fox, “They’ll tear us apart!”

“No shit, Sherlock!” he laughed, trying to keep up with the faster, more athletic canine. “Hey. Where’s Jason?!”

Hunter turned his nose across the mostly-desolate parking lot, and spotted a Saturn car near the far end. “God fucking dammit!” he growled, willing themselves to sprint faster across the blacktop.

Gripping onto his lithe boyfriend’s paw, he bellowed, “Jason! Start the engine!”

The buff Bengal inside whirled toward the noise through the driver’s window, and gawked at the mob of fangirls going after Greenville High’s openly gay couple.

“Get it going!” the German shepherd barked again. “Jason, start the engine!” He glanced back to the yaoi fangirls, and shuddered as their tongued lolled out and they gained further ground. “Start the engine, Jason!”

“Do it! Hurry!” his foxy companion whined loudly, his legs tiring more. “Jase!” Stumbling and keeping up, Holden couldn’t help but laugh. “Cue the Indiana Jones music!”

On cue, the tiger hurriedly dropped his nudie magazine and pulled his keys in to roar the Saturn’s engine to life.

“Don’t let them get away, fellow fangirls!” one alpha fangirl shouted with a raised tigress paw. “Hunter Thurman! Holden Brewin, you will tell us everything!”

“Yeah!” the fangirls cheered.

Sliding the passenger’s doors open, Jason turned the car sideways and waved Hunter and Holden down from the driver’s seat. “Hurry!”

In several strides, the shepherd and the fox got to the Saturn’s passenger doors and threw it opened, then dived into the seats. In less than a second, Holden lurched to slam the door shut, the Saturn’s tires squealed, and the squeals of the fangirls receded away as Jason sped away.

“What the fuck just happened?” the confused tiger asked, looked through the mirror to see Hunter and Holden laying together across the backseat, “Did you steal their fucking idol or something?”

“Those damned…” Hunter laid his head back and panted heavily, feeling how much his calves ached once again, “…Beliebers…tried asking about our sex life.”

The tiger snickered and shook his muzzle. “Fangirls? Really?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Holden sat up and snickered like a lunatic. “Think that’d bad?” he asked, stretching his arms and footpaws. “See the girls at my old school.” A memory made the lithe fox cringe, and the German shepherd wrapped an arm around him.

“So...” Hunter grumbled, “our moronic teammates wanted me to remind you of the dumb bet.”

“Which bet?” the Bengal asked, then raised a paw from the steering wheel. “Oh yeah! Gotta see who won!”

After a few blocks, Jason parked by the curb before pulling out a notebook and a bag of dollar bills from the glove compartment. “Gentlemen,” the tiger announced in bravado, “I’m happy to announce that the winner is… ‘H.V.B.’? Who the hell’s H.V.B.’?”

Suddenly, a pair of fox paws snatched the bag of dollar bills. “I’ll take this,” Holden chirped. “Holden Volle Brewin.”

Jason and Hunter blinked and turned their muzzles back to the fox, who was grinning cheek to furry cheek. “Uh…about $300,” the tiger responded after a moment, clearly as confused as his best friend.
“Did your boyfriend seriously just…?”

Hunter nodded and sat looking at the coy fox. “Since when?” he asked.

The fox wagged his tail and snickered. “Word to the wise, boys,” he explained. “Never leave a notebook titled ‘Bet over Hunter Coming Out’ on your car’s floor. Heh, I even pitched in the remaining Angela gave me that night for the pool, so I’m no cheater.”

Begrudgingly, the tiger jock restarted the car. Turned out Jason wasn’t too pissed about Holden winning all the money, and didn’t hold it against the fox. He even congratulated him half an hour later when they arrived at the shop.

Though not before punching his lithe shoulder, much to Holden’s chagrin and Hunter’s amusement. “Take it easy, you guys,” the tiger laughed, pulling the car out and driving off.

As the Saturn disappeared around a corner, Hunter smiled down at the fox as he rubbed his arm. “Let me guess,” he asked, “you put your name in during our Halloween road trip? After I told you I’d tell Angela that night?” Holden simply grinned, wincing a bit before letting his arm limp. “So in the bathroom, did you want us to get caught?”

Holden simply waved a paw. “Nah I knew you’d tell you sooner or later then,” he chortled. “Besides, that was more icing on the cake. Well, save for the violence.”

Hunter couldn’t help but sigh. “You sneaky little fox.”

“You said it,” Holden replied, playfully sticking his tongue out.

After paying Mike Ullman—one of the town’s local mechanics and a longtime friend of Hunter’s dad from way back—with the check his parents gave him for the repairs, the two canines prepared getting into the Saturn.

“Oh how I’ve missed you,” Hunter eagerly opened the car door and patted the steering wheel. “The engine’s all good, Mike?”

“That’s why I’ve got this, right?” Mike, a tall Labrador with red hair and a round gut, waved the check. “Yeah, I replaced the so-and-so with the such-and-such for the engine. I’d be more specific for you Hunter, but the author knows next to nothing about engine repairs.”  

Holden jumped into the passenger seat. “Amen to that,” he agreed, wagging his fox tail behind him. “No more cold walks to school and no more bus rides again!”

Turning they keys and about to back out from the garage, Hunter waved to the older dog. “You have a good night, Mike!” he called while backing out.

“You too!” the Labrador waved, smiling happily to the German shepherd. “And congrats on you two, Hunter! Glad ya found someone!”

As they drove past houses, Hunter suddenly remembered what he said, and how Mike looked at Holden. The thought made him smile.

“He seemed nice,” Holden chirped beside him.

“My folks have known Mike since school,” Hunter replied, still smiling as he focused on the road.

“He won’t care as long as I keep wrecking my car and stay away from his rival.”

The fox perked his ears up in confusion. “Rival?”

“Mark’s Auto Repair on the other end of town.”

“Ahhhh,” he replied, then paused when he looked up at the rearview mirror. Suddenly, Holden smirked ear to ear and smacked his wagging tail at his side door. “Oh sweetie, guess what?”

“What?” Hunter replied, following the fox’s gaze to find—

“Dawww,” the fox murred and blushed, “you put the photo Michael took on the mirror of your car? That’s so adorable!”

Indeed. After Homecoming Night, and not long before the car broke down, Hunter decided to tack the photo of him and Holden kissing on the bottom of the rearview mirror. Until now, he’d completely forgotten about it.

“I uh…I just…” the athletic shepherd stuttered, thankful they’d reached a red stoplight. “I only…you know…wanted to remember the moment? Right?”

Holden simply nodded and wagged his tail before leaning up to lightly kiss the shepherd’s muzzle. “That’s still sweet of you though,” he smiled, then sensually pecked Hunter’s lips.

A car honk to their right them made Holden jump back into his seat, and Hunter realized the light had turned green. “Get a room, you two!” a red wolf in the car shouted, then sped past.

Hunter, equally embarrassed and flustered as Holden, drove through the intersection. However, fate had other plans as they came to the busy Main Street, and the German shepherd’s bulge grew into an erection. He tried hiding it with his tail on his lap, but the smirk on Holden’s muzzle said it all.

“Hmmmmm,” the lithe fox murred, slyly placing a paw on Hunter’s firm thigh, “Do you know somewhere…secluded?”

Hunter’s posture stiffened in more ways than one, and took several seconds to form the right words. “Um…” he blushed redder, ears hot and tail curling as the fox’s touch made him harder. “Ahh…I think so!” He did a quick U-turn and went the opposite direction.

The drive didn’t take long towards Hunter’s destination, but each second made the jock whimper in anticipation. Every turn and every time he shifted his legs, the bulge growing under his pants throbbed more.

Several minutes into the ride, they came to a rental storage in the middle of the woods, leaving the closest house half a mile away.

“Wow,” Holden looked out the window. “How conveniently abandoned.”

“My friends and I used to go out here on dares whenever it got dark enough,” Hunter explained, still shivering from his earlier arousal. “This hasn’t been used in years, but they say it’s haunted.”

“By who?”

“Who knows? Maybe the ghost of Steve Bannon’s White House career?”

Holden fell back into his seat and giggled. “Wow, a coming out story, a half-wooded storage area and a recent political joke,” he huffed, clutching his stomach. “How romantic.” Hunter joined laughing and both sighed, leaving the two canines alone and horny in the Saturn Ion parked behind a storage garage by the road.

“I’m glad for today,” Hunter suddenly admitted. “I’ll admit, the questions aren’t amusing and are irritating, but…”

Holden perked his ears. “But?”

“I’m glad it’s out there about us,” he replied, then added, “though I don’t know how you do it. Go through all that unwavering and calm like they’re…they’re just talking about the weather.”

The fox shrugged. “Eh, you just go with it. It wasn’t bad as it used to be, but everybody’ll process this. Besides, now we don’t have to act ashamed about it. Although,” Holden’s nimble paws placed themselves on Hunter’s jeans, “the allure of secrecy’s kinda a turn-on for me.” The German shepherd’s bulge didn’t grow any less flaccid, not when he shifted in his seat, nor as Holden knelt up and pulled him close to his chest.

Both canines wrapped their arms around each other, running their fingers through their backs as Hunter kissed and nibbled at the fox’s lips and neck. Holden moaned and pressed himself closer to the jock, his nimble fingers feeling the muscles and sides of the shepherd. Smiling, Hunter booped his nose into Holden’s, and jumped when the sly fox squeezed his rump.

“Hey, it’s only fair after how much you were staring at my ass in English.”

“You…you saw that?”

Blushing and giggling, the fox leaned to whisper, “Yep.”

Both young adults grinned and kissed deeper into the other’s lips, with Hunter’s paws roaming the lithe boy’s shoulders and back. Holden whimpered and moaned into his lips, and the German shepherd moaned himself as he felt the fox grope and fondle at his heated bulge.

Their motions grew more passionate and dangerous, and Hunter loved every moment he could remember. It felt like the second their lips met and the moment their furs touched, he felt…happy. Lusting. Aching to taste this fox.

When they parted and panted, Holden giggled. “Care to lean the chair back?”

Perking his burning ears up, Hunter immediately replied and leaned his seat back as far as he could. At this point, the German shepherd’s length painfully pressed against his denim, making him pant as the fox inclined his cold nose to pull up his shirt and nuzzle the jock’s chiseled stomach.


“Mmmmm…” he murred, one paw caressing the dog’s left thigh as the other patted his growing bulge.
“Just relax and enjoy, sweetie.” Hunter watched as the lithe fox unbuttoned his pants and pull down his zipper. Shifting the denim down a few inches to expose it more, Holden licked his lips before pointing to the red boxer briefs pressing against the shepherd’s torso. “All I could think while we were in gym is how hot you looked in these.”

“Likewise…” Hunter huffed, rolling his eyes back as the curious fox softly prodded at his large bulge. However, reality crept in and the dog lifted his muzzle asked, “Are…you sure?”

The fox was silent, then replied by lightly stroking the German shepherd’s length. Now moaning, Hunter’s tongue lolled as the fox did his magic. Holden pulled down the dog’s musky waistband, and drooled at the sight. Seven inches long and a foreskin leaking with pre, he couldn’t help but stare and admire it more. There’d been plenty of times the fox had seen it, but never like this.
With a quick smirk, Holden stroked the hot length and dove in.  

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Hunter moaned aloud and didn’t care, his toes curling as the fox’s warm lips wrapped around his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Holden eagerly lathered at the shepherd’s shaft, his vulpine tongue licking up and around into a steady, bobbing rhythm. Each time he heard his boyfriend moan made the fox shiver, and he replied by using his tongue and a little teeth.

“Ah, fuck. Easy on the teeth there,” Hunter panted before slowly placing a trembling paw on the lithe canine’s forehead. “Take it slow…yes, that’s it. Keep…Keep going.” Guiding and lustfully encouraging the fox, the German shepherd laid his head back and slowly thrusted his hard, wet length in and out of Holden’s maw. “Mmmmph, yeah.” Suddenly, he felt his leaking cock meet the cold air. “Is there something—Ahhhhh!”

Holden grinned as his tongue went underneath the squirming jock’s foreskin, and it was obvious Hunter was doing everything to control himself. The shepherd’s cock throbbed as his taut foreskin was massaged by the fox’s tongue. His toes curled further and his tail bashed against the bottom seat, further more as the fox kissed the tip and nibbled on Hunter’s aching balls.

“Fffff, oh God,” the German shepherd bit his lower lip and pet the fox’s ears. “Oh, fuck I’m so….so…”

Holden smirked and pumped his shaft with rigorous strokes, then licked at the leaking tip as his boyfriend’s moans echoed in the car. “You like that, Hunter?”

“Y-Yeah,” he replied in pants, thrusting his cock between Holden’s slickened fingers and lips. Hunter’d never been this close nor this hard, and this fox accomplished it in only minutes. “H-
Holden…oh fuck. I-I’m gonna…”

The fox promptly perked his ears and slowly stroked Hunter’s cock more, and stared into his lustful, loving eyes. “Shhhhhh,” he whispered, softly licking the whimpering dog’s tip. Giggling, Holden nodded and pressed his tongue underneath the shepherd’s foreskin in circular motions, making his cock pulse harder.

“Mmph, fuck, fuck, fuck…” Hunter moaned. “Oh God yeah~!” Suddenly, before the pressure and throbbing in him released like a gushing volcano, both canines looked into each other’s eyes. “Oh, Holden~!

The German shepherd saw black spots and stars dance across his vision as his essence gushed down the fox’s gagging throat, making him howl like a wolf. After several sweet moments of release Hunter’s head fell back against the car’s seat.

A minute passed until the fox expertly sucked up his remaining juices into his maw, then sat up into his seat before pulling the taller canine up by his collar. “So,” he giggled, “how’s that for your first blowjob from a guy?”  

It took a salty kiss from the fox and another minute of blenching from the taste of his own cum to pull the jock back to reality. “That was,” Hunter replied, rather sheepishly, “…hot.” It sure was, old sport.

Grinning, Hunter pulled the fox onto his lap and held him close to his warm, chiseled chest. Like chocolate to a fire, Holden melted into the German shepherd’s arms, moaning and trembling as the taller canine’s fingers fondled underneath the fox’s rump.

“Oh Hunter…” he huffed.

“Mmmm…Holden…” he moaned.

For a long time, both of them held onto each other without a care in the world. As time passed on, the fox nuzzled his boyfriend’s neck and the shepherd caressed his lover’s thigh, and it felt perfect.

Panting and heart beating a mile a minute, Holden smiled into Hunter’s eyes. “This is amazing,” he spoke, kissing his nose. “You’re amazing.”

On cue, the shepherd blushed and beamed before seeing how dark it got out, with the sunset breaking through the tree line. “A-Anyhow…uh…”

“Our folks are p-probably worried about us?” Holden finished for him, then smiled before handing Hunter the keys. “Yeah we should get going.” The shepherd jock—after a few moments of collecting himself after suck a spectacular orgasm—did just that and started the car.



“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Dawwww, that’s so sweet! “Shut up,” they laughed.


Hunter couldn’t stop smiling, not after what happened nor after he’d dropped Holden off to his house and gave the fox a kiss good night. “
Heading down his neighborhood though, the German shepherd noticed a fancy car resting in his driveway. It was foreign; either a Chandler or an Ebenezer, but whoever owned it had to be loaded.

“Oh Hunty’s told me so much about you, Mr. Thurman!” came a voice through the house’s front door, “You’re as handsome as he is!”

“Oh uh…thank you?”

The shepherd jock’s smiling faltered as he stepped inside to find both his parents cleaning up from dinner. And on a stool by the table, wearing a deep red blouse and mini-skirt to her knees, sat the she-wolf herself.

Her golden fur shone under the lights, her smile beaming like a beacon and her icy eyes widened seeing him. “Hunty, you’re home!”

“Hello…Angela,” he replied deadpan as Steven Wright. “Nice to see you.”

Dad cleared his throat and glanced to his son. “So where’ve you been, sport?”

Hunter blinked and looked to his mother. “Yeah, where’ve you been, dear?” she asked, cleaning her paws before giving a cross frown. “Tonight was lasagna, and you didn’t bother calling to inform us you’d be out in town.”

“Oh let him be, Karen,” Dad waved her off. “The boy’s got his car back and wanted to go ride around a bit.”

Hunter nervously scratched the back of his neck. “Sorry I didn’t text, Mom.”

“That’s alright,” she sighed, glancing to a still-smiling Angela. “Your…friend came looking for you though, so we had her join for dinner.”

“Which was amazing, by the way,” the golden she-wolf complimented, holding her paws up. “You should meet my family’s cook! He’s either French or German or whatever, but you could learn from him.”

Hunter and his dad hid their snickering as they clearly saw the shepherd’s mother gripping her towel. “Why…thank you, Angela,” she replied with a twitching eye.

“So Hunty,” Angela turned to the canine, “I was wondering if you wanted to go see the new Spider-Dog movie coming out or something?”

Hunter’s ears fell flat, especially at how the she-wolf effortlessly acted like what happened Friday didn’t happen. She didn’t walk in on him and Holden making out. She didn’t viciously attack the fox. She didn’t cut his arm and she didn’t hear the German shepherd coming out to her saying he had a boyfriend.

“Mom, Dad, can Angela and I have privacy?” he asked. “Please?” His parents glanced to each other and shrugged understandingly before walking into the living room, leaving the jock alone with the cheerleader.

Once out of earshot, Angela’s tail wagged as she jumped from her stool. “Sounds romantic!” the she-wolf spoke delightedly.

“It isn’t,” the shepherd replied, “and I thought I made it clear last time that it wasn’t?”

Angela cheerfully waved a paw. “Oh Hunty, you were just confused that night,” she giggled. “We were out and about, it was late and Henry—”


“Whatever,” she continued, “took advantage of your sexual frustration, and you wanted to defend him. My daddy’s older friend think so and so does the elder generation of this town.” She paused and innocently placed her paws behind her back. “I can…talk to them, and stop all that mean stuff that’s happened today. And will happen in the future.”

Hunter promptly blinked. “‘Mean stuff’?” he asked. “Angela, I’d hardly call what me and Holden went through ‘mean’. Rather juvenile.”

“It could always get worse though, especially in a small town, Hunty,” she shrugged, casually leaning forward. “Leave that faggot, Hunty. I love you, and I will not let him come between us.”

“What?” Hunter glared at the she-wolf, “Who are you now, my personal stalker with a crush? My Steve Urkel? My Amy Rose?” I would’ve gone for Melanie Lynskey. “Who?” Looker up her character in ‘Two and a Half Men’, you’ll get it.

“All the other girls love you Hunty, so why do you want to be with that fox fag?” she growled, he own paws clenching like she wanted to tear something apart. “You’ve only known him for a couple months! I’ve known you for years.”  

“At least he doesn’t treat me like a glorified Ken doll!” Hunter retorted, then thought over the past couple months and back to middle school. “Holden got his arm gashed because of you, so you’re really lucky Holden doesn’t keep any grudges. We both are.”

“Hmf!” she pouted and growled. “He didn’t seem so lucky when he was whimpering like a bitch that night.”

The shepherd had done everything to be calm around her. However, if Halloween night were a dam bursting, then this was a controlled flood. “I want you to leave”

Angela paused, and her tail fell to the floor. “What? Hunty, I—”

“Leave,” he repeated, this time much harsher. “Get out. Go. Exit. Vacate. Desert. Depart. Disappear. How else can I say it, Angela?” He paused, then added, “I…I’m in a gay relationship, and…I love him.”

One second, the she-wolf before him was a calm, cheerful teenager with beaming canines and glowing eyes. Hearing him speak though, the beautiful cheerleader’s expression transformed into quiet, burning fury. If she were fuming on Friday night, she was furious now.

“You really are going with that fox then, huh?” she asked in a hushed tone, to which Hunter creased his eyes and nodded. Without another word, she stormed out and slammed the front door shut in a loud echo before speeding off in her car.

After several seconds, the shepherd exhaled in relief. “Narrator, remember that one novel with the alien abductions, teenage existentialism and that other spoiled rich kid as the homophobic bully?”
The one with the deplorable personality and no redeeming qualities? Unfortunately, yes.

To anyone’s surprise, a small smile grew on the jock’s previously angry muzzle. “Thank you…for not making me into him,” he replied.

Hunter’s parents emerged from the living room and went back to what they were doing, with Mom wiping off the counter, Dad helped out, and Hunter sat down to eat leftover lasagna with trembling paws and a wide smile.

“Mom? Dad?”



Hunter cleared his throat and perked his tail. “She’s…not my girlfriend.”

“We know,” Mom replied, offering a genuine smile. “We’ve…always known. And we don’t care. We would never care about it.”

“Though let the poor girl dream for a little while longer,” Dad joked to empty laughter. “Em hmn, sorry.”

“Hunter,” Mom began, “we’re your parents, and we love you no matter what the world, this town, or even Mrs. Burgess has to say.”

“So don’t keep secrets from us,” Dad added, smiling as he got up to hug Hunter.

Mom joined in and the three German shepherds embraced each other, leaving the son perplexed and happy all at once. “I…I love you guys so much,” he spoke, then pulled back to openly wag his tail.
“So…how’d Dad figure it out?”

“Well there’s the guys at the plant,” he replied, then chuckled embarrassed. “And…well…”
Hunter perked his curious ears. “And?”

“Um…” Dad remained silent, and curled his tail. “Well, it doesn’t matter what you do but—”

“He reads the tags whenever each story comes out,” Mom explained. “And me.”

Widening his eyes into hurting saucers, their son immediately felt frozen where he stood. “W-W-W-
What?” he gaped and felt his paws, legs and tail become stiff. “S-S-So you m-mean…what me and Holden…d-d-d-did…?”



“WellgoodnightMomDadSeeyouinthemorningBye!” Hunter, embarrassed beyond reason—“No fucking shit, Sherlock!”—bolted for his room upstairs.

“By the way,” Dad half-called, half-laughed like a hyena, “your mother wants you to read these pamphlets she got from a clinic.”

“Really, guys?” Hunter groaned as he climbed the stairs. He couldn’t believe what he’d learned; his own parents could know what went on between him and Holden just by reading the goddamn story tags! Did that mean they knew about today, or even before…? “God, this is a nightmare!”

“Alright, we won’t have you read them!” his mother called over Dad’s roaring laughter. “However, I want this boy over for dinner this week! Pronto!”

“Deal!” Hunter halfheartedly chuckled before closing his door, then slumped towards his bed. Like he’d never been caught looking at porn, or rather being in porn.

Laying in his sheets that night though, the German shepherd couldn’t stop thinking about himself and the fox, or the way his lips felt as they wrapped around his hard cock. Feeling his bulge spring back to life, Hunter smiled and sighed before turning the bedside lamp off.


The End.
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 2

There we go; Hunter and Holden have survived coming out, but what will that leave them with in the future?

Much like the other stories, this is a parody of typical gay romances you find in the furry fandom, as well as outside it, while having fun with being a gay romance. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to R&R on your thoughts about this! :) 


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High School of Clichés: Coming Out
By: Domus Vocis

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ah, fuck. Easy on the teeth there. Take it slow…yes, that’s it. Keep…Keep going. Mmmmph, yeah. Is there something—Ahhhhh! Fffff, oh God. Oh, fuck I’m so….so…Y-Yeah. H-Holden…oh fuck. I-I’m gonna…Mmph, fuck, fuck, fuck…Oh God yeah~! Oh, Holden~!

Hunter woke up, blushing red at his member as he woke up in his sweat-soaked bed. “Cockblocker…” he growled, failing to hide his morning wood. Now, now; I’m only trying to…raise your spirits for today. “Ha.”

Monday morning started off mundane as ever, save for the newest texts and MuzzleScroll messages on Hunter’s phone. As he dressed in a Greenville Goliaths t-shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans still fresh from yesterday, the German shepherd read each one.

“Hunter are you seriously gay???”

“OMG are u a queer, Hunter?? My friend heard you like kissing guys! ”

“Disgusting faggot”

“Ur very brave Hunter. For coming out.”

“Goddammit…” he grumbled with a curling tail. “Like I had a choice in the matter.” From nobodies to names he recognized since kindergarten, there was no doubt that word had gotten around. “Oh, you think? You’re the one who made it happen.” Point taken. “Now all of the town knows.”

He’d been getting them since Saturday afternoon, and more so on Sunday morning after church. Hunter’s parents were both working class, yet not too religious, but that didn’t stop their neighbors (especially Mrs. Burgess of the local neighborhood watch) from pressuring them over the years. And after word went out how teenagers in Rukisburg egged their school, Mrs. Burgess’ relentless phone calls about coming this Sunday eventually made Hunter’s parents cave in.

Dad drove, Mom struggled staying awake, and the shepherd teen couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She’d been taking extra shifts as a restaurant cook, and they always needed more kitchen staff nowadays.

And during the Sunday service, Hunter knew something was off. It wasn’t the continuous messages that made his phone vibrate every several minutes, nor the daily scowls from Mrs. Burgess and the other crazed windbags who came religiously (hehe, get it?), nor seeing an absent Angela or Jason, nor the fact George Johnson and his stuck-up family were here complete with grimaces from the arrogant wolf.

No, it were the stares or scowls he’d catch, especially from elders and Greenville’s social media users. For two hours, Hunter didn’t know if it was his imagination or if everyone knew, but the grimace he earned from a silent George Johnson proved his suspicions. He could even hear indistinct whispering as Pastor Levi preached about love and compassion.

“Did you hear…is a…”

“…don’t say? Would’ve never thought…is…”

“I heard…and…”


“…Brewin, that…”

“…new to town?”

“…tells me…was born here, then…before moving back.”

“Really? I know…Does she know about…”

Boy, their rumor mill would put the Internet to shame. Not a surprise, Hunter thought grimly, I mean, a small town without a gossip mill’s like anime without fan service for boob lovers. Good one. Thanks, now can you…I dunno…retcon this or something? Hm…no. Asshole.

Hunter’s parents were as flustered to get out once service was over, mainly from how stuffy church always was. As everyone flocked outside for their cars, fresh air or the latest gossip, they narrowly avoided nosy Mrs. Burgess and the local power moms.

Though not before Pastor Levi—an aging but handsome river otter—found him leaning around the corner of the church. “Pardon me, young shepherd, but are you feeling well?” he asked, looking concerned.

“Uh…yeah,” Hunter stammered. “I’m…I’m fine.”

The pastor smiled softly. “It isn’t wise to spread falsehoods in the House of the Lord, Hunter.”

“Tell that to the town gossip hens next Sunday,” the shepherd teenager replied, smirking with Pastor Levi. In the significant several times he’d gone to church, Pastor Levi had always been nice to talk to. Unlike Greenville’s elders, the otter didn’t patronize. “Plus, I’m more outside the House of the Lord.”

“True, true,” Pastor Levi chuckled, swishing his mustelid tail against the autumn leave-covered grass. “Though, would that mean the rumors about you and this…fox, be lies then?” Hunter immediately widened his eyes, but the otter held a paw up. “No need to tell me anything now, young shepherd. I am not to judge.” He followed the shepherd’s nervous eyes to the congregation, still gabbling about unimportant banter, around the corner. “Do not listen to them, but listen to yourself.”

Hunter’s ears remained folded by the time he grabbed his backpack and a quick breakfast downstairs. Thankfully, Mom and Dad were both getting dressed upstairs, and Jason picked him up for school.

“So I was at Diane’s place to help her with uhh…‘homework’, and then we suddenly hear her mother’s car go into the garage, so I’m like ‘I’m out’, and ran into the living room,” Jason recounted his tale to Hunter, his feline eyes still on the road as they drove to school, “As everyone knows, Mr. and Mrs. Hawke are very strict, told her she ain’t supposed to date until she’s eighteen, and they don’t know I’d been dating their daughter these past few months. So when Mrs. Hawke finds me trying to crawl over the sofa out the window with my goddamn junk trapped…yeah.”

“And you’re telling me this because…?”

“I’m trying to be a best friend here and make you feel better.”

After a short moment of watching Main Street’s autumn tress pass by, Hunter smirked. “So how’d she take it?” he wryly asked the tiger, then shortly laughed. “I guess her folks didn’t kill you then?
Otherwise, I’d be scared shitless right now.”

“Nah,” Jason sighed, curling his tail beside the car’s clutch. “Worse. I climbed back inside, laughing nervous, and asked if there was anything I could do to make up for this, and she said,
‘Just go’. So I left.”

Turning his muzzle in disbelief, the shepherd couldn’t help but snicker. As far as he could remember, Jason had always been a John Belushi of all trades. In kindergarten, he tried kissing girls on the bus, dated three girls at once in the third grade without the others knowing, lost his virginity to a sexually-repressed Rukisburg cheerleader back in sophomore year, and much more.

However, this one took the cake. “How’d I never hear of this?” Hunter guffawed, shaking his brown-furred muzzle, “All that happened before our freshman year?”

“End of eighth grade in June, when you were at the Mall of America with your parents, actually,” Jason chuckled, eyes concentrated on the still-sleeping street. “As for Diane, now they never let her out of the house save for school, and I haven’t talked to her since.” Flicking his striped tail, the tiger awkwardly shifted in his seat. “So…you nervous for today, buddy?”

Blinking, yawning and stretching his arms out in the cramped Outlook, Hunter shrugged. “I’ll admit,” he joked “your sob story is starting to make me feel better. I mean, being in a love triangle’s one thing; it’s another to get caught dating a non-datable girl by her parents, and have it be the PTA president’s daughter.”

Rolling his eyes at the shepherd, Jason turned into the school’s parking lot. “No need to rub it in," he replied, turning to his best friend as the sight of Greenville High made Hunter freeze in his seat. “Hey. Whatever happens, me and the guys’ll be here for you.” He paused, and turned the car off. “By the way, how’re you and Holden doing?”

Perking his ears, Hunter smiled. “We’re pretty good,” the shepherd replied. “His arm’s still aching a little bit, but otherwise, he’s proud of me.”

“‘Aching’?” Jason laughed. “I didn’t know he was that sore.”

Hunter didn’t resist rolling his eyes at the tiger, still glad his best friend acted like his normal self. Unlike others. “We also texted last night about…well, this,” he replied, showing the tiger the endless messages. “He told me that I shouldn’t be fazed, and let the messages blow over.”

Jason whistled. “They certainly know their vocab skills,” he chuckled before opening his car door. “Listen, we should get going though. Still need that ride after practice?”

For the past week, Hunter’s precious car had been out of commission. After some formal begging, he managed to convince Mom and Dad would pay for repairs in exchange for this year’s birthday present. Unfortunately, Mike’s Auto Repair was being fumigated, so the Ion was left in the driveway until it was brought in yesterday. This meant he’d had to either walk or have Jason drive since October 25th.

“Or rather, you kept it out for plot convenience in the last few stories,” Hunter muttered, then smiled as he climbed out of the car. “Yes, thanks buddy.”

“You sure? Walking’s good for you, Hunter. And with today, you may need to be running a bit.”

“Shaddup,” he laughed, grabbing his backpack before they went inside. “I mean, it’s not like the school’s gonna be chasing me with pitchforks.” Suddenly, the teenagers groaned as the school’s warning bell began. “Alright, bring it on!”


Study Hall

After morning announcements, in which Principal Lennart mentioned the gym and its urinals being repaired, class began without a hitch. Already, there was a pro to today: Angela Preacher, the Queen Bee of Greenville High, was ‘sick’ today according to her regular posse.

Hunter sat down to work on Chemistry homework he’d forgotten about, yet the German shepherd felt them. His silent classmate’s eyes glancing at his desk like hawks. Even Mr. Hadcliff was looking at him with vague suspicion, mainly because of the whispering and noticeable stares across the classroom.

Not since the time he’d won his first football game had Hunter felt flustered. His tail curled against the desk’s legs, his paws fisting onto his pencil, and he forgot about being a football jock—supposedly the highest clique in Greenville High. He, along with Jason, Duke, Spud, George Johnson (unfortunately), the other jocks and the cheerleaders were considered the top tier.

Good God, will they just mock me already?

“Hunter T-Thurman?”

The German shepherd raised his muzzle to see a round badger and a slim ferret his age, both fidgeting by his desk. Wearing a plain orange shirt, jeans and clutching a deluxe Overwatch pen, the badger’s name was Sammy Bates. His compatriot was Dexter Davis, a rather handsome ferret with round glasses and a slender frame, who also ran the Mathematics Club with Sammy as his co-president.

“Are y-you having trouble?” Sammy asked the shepherd teenager, quickly adding, “W-With your h-homework?”

Hunter glimpsed down at his chemistry paper. “Um, no,” he replied with a folded ear. “I just have something on my mind.”

“Oh,” Sammy nodded. “O-Okay.”

“Are you sure, Hunter?” Dexter asked again, “I’m in Chemistry too, and know how a jock isn’t always great with—”

“Get to the point, Dexter,” Hunter interrupted. “What is it you really need to ask?”

The ferret’s eyes widened and his posture grew stiff. “Oh uh…”

That’s when Sammy bluntly asked, albeit too loudly, “Are you gay and going out with Holden Brewin?”
“That red fox who’s been wearing those weird vests?” Dexter hastily added.

The shepherd jock blinked, and twitched his ears at hearing his fellow classmates behind him.

Sighing, Hunter knew he’d be asked sooner or later. Hell, if news like this already went so far down as the nerds, then everyone knew. And if he didn’t give answers by the end of school, he’d be strangled by the rumor mill.

I ought to strangle you instead, Hunter twitched his eye. Oh, just tell them before this day gets worse, Michael Sam. How can it get—never mind! The German shepherd, digging his claws into his paw’s palms, sighed. “Yes, we are.”

Like out of Episode 3 of Evangelion, everyone scrambled to bombard him with questions, gawking stares or texts to other classmates.

“Holy shit!” Aiden Pierce gasped. “I didn’t know you were gay, Hunter!”

“Bi, but yes,” Hunter muttered, doing his best to seem calm and smiling.

“So that red fox is your boyfriend then?” David Andrews gawked. “Wow, I’d never known we’d had two gays in this school! We should wear rainbows when June comes!”

Hunter raised an eyebrow. “Uh…thanks?”

“Oh em gee, this is soooo cute!” Marta Fuller squealed. “I know a gay guy!”

“Are you sure you’re gay?” her nearby friend, a mouse named Heather Landers, asked. “You don’t look gay. Not as gay as Brewin.”

“Yes,” Hunter fumed under his breath, “I’m absolutely sure I’m bisexual.”

“They say sexuality’s confusing—”

“Oh shut up, Heather,” Marta pouted, “Hunter’s gay, so what?”

“Holden’s gay, I’m actually—”

“Everyone back to your desks!” Mr. Hadcliff barked. Like that, everyone groaned back to their seats, and left Hunter with a twitching eye.


Walking hurriedly into English 11, Hunter happily spotted a certain red fox sitting in a desk two rows to his right. Shining bright with auburn fur on most of his small frame, his foxy tail wagged when his ocean eyes met Hunter’s.

“Holden,” he greeted, forgetting about his troubles for a moment. Looking him over, Hunter noted Holden’s new attire. Today, the lithe fox wore a red-and-blue t-shirt with a compass drawn in front, with a soft-looking scarp around his furry neck. “No dorky vests today?”

“Eh,” he shrugged. “I don’t have as many vests as I used to and got bored.” Holden, beaming without a care in the world, looked up to the taller canine. “I take it you’ve noticed them too?”

Hunter glanced up to said classmates looking at them, who immediately went back to either being on their phones or talking to their respective groups. “Nope.”

“Liar,” the fox chuckled shortly. “And ya see? No one’s chasing us with pitchforks yet.”

In response, Hunter’s ears fell. “‘Yet’?”

Mrs. Phillips had everyone read the first two chapters of Pride and Prejudice in silence. They all either sat discussing the book, texting covertly under their desks, or staring off into space in agonizing boredom. And as Hunter finished the first chapter, his ears perked up when he heard giggling a few rows behind his desk.

Trying to ignore them, the German shepherd glimpsed to see Holden scratching his forearm. He felt a pang in his chest, and secretly texted to him, “How’s ur arm?”

The fox yanked his phone out when Mrs. Phillips wasn’t looking, and smile softly with a swishing tail. “A little aching, but not as stiff as ur cucumber-emoji two nights ago?” he replied, making Hunter struggle to keep himself composed. It especially didn’t help when Holden shifted his cute tush in his seat.

You’re not helping! Like I haven’t done this before.

By the time Mrs. Phillips placed everyone in several groups to discuss the chapters, Hunter conveniently got Holden, and two female classmates named Fiona and Becky.

“So,” Holden cheerfully began, “what do you think of Mrs. Bennet, and her gossiping of wedding one of her daughters to Mr. Bingley? Fiona?”

“Oh uh…I thought it was…interesting,” Fiona, a tigress with reddish locks, stuttered and blushed under her white cheeks. “B-Becky, how about you?”

To Hunter’s surprise, Becky didn’t try being subtle. “Are you two really queer?”

Without a beat, Holden grinned. “He’s bi, I’m gay,” he casually replied, “and we’ve been going out for a bit.”

Fiona timidly asked Hunter how long they’d been going out. “Oh, uh…” the German shepherd replied. “Since…September or so.”

That’s when the girls pulled their phones out and presumably began texting their friends. “We have to take you two shopping sometime!”

Hearing this made his foxy boyfriend broadly grin across his vulpine muzzle. “The more the merrier,” he replied. “I’ve been wanting to dress Hunter up in something other than dorky Goliaths t-shirts for a bit.” Hunter perked his ears and frowned. “I’m kidding, sweetie! You dress fine for a jock.”

That made the girls giggle, and Hunter moan. Somebody shoot me…

Home Economics

In class, the students worked on sewing pillows together, with Hunter teamed up with a vixen underclassman named Janice Hartman while Hunter paired with a bobcat nicknamed ‘Krueger’, for his long claws.

And of course…

“Fucking faggots,” George Johnson muttered to Erik Miller, his partner and another wolf on the football team. “Probably eye-fucking each other as we speak.”

Actually… “Can it,” Hunter growled, both to the author and George, who simply scoffed and went across the room with his lab partner. “Where were we, Janice?”

“Can you help me with this seam?” she asked, presenting a thread and needle to the German shepherd. “I’ve been going at this since last week, and I cannot get these two fabrics to stay together.”

He nodded and tried seaming them to a close, but to no avail. “But Thurman,” a classmate asked him nearby, “I thought all gay guys knew how to sew?”
Hunter blinked at him. “Seriously?”

The younger teenager, a sophomore husky named Fred, held his paws up. “N-Not that there’s anything wrong with it!” he corrected, his eyes lingering toward Janice before peering nervously back to the towering shepherd. “Listen, I’m sorry. I just wanted to say it’s cool you’re gay—”


“—and wanna congratulate you for coming out,” the husky finished, smiling broadly. Fred turned his tail and sighed before rejoining with his project. “This small town’s fulla enough narrow-minded jerks as it is.”

Hunter’s thoughts turned to Angela being absent today and George across the room. “You don’t say?” the shepherd grumbled, but perked a smile when he saw Holden eagerly helping his partner.

“So,” Janice spoke up, a tad nervous and awkward after hearing the exchange, “you’re gay now, huh?”

Before he could correct her, the teacher reminded everyone to get back to work until class ended.
Thought not before Hunter and Holden received more questions.


“So which one of you is the girl?” Holden raised his hand and laughed.

“What do you think of the gay guy in Beauty & the Beast?” Holden shrugged.

“Did you always know you were a homo—no offense!”

“None taken,” the fox smirked and replied, “I have, but he hasn’t until recently.”

“Do you like to suck cock?” That one really made Hunter blush, much to Holden’s snarky amusement.


“Are what you two doing a liberal statement?” one deer asked.

“Are you making a conservative statement by being straight?” Holden asked back.

“Can you recommend any musicals for my girlfriend?”

“Either Heathers or Sweeney Todd,” the fox replied eagerly, “Both have murder,
revenge, blood and dark humor for all ages.”


It got worse near the end of class. “Mr. Thurman, Mr. Brewin,” the teacher asked, “while we’re on the subject of the sexual revolution of the 1970’s and the Stonewall Riots, can you tell the class about the ‘gay experience’?”

This made even Holden sweat-drop. “Well…”

“I’m bisexual, actually!” Hunter mentioned.

“Sure you are,” the teacher nodded, to the shepherd’s chagrin. “Now, who can tell me how the
Vietnam War was connected to the following?”


When it came to the football team’s table during Period 6 lunch, it usually consisted of the German shepherd, Jason, Duke, a bobcat named Cody Bishop that served as wide receiver and safety, a Labrador linebacker named Harry Schmidt, and Dustin Jones, the quarterback.

Rambling towards his lunch table, Hunter couldn’t help but sigh at the sloppy joes. And the occasional stare or glare he caught around the cafeteria, especially from the freshman and sophomore girls who blushed or giggle when he passed by.

So when Hunter sat down and the story Harry was telling slowed down as everyone stared, Jason saved face. “Hey, buddy!” he scooted beside the German shepherd, “So how’s your day been?”

“Horrible,” he moaned, turning to the tiger before grabbing his fork. “Well? What’d I miss?”

Harry, distracted at first, resumed his tale. “I fucking sneaked into a strip club!” he perked, high-fiving Duke. “Anyway, after I got in, there was this deer chick who had the biggest rack on her, and boy did she…” The golden retriever paused, then turned to Hunter with a nervous gaze. “W-Well, there were also some guys with…big racks too.”

“Woah! No homo, bro,” Duke joked, making everyone freeze in place.

“Five, four, three, two—”

“Not that there’s…ya know, anything wrong with that,” Duke spoke slowly, then gave a nervous smile.

“Seriously though,” Harry interjected. “Never would’ve guessed you played for both teams, Hunter! I mean…You’re fit as hell, and you have the Queen Bee Bitch trying to get in your pants!” Hunter choked on his food and laughed. “Lucky bastard, the more I think about it.”

Hunter couldn’t help but stay silent, then looked to the Labrador. “Does it matter as long as I play for this team?” he asked deadpan.

“We’re cool about it, Hunter,” Jason suddenly spoke up. “They’re just processing.”

Duke shifted anxiously in his seat. “I mean… I have a gay aunt in San Francisco. Married her girlfriend a few years back, actually.”

“Huh,” the shepherd grunted.

“Did you know Vince Lombardi had a gay brother growing up?” Cody asked the table.

“Really?” Jason widened his eyes.

“You don’t say?” Duke raised an eyebrow.

“That cannot be true,” Harry looked disbelieving, “Vince Lombardi, one of the great coaches of
football, did not have a gay brother.”

“Google it,” Cody replied. The more you know.

“By the way, Hunter,” Harry interjected, “there’s this one she-wolf I’ve been trying to nab for a while. Patty Dunst, and do you think you could be my wingman? Chicks love a gay guy to talk to.”

Before Hunter could say anything, the quarterback interrupted him. Thank God. “Thurman,” Dustin, clearing his thrat and curling his yellow tail, looked towards the German shepherd, “Spud and Jason here told us whatcha said to Angela, and…that was brave.”

Hunter blinked and struggled to find a reply. “Uh…wow. Thanks. I mean…it’s hard to be yourself in this town.”

“No, no, I meant telling it to Angela,” the senior cheetah corrected for him, “She’s fucking scary! You being into guys and girls…that’s cool.”


“Anyway, good thing Angela’s not here,” Jason cringed. “I told ya guys what she looked like when we dropped her off, and…goddamn.”

“Oh please, she’s probably sobbing that her ‘Hunty’ plays for the other team,” Harry sniggered, much to our protagonist’s irritation. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist!”

“Fuck off, Schmidt,” Hunter chuckled.

“Seriously though,” Duke asked, “how do you…you know…” he did a motion of his paws, “…you know…?”

Hunter frowned. “You’ve seen pornos, probably more than you have been with girls. You figure it out.”

“Yeah, but do you really like sticking your dick in some guy’s asshole. Doesn’t it hurt down there? Or…wait, does he stick his dick in—”

“Okay guys!” Dustin interjected for the shepherd jock. “Enough with pushing Hunter for details! He likes chicks and dudes, and is dating a dude. So what?”

Curling his tail, Hunter solemnly glanced to Holden on the far end of the room and down to the half-cooked sloppy joes on his plate. “You took the words out of my maw,” he replied with reddening ears.

Jason giggled. “Literally?”

“Fuck off.”


Inside Greenville High’s repaired gymnasium (nothing more than new paint and several gallons of air freshener), Hunter and Holden faced their first case of anti-gay violence. To celebrate, students chose to play dodgeball, and the teams were divided evenly with the nerdy fox and athletic shepherd together.

During one round, a lumbering weasel on the opposing team did everything to win, specifically by hitting Holden with a ball every chance he got.

Hunter would’ve called him out on it, but didn’t yet. They were already handling enough as it is, from the stares, the awkward questions to even one instance of the hippie teacher Ms. Stephanie (a thirty-something squirrel who clearly wanted to be an elementary school teacher) tried proposing they make a statement out of this ‘miraculous news’.

Plus, Holden didn’t make any fuss about it, so neither did Hunter. That is, until the weasel hit Holden in the snout and sent him falling onto his tail.

“Love handling balls, Brewin?” he sneered across the room. When a couple classmates next to him cheered and high-fived, and the weasel cackled. So to retaliate, Hunter threw a dodgeball across the room and smacked it against the weasel’s cheek.

“Dammit!” he glared, “What the hell, dude?”

Hunter didn’t reply and instead ran over to help Holden to his footpaws.

“The little fox fag deserved it!” the weasel barked.

Coach Sampson blew his whistle. “No cussin’, Griff! And watch your throws next time!” he ordered, much to the weasel student’s chagrin. And to add salt to the wound he deducted a point to the weasel’s team for the fall.

Meanwhile, Hunter held onto the lithe fox’s slender shoulders. “You alright?” he asked, concerned. “That was a nasty fall.”

Rubbing his tail, Holden looked up to Hunter with a soft smile. “Yeah, but can somebody please tell Jay Naylor over there he’s put himself in the wrong project?”

The German shepherd couldn’t help but chuckle, and patted the smaller canine’s shoulder. “I’m sorry about that,” he apologized.

Holden shrugged and winced as his tail swished behind his ankles. “What’s there to be sorry for?”
Hunter smiled down to the red fox before they rejoined the game.

Though not before a couple of girls commented on how cute a couple they were.

Needless to say, Trigonometry was the least obnoxious class that day, and went by in a blur before Hunter and Jason went to football practice.

During and after warmups, Hunter observed some students sitting in the stands. Because of the sweat, blood, musk and the fact he concentrated all his pent-up anger out on tackling, he didn’t know who they were. Sometimes they’d be members of the school paper, other times loners looking to entertain themselves, and Greenville Goliaths fanatics that’d make Packer fans blush.

However, the buff shepherd knew two things—no, three things. One, George Johnson did not hold back on his tackles and offense. Two, he saw and heard plenty of female students staring down at the fields pointing at him. And three, he smelled a certain red fox in one of the seats.

“Good work out there, boys!” Coach Sampson shouted as they all tumbled into the gym. “Harry, work on your speed. Dustin, don’t push yourself with that arm. And good work out there, Thurman!” Hunter would’ve thanked the coach, but everyone felt sore all over, and so did he. “And Freddie, are you The Emoji Movie? Because your defense stinks! Work on it!”

“Hey Coach,” a Dalmatian safety named Marty quipped, “notice those chicks in the stands earlier?”

“Notice them?” Duke chuckled, “their faces were pressed to the fence like the walking dead. Boobs too!” Half the team tiredly whistled.

“Hmf,” the bear scoffed. “Is that why you were so distracted today? Maybe I should double the laps for next practice.” Everyone groaned. “Quit your whining and get cleaned up now.”


Hunter didn’t pause to strip from his football uniform and get showered. His muscles ached all over, his footpaws throbbed sorely and each wag of his tail made a whispering crackle in his bones.
And honestly, the cool water running down his muscles and legs helped soothe it away, but not wash away the feeling of accomplishment in the German shepherd. Grabbing his shampoo and some soap, Hunter foamed his fur up and sighed at the day’s stress washed away.

To his teammates’ credit, nobody brought up him being in the showers. Duke and Harry, though hesitant, acted like their normal selves, as did Jason. The tiger even patted Hunter’s shoulder after he finished rinsing and walked out.

“I’m gonna be waiting out in the car,” he told the shepherd, his drying, striped tail swishing behind him. “Good work out there, Hunter.”

The shepherd, while taken aback, still nodded. “Thanks,” he smiled. “You too.”

“Ooooh, is there something ya wanna tell us, Jason?” Marty joked, earning a middle finger from the tiger as a reply. “

Hunter smiled and nodded, wagging his wet tail behind him. The rinsed himself down and walked from the showers, squaring his shoulders and holding onto his towel as he went to his locker.

“Finally,” the wolf sneered impatiently, grabbing his towel before scurrying past him, “it took you long enough.”

Hunter felt too relaxed to give a crap. “Awww, were you afraid I’d ogle your ass? Sorry, but I’m not that into other guys.”

The wolf turned his scowling muzzle at the shepherd. “Fuck off, Thurman.”

“Look,” he lowered his voice, “I know me being out is…weird—just ask about my day, but isn’t waiting for me to finish showering is pointless?”

“Don’t patronize me, Hunter,” George growled, flinching away from the German shepherd. “Be lucky the coach scares the shit outta us. Otherwise I would’ve told the entire school earlier about you and your f…fox.”

The wolf hurried into the showers, and Hunter’s ears fell as he opened his locker. “Sure,” he muttered, “that’s what you were gonna say.”

It wasn’t always like this for Hunter and George. The wolf used to be in baseball, then joined the team during Hunter’s junior year and his sophomore year. While the German shepherd usually hanged out with Jason or the others outside of practice, he and George Johnson did had mutual respect for the other. They kidded here and there, had fun when practice didn’t suck, discussed sports or recent movies, and that was it.

At some point, he even found the wolf handsome. What? Hunter gaped. Since when did I find that asshole attractive? Before the fox you used to bully found you attractive. Touché. Plus, you have to admit he has a cute ass. How can I? You’ve never described it in the narrative yet.

Buckling up his pants, the German shepherd grabbed his phone from his backpack and sighed with relief. It looked like the anti-gay/overzealous congratulation messages had slowed down.

Yet two new texts caught his eye.

Angela: “We need to talk”

Holden: “Ur amazing out there~! <3 And have sweet pants ;)

Hunter grinned as his teammates exited to their lockers. Harry suggested to Spud, Duke and a coyote wide receiver named Freddie for a pizza night. “My pop’s gotten some new cable, and forgot to set up a password for the pay-per-view channels,” he mentioned, earning a couple whistles.

Of course, Spud happily agreed, as did Freddie, Marty and a few others. Unfortunately, Duke was still grounded for his Halloween stunt on Mrs. Burgess’ mailbox. Heh, it’s still a little funny, Hunter shook his muzzle amusedly, and continued to dress and read his phone.

“Hey, Hunter, how about you?”

The German shepherd perked his ears up. “Oh uh,” he replied with a distant shrug. “Not tonight. I’ve got some homework in chemistry.” Besides him needed to grab his car with Jason (and hopefully Holden), Hunter also simply wanted to relax after today’s hectic events. Not gawk at straight pornos he’d find half-arousing. “Shut it.” Curling his tail and pulling a shirt over his muscular chest, he looked back to his teammate. “Besides, I have Holden. I don’t know if he’d approve.”

“Understandable,” the pit bull replied to the unison of agreeing grunts from everyone. Save for a quiet George.

“Besides,” Hunter added, “I bet practice’ll be much harder tomorrow. Wouldn’t wanna overeat too much.”

“Oh!” Spud perked his ears. “Speaking of bets.”

“What?” he asked, then looked to each of his teammates before widening his eyes. “No. You cannot be serious.”

“Yeah…” the hyena scratched the back of his neck. “I am.”

“You cannot be serious,” Hunter repeated. “You can’t.”

They were. According to Spud, all the players made a betting pool over when Hunter would spill about his sexuality to Angela. Everyone pitched in and Jason was designated to keep tally. And the money. Spud predicted he’d be out by Christmas while Duke thought it’d be leaked out after homecoming. Freddie bet on Thanksgiving, Dustin chose Spring Break, Harry picked April 1st, Cody picked Valentine’s Day, and Marty chose May. As for George, he thought it’d be when they all graduated their senior year.

Everyone else, from Andrew Zacob to Zachary Apple, were all over the place.

“We…” one of the newest players, a freshman deer Hunter couldn’t remember, stammered, “never expected it to be over this quickly.”

The German shepherd should’ve expected this. After all, this wasn’t the first time his idiot teammates—no offense. “None taken,” some muttered.

—made a betting pool. Hunter even participated a couple times. “Since when?” he asked deadpan.

“After the game,” Duke explained somewhat proudly, “a couple of the guys were thinking when you’d tell Angela about it, and when she’d have her freak out. Might as well try and make a quick buck off this, even if it took forever, am I right?”

It also explained why everyone was eager to keep it secret. “Wait just a goddamn minute,” Hunter angrily interjected with an annoyed growl, “is this why you fuckers waited until now to ask me all those bullshit questions? ‘How do you stick a dick in another guy?’ ‘Did ya know Vince Lombardi’s brother liked guys?’ ‘Dude, can you be my gay wingman for this she-wolf I wanna bone?’”

Can you be my wingman?” Harry asked again.

“No!” Hunter slammed his locker shut and texted Holden, “I’m coming out (again XP). Meet me by parking lot, ok?” before grabbing his backpack. “You jackasses have a good night.”

“You too, Hunter!” Duke called, “And have Jason text us the results, okay?” To which the German shepherd flipped him off and left.

To be continued in HSoC: Coming Out Part 2
High School of Cliches: Coming Out Part 1

Note: this is only part of the latest installment of my High School of Cliches series, so don't worry about finding out what'll happen next and who won the team's betting pool, guys ;P

Much like the other stories, this is a parody of typical gay romances you find in the furry fandom, as well as outside it, while having fun with being a gay romance. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to R&R on your thoughts about this! :)

PS: I had some much fun/cringe thinking up all the dumb questions gay guys would be asked by straight people...
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I will Always Be with You
By: Domus Vocis

As he laid on his bed, tired from the last treatment he’d recently gone through, Keith kept telling me that the leukemia wouldn’t stop us. It was a small setback, and wouldn’t stop him from getting through high school. We’d go to the same college, sneak to frat parties and grow old together.  

“Hey,” he joked, “I’ll even bring you to that dumb sci-fi movie you’re looking forward to. What was it, uh…‘Transcendence’ ‘Deliverance’? ‘Descendant’?”

“It’s called ‘Ascendance’, silly,” I laughed weakly, giving him a soft peck on the lips. “Y-Yeah, we…we will go see it, and I’ll make sure to save you some popcorn.” Hearing me, Keith tiredly gave a smile with his incredible oceanic eyes staring into mine.

“I love you so much,” he told me. “Did you know that?”

“Yep,” I replied. “Why tell me that?”

“Because I love saying it,” he chuckled weakly and squeezed my hand as tight as he could. “David, I’m going to be okay. Okay?”

Trying to keep myself together, I sniffled before replying, “O-Okay.”

We tried continuing on with our lives. He couldn’t go to practice anymore because of his condition, so we spent more time together waiting. Playing. Praying. We even did his homework, despite how it didn’t matter anymore.

The day I was told Keith collapsed and was placed in an ambulance, I ditched school for the hospital, as did his teammates and friends. And bolting past the staff and through the door, I saw Keith—the strong-as-granite athlete and greatest boyfriend in the world—comatose on the hospital bed. For agonizing hours, I squeezed his hand and didn’t move at all, not even past visiting hours.

Keith’s heart stopped three days later, and I never felt so numb in my life.

My friends, as well as Keith’s loyal teammates, gave me good comfort, and his parents cried alongside me. Most, if not all the school came to his funeral days later, and mere words could not describe the grief-stricken atmosphere around everyone, or even the emptiness in my chest.

Afterward, Keith’s father dropped me off at my house before handing me a familiar notebook. He said he found it in Keith’s room the day before, and thought it’d be best that I had it. Surprised at first, I slowly took it in my hands, then sat still as he pulled me into a hug. I didn’t expect it at first, especially since he never liked me being with his athletic son, so I was surprised by his honest emotions. However, the weight of these past months, watching helplessly as Keith slowly faded away from us, it compelled me to embrace him. Now both of us crying, we sat in the car and held onto each other for a long time.

Pulling away, Keith’s father simply whispered, “Thank you, for loving my son.” We didn’t say anything as I got out and watched him drive off before slumping inside.

I slowly made my way upstairs and fell into the bed, tears still burnt into my cheeks. Mom checked up on me before taking her double shifts, and gave her solemn condolences. Right after she left the y thoughts went to Keith, my dashing football player that swept me off my feet all those years ago. The only love I ever had in life.

I looked over at the large blue notebook that rested beside my bed, and decided to read it. And when I did, it brought back memories of pencils and paper, memoirs of long ago. It all started in fourth grade, when he and I started playing. It wasn’t until the fifth grade we started using this, talking about what happened on some TV shows we watched together, on certain toys, friends, and family, practically everything.  

Suddenly, I came across the second to last page, the page where we were both in eighth grade. At first, we talked about the latest episode of an old show we used to watch, and then about a bully who picked on Keith for his sexuality.

Then, he asked me if we would be friends forever. I replied yes, and then he wrote, “Can we be boyfriends instead?” That led to the last blank page, where I didn’t reply to him by note.

A conversation later, and Keith never left me by my side. We were always happy together, helped each other through the worst, and cheered for each other after each stressful day. I always felt safe, like he could protect me from anything. Bullies at school, my anxiety attacks, and the loneliness I felt.

“Now…you’re gone…Keith” staring at the final page, I cried myself to sleep.


I found myself standing in an endless field of flowers and soft grass, with the sunlight above me as intense as a spotlight. Each step I made and my senses were overwhelmed with diverse smells and exotic fragrances. The grass underneath my barren feet gained a comfort I never knew, softer than a pile of feathers. I felt…happy again.


In a heartbeat, I turned around fast and saw him. Standing there. “K-Keith?”

The sixteen year old boy in front of me didn’t just speak or look like him, with his dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and bright smile. At first, I saw it as a faded mirage, a trick of the mind that emerged from my sadness. He’d disappear and I’d be all alone again.

“David!” he shouted again, and I knew then and there, it was him.

“Keith!” I screamed, running for him. “Keith!”

I grabbed him in a few strides, feet pounding at the soil and hands trembling. I felt his strong embrace around my arms, and buried my face into his strong chest. Tears welled in my eyes and cascaded down my cheek, as did the boy I loved.

Gripping the other’s arms and kissing, we both fell on our knees. “Keith…God, I-I can’t believe you’re here!” I wavered and smiled with tears in my eyes and lips. “Y-You’re dead...”

Keith patted my head, and comforted me in a soothing whisper. “Shhhh,” he spoke gently, “it’s okay, David. I’m right here, and that’s all that matters.” I looked up to stare into his eyes, and felt like I could be lost in them. As we knelt into each other’s arm,, he just kept smiling at me. “We do not have forever here.”

“H-Here?” I asked, raising a confused eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

Keith stood me up, holding my hand softly. “Listen David,” he said. “He gave me a certain amount of time to spend with my loved ones. I already spent mine with my parents.” He lifted my chin and gave me a quick and passionate kiss on the lips, then parted to press his forehead to mine. “But now, I have time for you.”

“Do you mean…us…?” I asked.

He nodded solemnly. “Why not we spend our time together, here on this earth, in peace?” he asked. “After all, we have all night.” He smiled again, and that glow in his eyes I remember returned.

We were no longer in a meadow of roses and lilies. We now stood on a beach, one with waves stretching over the dampening sand like a welcoming hand. I also noticed Keith and I were in our swimming suits, his a navy blue to match his eyes and brown to match mine. I even saw a forest to my left, but I was more focused on one thing: the sunset.

It was a gorgeous sunset, one of oranges and yellows and violets that streaked across the sky. Underneath it were the waves of the ocean, ceaselessly beating on through the waters and mist, lit up overhead by the cloudless sky. It shined in my face brightly, and actually made me start to cry again.

“It’s so beautiful…”

“Yeah,” I felt Keith’s hand clasp mine harder. Out of the blue, water splashed me in my chest, and I heard him laugh. “Hehe. Gotcha!”

Dripping and grinning, I splashed back. “Oh yeah? Take that!”

Keith and I started chasing each other through the waters, like the world or day could never end for us. It was a wonderful feeling, a sensation that pulled the innocence out of me, making me feel like we were kids again. By the time we were tired out, me and Keith held each other close on the soft grass of the forest, watching the sun sink away into the night.

We simply cuddled for a long time, our arms wrapped around the other’s chest, watching as the stars lit up in the black ocean above us. A few fireflies wandered around me and Keith, except we didn’t mind. In fact, it added to the beauty of the place.

I slowly rested my head on his shoulder, my hand over his beating heart and his arms wrapped around my waist. It was so peaceful, so sound, and so perfect.

“Just wait, David,” Keith whispered tenderly. “The night isn’t over just yet.” Turning his head down to mine, the blonde-haired boy beamed a smile and asked, “Where do you want to go now?”

I shrugged. “Wherever you want to.”

He paused for a moment, and smirked. From that look, I knew he had something in mind, something extraordinary. Keith closed his eyes for a second, and in a flash, the scenery changed around us once again.

We now stood in an endless forest of silvery mist and midnight air. It was daylight, yet the leaves of the emerald trees blocked it out, abandoning the ground in a partial darkness. And from where Keith and I stood—both of us now in white clothing—the world of the forest came into fruition.

Keith bolted down a dirt path, and I mindlessly followed suit. I held no idea what we were racing for, but I didn’t care; I only wanted to be close to him. Running through the woodland, I felt like I could go on forever through the leaves and sunlight without shame or sin. This felt too real to be an illusion, because every smell and aroma of the forest that came hit me like a train.

After a long time, we eventually saw a clearing up ahead and decided to race. “I’m gonna beat you, Keith!” I giggled with each stride of our glowing footprints.

“You were saying?” he laughed and panted. “If you couldn’t beat me in gym, you can’t beat me now!”

I snorted. “Buzz kill!”

Keith laughed. “I love you too!” he replied.

Both of us were a dozen feet away, and then several, and finally a few feet away. In the end, a tie was made and a bright light engulfed us.

My vision cleared away. We stood in a luscious clearing, and a vast lagoon lied calmly before us under the cloudy sun. I smelled the cologne of the sea in my nose, sending me into a whirlpool of synesthesia. I even felt the misty kisses of sea water on my cheek.

Keith took a hold of my hand, and I followed. To my utter shock, his foot stood on the water like it was nothing more than clear glass. My eyes widened in amazement as his other foot touched the water with a simple tap, and ripples appeared underneath him.

“David?” Keith asked, “Do you trust me?” I hesitated at first, but firmly nodded.

I looked down at the water, and with a deep breath, lifted my right foot onto the watery edge. I half-expected to sink like a rock, half-expected for Keith to sink too. But once the ripple formed from my bare feet, I felt a solid ground from the surface of the water, widening my eyes further.

“Remember the time in sixth grade,” Keith spoke while we ambled, “when we both took swimming classes for second semester, and you preached about how you wanted to be a professional acrobat?”

For a second, I was too nervous to respond, my eyes glancing to fish that swam mindlessly underneath us. “Swim racer,” I corrected. “I w-wanted to be a professional swimmer and race, actually.”

“Oh,” Keith paused. “Must’ve mixed them up, I suppose. Anyways, you’d always be the first in the pool, and even the last out, resulting in Ms. Hawkins threatening to give you detention one day. She was already dressed for next class, and tried to grab you from the water. But—”

“—she fell in with me,” I recalled. “Yeah I remember.” A short chuckle came from my throat. “You should’ve seen the look on your face, man. It was just phenomenal you didn’t die of laughter after seeing that.”

“Yeah,” we now stood seven feet away from the shore.

“Why are you asking me that?” I asked curious.

Keith smiled. “Because,” he spoke to me with delight, “that’s the day I fell for you, David.” My heart hammered at my chest, and I couldn’t help but gape in awe.

“I…I love you so much, Keith.”

The blonde boy smiled. “I love you too, David.”

He walked closer to me above the calm waters, his arms pulling me to his chest like a lover. Keith’s heartbeat ran from his wrists to mine, eventually leading to our frail arms around each other’s necks. After a while, our foreheads gently butted together, leaving his inviting lips an inch apart from mine.

As soon as our lips met in a short, passionate embrace, a crack of lightning shook us apart, and it began to sprinkle into an intense rainfall that didn’t drench us. It wasn’t until I looked up that I realized the sky had lit up with the sun, turning the rainfall into a harmless hailstorm of diamonds.

All of a sudden, I felt something change again. The diamonds that fell from the sky turned into swirls of pure light, lingering through the air like candles floating like comets on a cosmic lake. In fact, I no longer saw the mirror of the sky from the waters, but instead the stunning cosmos of the night sky, of lavender planets and shooting stars and whitening radiance.

It felt like being in outer space.

“Oh my God…” I was left speechless again.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked me. He held out his hand formally, and on us appeared tuxedos. “It’s not every day you get to dance in a place like this.”

With a little hesitation, I allowed him to take my hand with his, and we began to waltz across the water and through the diamond lights. At first, it felt awkward, even stupid, but it changed when I started to hear something: music.

Words could not describe the music that rang through my ears, the kind of music only angels could fathom. Keith heard it too, because I heard him humming to the majestic tune.

The colors of light that circled me and Keith never ceased to fade or stop, they only continued into a dance of their own. I saw them swirl and turn to each syllable of the harmonies in the corner of my eyes, which kept staring at Keith’s with a trance. My feet just kept going on through the melody of the choir, my smile never vanishing as we gracefully slow danced.

As the lights began to fade a bit, and the music coming to a close, I felt Keith’s breath tickle my lips. The angelic music slowly came to a close as we kissed, ending on a final, single, yet perfect note of wonder. We now situated in complete darkness, not a darkness of fear, but a nightly darkness of sleep and comforting silence.

We were two souls alone together, two souls meant to be.

The next thing I knew, Keith tenderly pulled me toward a familiar door, and I became astounded at whose it was. Mine.

Still silent, we sat down beside the bed, hands together and eyes watering happily. “Keith,” I began. “Are you…are you here to stay?”

Keith gave me a melancholy look. “Listen, David,” he said after a soundless moment. “I…I want you to know that I love you, and you are the most wonderful person a guy can ever know.”

“H-How can you just leave me again?” I asked him, squeezing his fingers and whimpering softly. “Why c-come here and then leave me, Keith?”

Keith sighed deeply, and I saw tears form in his eyes. “When I laid in that hospital bed, all I thought about were my loved ones, and you. I didn’t know if there was such a thing as an afterlife, if I’d be able to see anyone again. prayed to be able to talk to you one last time, to say ‘I love you so much, and I’ll never stop loving you’. I prayed so much that it hurt much more than when I died,” he paused, letting a single drop of sadness fall from his right eye. “You…are the one true boy I’ve never met to understand life, which it’s meant to be a moment to cherish with those we love. You taught me that when I was sad, and now I want to tell you that.”

“I’m…I’m empty without you, Keith,” I started to cry. “I’m gone without—”

“Nothing will ever change what we have, David,” Keith persisted, hugging me closer and lowering his teary-eyed gaze. “Out of the sixteen years I’ve been alive, I would never trade what we had for extra time on Earth. You’re that important to me. Okay?”

I cleared my throat. “Okay,” I croaked. “Will…will I ever see you a-again?”

In response, Keith raised his left hand and caressed my cheek with a gentle touch, his blue eyes glowing. “Can…can you please promise me something? David?” Keith’s heartwarming voice was very sincere with his question. I nodded back to him in reply. “Go live your life. Let your soul shine and make me proud. Can you do that for me?”

Keith leaned forward on the bed and kissed me on the corner of my lips, and then a tender kiss of passion. Slowly closing my eyes, I wrapped my arms around his neck, even playing with his hair the way he liked it. I felt an electric pulse surge through our souls, temporarily forming one being that beat two hearts and spirits. I’ve felt a sensation like this dozens of times before, but not like this.

By the time I had to pull away for breath, Keith laid himself on top of me, his soothing breath a mere foot from my parting lips. “Can you promise me?” he asked again.  “Please?”

Before I could reply, a sudden sleep came over me. As I began to lose consciousness, my eyes caught the marvel of a brilliant brightness that came from Keith’s chest above me. It started to glow brighter in the darkness, and before blacking out, I last witnessed Keith’s gracious smile dissolving into diamond rain.

Promise me, David. Pleas...


I awoke the next morning with sweat and tears pouring down my face. Tired at first, I immediately shot out of bed and felt disoriented. As I tried remembering my dream, my eyes traveled around my room and fell on two items.

My black clothes, the same one I wore to Keith’s funeral. And a blue notebook, neatly placed on my desk. Part of me didn’t recall putting it there, but something compelled me to look at the final page. I opened it, and was surprised to find a final message at the end of the lingering page.

As I grow older each day, I slowly started to live again, found happiness and even learned to love once again. I never forgot that night with Keith. Our time together was short, but also beautiful. And I wouldn’t trade it away.

Yet even to this day, with other memories fading into the abyss of lost memoirs, I make sure to never forget Keith. Or what he left me in that notebook.

I will always be with you, David. I love you.

I will always be with you
I remember writing this long ago, and decided to remaster it and see how it holds up. Though not my first short story, this is the first one I wrote with two gay protagonists, one of which is trying to struggle with the loss of a loved one. 

I hope you had fun reading, and feel free to R&R in the comments! <3

Inspiration for this came from this song:…
A Hundred Years
By: Domus Vocis

Time goes by as each day arrives.

As always, my day began as a slow wake-up call. My nurse gently nudged me until I stirred, her voice sounding relieved when my eyes twitched open. For a long moment, I thought I’d died and heard my wife’s voice again, then realized where I was as I blinked and saw colors through my hazy vision. She reintroduced herself, and I smiled while turning to her soft voice. She sounded so much like her.

After helping me with a shower and clothing myself, my nurse helped me back into my wheelchair by the bed. I was fed warm porridge by her, and thanked her in a hoarse whisper as she cleaned my chin. While being fed, I heard a bird chirping beyond the windows of my room, as well as feel the warmth of an April sunshine.

“How are you doing today?” she asked. “Is there anything I can do for you? Turn up the thermostat? Change the station?” She referred to the one sitting on the nightstand, which played an old classic from twenty years ago.

“Nah,” I tiredly shook my head, licking my lips from spilled food, “but can you please tell me what day it is?”

My nurse chuckled. “You know what day it is,” she mused, remembering alongside me.

“I know,” I smiled at her, deciding to be honest with her. “I just wanted—no needed—somebody to tell me I am still alive. When you’ve lived as long as I have, you need reminders.” I paused, turning to her. “Do you have anyone special in your life?”

She stood silent, then nodded. “I do,” the woman replied, somewhat distant. “She-I mean he’s been with me for a couple years. We hope to move to an apartment as soon as we can.”

Coughing short, I nodded. “I see.”

“Is there something wrong, sir?” she asked after a moment,

I cleared my sore throat and stared out the open window of my room. “Say, how cool is it outside?” I asked of her.

My nurse pushed the curtain from the window, and said, “It’s sunny outside sir. Do you want to go outside on the porch?” I gave a simple nod, and she rolled my chair out into the hall.

I waved to fellow elders like I as I passed their rooms, smiled as they wished me a happy birthday, and enjoyed the short ride outside. Ever since I lost my ability to get out of bed on my own, I’d rarely enjoyed the weather. Today though, as much as I wanted to grovel in my room, I felt the need to feel the wind.  

I thought to my nurse’s hesitation at mentioning her partner, and though I couldn’t fully see her face, I felt the uncomfortable tension in her voice. And soon, a memory came to mind.

I remembered a rambunctious boy my age in middle school named Michael, who used to make me laugh and in trouble throughout my nostalgic years. As young and naïve as I was, I knew he wasn’t like others. He enjoyed music and sports, but Michael was tough as nails, and could hold his ground against any incoming storm.

One day, we stood in the school’s parking lot, and he told me a secret about himself. Surprised by this revelation at first, I kept it secret nonetheless. I knew his parents and friends wouldn’t respect him for it, but I did, and have for so many years to the day I was his best man.

“Are they coming over today?” I asked my nurse while she hummed, just as intense sunlight flooded my vision and I felt spring air on my skin. “My family?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, comforting me by patting my shoulder, “but I do know today’s a big day.” I heard a phone ringing in the background, as did she. “Listen, I need to take this, but I’ll be back in a moment, okay?” I nodded. “And Happy 100th Birthday, sir.”

I scoffed after a languid moment, listening as she left. “Thanks for reminding me…” I chuckled, then smiled as I listened to the ambience of the porch. “So peaceful. Hey miss?”

Her footsteps froze. “Yes? You need anything?” she asked politely.

I turned my head to try and see her. My eyes could only see a white uniform, and the tips of her shoes. “Good luck with that apartment,” I told her. “And with her. In my age, it’s important to love everyone you can.”

With my eyesight all but gone, I couldn’t see her face, but something told me she held an expression of relief and a thankful smile. “I will,” she said, then turned to do her other duties.

A smile crept across my wrinkled face, and I turned to the open field of the home as spring ambience filled my hearing. “So peaceful.”

Being now an entire century old, maybe I feel obligated to tell you about my entire life’s story. About how incredible my life’s journey was, how much of adventure it became each day I walked the Earth. I could discuss how awful and depraved the future (my past) became, or how much changed.

Sadly, I don’t know if I can. I remember many things, but my life wasn’t a constant adventure to
many other people. It was fairly normal.

However, I cling to every moment I can reminisce. I remember being a young boy as he plays by a small town’s babbling creek along his best friend, the look in my first girlfriend’s eyes as we shared our first kiss, and the smell of baked bread from the town’s square. I can still feel the softness of a quilt my mother made for me, and smell fresh coffee my father brewed in the morning.
I remember breaking hearts, having mine broken, and forming friendships that transcended the decades lived. I even remember the weddings of my friends, of Michael’s not too long ago and my own.

I looked so terrible in that tuxedo, I chuckled silently.

Other dreams I remember are my passion for reading, devouring any book that came my way at the local library. I remember great journeys traversed by characters across continents, even though their names have long been forgotten.

What I could never forget though are my wife’s beautiful eyes, or how they shone when I asked for her hand. How they sparkled when our children were born, and when we watched our grandchildren grow. The days I raised them, helped to raise them, and the moments when we sat outside our home to watch the sun roll across the sky.

In some ways, the world has changed, yet sometimes it hasn’t. And as I sat outside in the spring air, I smiled as warm sunlight crept through the clouds. Those days felt so long ago, so distant that it’d be a long walk to reach for them again. However, as I sat in bed and felt the old quilt in my grip, I smiled.

After all these years, I missed them so much. My parents, my friends and my wife. Except, I felt content. I lived for so long, but I wasn’t successful nor exhausted and poor. I didn’t cement my name in history, witnessed amazing things, discover new worlds, but I met extraordinary people, and saw some extraordinary things. My life may have been boring to others, but I wouldn’t trade it to live another hundred years.

“Mister,” my nurse spoke excitedly, “your grandkids are here.”
A Hundred Years - short story
Here's a short story I entered into a contest a while back. The theme was supposed to be about the number 100, or a century, so I went with this. What do you think? 

This short story is (c) Domus-Vocis



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"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." -Ray Bradbury

I'm Domus Vocis. The name is Latin for 'home's voice'. I named myself this because our planet earth is a place that needs many voices for people to hear. I became a writer a while back, all the way back in middle school. I began with poetry and got to writing short stories. As I wrote more, I got better and better over the years. And during those years, I came up with three rules for becoming a more skilled writer. They are:

1) Your ideas are your own.

2) Never let an idea slip away when it comes.

3) Don't base your creations off of society's rules.

For my hobbies, interests, favorite books, movies, etc. feel free to ask me anything you're interested in knowing!

I mostly write science fiction, young adult, and contemporary fiction, but on a few occasions write something else of a different genre. Almost all of them have a form of symbolism to them, so read it carefully. Some of the stories I write don't take place in the same universe, and only a few do. The reason for this is because my OC's are very different from one another.

Speaking of which, the last thing I will say is that all my stories and OC's belong to me alone. If you wish to borrow any o them, feel free to ask, but still, be creative with your OC's.

Trust me; a true writer and artist creates his/her own ideas from scratch.

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