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What can i say Just. Wow. I'll admit that animation isn't usually a big thing for me on DeviantArt unless it's creative and ...

First off, probably the biggest and most creative part of this artwork is the use of cubed buildings to convey the dystopian, almost bu...

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen from you in a very long while. The anatomy and the stance is perfect, co...

by TitusW

Honestly, I love how this is well-drawn. The lines are clear and the colors very open, which makes every object stand out. This kind of...

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High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 3 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 2 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
Nerf Guns and Broken China by Domus Vocis
Flash Fiction: "Nerf Guns and Broken China" by Domus Vocis
We would be visiting the beach, but my brothers and I planned to play with our Nerf guns one more time before playing on a sandy shore. It started off as a fun and innocent game, until we became soldiers in a war. When the foam bullets fell and we insulted each other about who won, me acting smug and my little brother screaming he won, he threw his plastic rifle at me. As I dodged it, the Nerf gun shattered a china cabinet behind me.
When my parents saw the aftermath, they asked, “Why didn’t you take the hit?”
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Being a Stepfather
Being a Stepfather
By: Domus Vocis
Tonight was a big night for both of us, me and Chloe.
Nearing the point of being called a middle-aged lion, romance was as much on my mind months ago as it is smiling at job. My name is Gordon Jameson, and I worked as a paralegal in a law firm situated in the inner city, being paid either to help protect a client’s civil rights or a lowly criminals’ butt from being prosecuted. I did relentless paperwork, helped my colleagues prepare documents and spent hours writing on my laptop for upcoming cases.
Despite the great payment, my life outside the firm wasn’t golden. I worked hard into college and more on earning my degree, only socializing if it included friends from the office. When it came to girlfriends, I only had time for one night stands followed by a romance that could never work. My last girlfriend was a foxy lady named Marianne, who left me for the same reason as everyone else.
It wasn’t my tall stature, the deep voice I
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We Knew Without Knowing (remastered)
We Knew Without Knowing
By: Domus Vocis
       Monday, September 24th
       Where do I honestly begin?
       My name is Connor Clayton. I’m fourteen years old, am related to the famous astronomer Marcus Clayton, and am supposed to be a normal student in a normal world. Sadly, my world is no longer normal and is on the verge of a massive change. I need to type this to remind myself what happened was real and not some schizophrenic episode. It was an extraordinary event that’s been leaving humanity’s future uncertain for all of us. It's affected everyone. The religious, intelligent, unbelievers, poor, rich, and leaders of the world.
       Even me. To make a long story short: we are not alone in the universe.
       It all happened several weeks ago, on August 17th. It was my birthday, a day that started off nicely. It ended with a cake made by my mother, topped with a
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Mature content
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 1 :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
By: Domus Vocis
Ambreen Uduak couldn’t shake her doubts away.
As her car glided itself down the bustling highway, Ambreen felt grateful for the autopilot. After the large lobster and chatty dinner conference she endured, a soft bed looked inviting. Sadly, a bed wasn’t the initial thought on her mind, not tonight.
“Ambreen Uduak, you are now a famous woman,” an Egyptian governor spoke between bites. “Ms. Uduak, congratulations and good luck on tomorrow,” said a smiling ambassador. “I hope the launch will be successful. The Federation, ISEC, and countless others are counting on it,” another told her, nodding. “No pressure of course.”
How optimistic, she thought, sighing as freeways and random cars zoomed past. Staring at her shoes, Ambreen couldn’t help but frown, for a man who isn’t risking his life.
In the blink of an eye, Ambreen found herself in her hotel room, a simple one-bedroom suite complete with
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Domus Vocis commission by Tsaiwolf by Domus-Vocis Domus Vocis commission by Tsaiwolf :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 25 9
Mature content
Terror at the Drive In :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 3
'Beyond the Cave' short story from Furry Migration
Beyond the Cave
By: Domus Vocis
Cub still not come back yet.
Wolf did not worry much for Cub, especially since he hunted on his own accord. Whenever they woke up, Wolf and Cub hunted by themselves. Game such as small rabbits went by the maw of the cave, curious about the glow of their fire, and both would slice their throats. After that, they’d grill it above Fire, eat, then play before falling asleep. Nothing changed, nothing ever did.
One day though, Cub whined about leaving the Cave. He wined and begged for Wolf to go beyond the Cave. Wolf growled that nothing but darkness was beyond the Cave, that leaving the Cave meant being Gone. She should have been graver toward Cub. Cub did not listen well. Cub barked angry at Wolf, then she thrashed Cub’s cheek. In the blink of an eye, Cub ran off into Darkness, and did not return for many nights.
Wolf grew worried for Cub, and did not want Cub to be Gone. Being Gone meant being swallowed by Darkness, and not being Gone meant alwa
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Mature content
High School of Cliches: Homecoming :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 8
The Peasant and the Mirror
The Peasant and the Mirror
By: Domus Vocis
Once upon a time, there lived a young peasant named Noah who led a simple and lonely life. Though he came from poor, humble background, the young man persevered out of the dirt and worked to become a famed scholar, one that would be known throughout the wealthy kingdoms. Every day, he’d run from his humble village to the nearby city, study the teachings of his intelligent instructors, and diligently do his family household’s chores before working on his manuscripts. Noah had few friends, both yearning for wealth, glory, and therefore companionship in his lonesome daily life.
While gathering fresh food for dinner, young Noah tripped on an object in the middle of an empty street. Picking up, he saw it to be a small wooden board with a mirror embedded into the oak. He looked around him to find its owner, but saw nobody close to the peasant. Noah, ever so curious, examined the mirror. It was rectangular, half a king’s foot long,
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 2 0
By: Domus Vocis
They say when you go off to college, you gain the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Some people call it a second chance at your social life, or another opportunity to screw up again. When I was a freshman at State University, I wasted that chance by having my eyes glued to a white canvas, and my fingers clutched at a dirty pencil.
My weekend nights were often spent in my barely lit dorm room, the only noise in the form of echoes outside. I’d stare at the canvas for a long time, until the mirages in my head appeared on paper.
But with this, I started her when I arrived at college.
I was almost finished with my greatest project this year. As I surveyed the canvas, I saw the line work that formed her. The young woman in my drawing had an ethnic background I never drew before, at least until I started a couple months ago. After a long time, I decided to give her Latina and Indian heritage, traces of dark skin and olive complexion on her cheeks that went from bro
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By Domus Vocis
The city is dead.
No, its heart is barely beating, barely breathing under the starry blanket sky. I can feel the weight in my eyes, and grasp the sharp headache every time I walk. I hear a scurrying squirrel run by me for a midnight snack. I smell the stench of sweat and car exhaust on an empty, neon street. I can taste the moisture of early morning spring in the cool air.
Walking outside my apartment in the dead of night always relaxes my muscles. Insomnia is a problem for students and Average Joes, for those who dislike breaking tradition or routine. Wake up, go to work, kiss the boss’s rear, get drunk after you clock out, then cry yourself to sleep while watching television static. You have a hobby to keep yourself sane or stand out. You yearn for time to do one thing or another.
Did you know we spend one-third of our lives asleep?
My feet may be sore and my ankles crackling like burnt bacon, I feel alive when the city is asleep. In the distance comes t
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Mature content
High School of Cliches :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 8
The Gray Place
The Gray Place
By: Domus Vocis
First, there’s falling.
Next, there’s screaming from above.
Followed by impact.
Afterward, there is release.
Opening my parched, heavy eyes, my mind shouted to fully wake up and find myself. I did, and saw a cloudless sky above me. My back hurt, like I’d been hit by a bullet train, and the numbness in my bones hurt more than crackling popcorn in a burnt microwave. Judging from how I felt all over my body, maybe I did. In a final attempt though, I slowly lifted my aching head from the pavement.
I blinked repeatedly until my eyesight cleared enough to see through my foggy vision, eventually being able to see. My hands trembled with cold, and my skin felt the familiar touch of concrete against my palms. As I pushed against the ground and got to my shivering feet, the sound of car horns nearby jostled me to my senses. I stood on the edge of a sidewalk nearby the city’s river, with its giant bridge into the countryside looming over the
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Mature content
Weremaned wolf :icontatujapa:Tatujapa 61 13



Well, it may be a little late but me and the family went to go see Wonder Woman in theaters last night. And what did I think of it?

Honestly, it may not be Marvel, but damn is this movie good. After the blunders that were BvS and Suicide Squad, it is absolutely refreshing to watch an actual GOOD live-action DC movie. What makes Wonder Woman different from the BvS and Suicide Squad is how they focus on the struggles and trials of ONE character, not many. And with great writing, wonderful acting from both Gal Gadot and Chris Pines and a story that may be fish-out-of-water-ish, but has charm, great action, visuals, some subtle but funny social commentary from our Amazonian princess, and Wonder Woman is a damn fun ride. 

PS: Here's a little trivia; when my mom went in to see the movie, she had NO IDEA that Wonder Woman was connected to the Amazonian women of Greek legend. She loved the first half involving Themyscira and so did I.

RIP Adam West (1928-2017)

From the role of a corny Batman to the mayor of Quahog on Family Guy, he will surely be missed. We love you Adam.

This is from my review of "Thrawn" on Reader's Boulevard.

                "There are things in the universe that are simply and purely evil. A warrior does not seek to understand them, or to compromise with them. He seeks only to obliterate them."



    Two months ago, I was introduced into watching Star Wars: Rebels, and now after finishing the third season, I am proudly and unabashedly pleased to say two things: one, I cannot wait for Season Four.

    And two, Grand Admiral Thrawn is my most favorite Star Wars villain right after Darth Vader. Yeah, that much.

            And can you blame me? Unlike Darth Vader, whose villainous nature is displayed by how he destroyed anything and everything in his path like a monstrous beast, Thrawn is more subtle. He’s not just an ominous design and iconic voice, but a tactical psychopath who’d put Moriarty in his place. Grand Admiral Thrawn is a monster whose villainous nature comes from how composed and calculating he faces obstacles. He’s quiet, unnerving, relentless in his tasks, but does so by slowly weaving his actions and words around his enemies, like an elegant but poisonous spider.

            Just listen to this and tell me you don’t have chills:


            Now with Disney’s claws on the franchise, one would assume they’d have done everything to distance themselves from plotlines and characters associated with the Expanded Universe. Thankfully, they decided to canonically reintroduce our favorite blue admiral by making him the latest villain of Rebels, and now this novel.

    Set before the events of the original trilogy and Rebels, the novels begins in the Unknown Regions with Imperial soldiers rescuing an exiled Chiss named Mitth'raw'nuruodo—Thrawn for short—on a desolate planet. His insight and tactics surprise and impress everyone, especially Emperor Palpatine who seeks to use him in serving his Galactic Empire (despite not knowing his true intentions). With the help of his translator/reluctant aid, a human ensign named Eli Vanto, we watch how this mysterious human-like creature with ingenious prowess and regal ruthlessness dredges through Imperial bureaucracy to become one of the most feared and respected villains in the Star Wars universe.

    So what do I think Timothy Zahn’s “Thrawn”?

    On the one hand, after witnessing the fifty shades of intimidating, calculating awesomeness that is the Grand Admiral, a huge part of me really didn’t want me to know everything about him, mainly because of this one really good argument.

    While discussing our thoughts with one another on the new movies, a college acquaintance of mine once said Disney shouldn’t make a Han Solo movie because, the reason many find him so popular is because we don't know his backstory. His charisma comes from the fact that his origins are a mystery and that fans could make their own conclusions.

    The same could be said for Thrawn. He is such a fantastic villain, the way he is always thinking above and beyond while being confident without showing off. You assume you couldn’t, and didn’t even need to explore his backstory, but his creator did, and I was still wary. However, I must say I was not disappointed.

    We see the origins of how a villain who has a simple goal will do anything and everything to achieve it, as well as the ramifications and consequences that come from his actions. We see how Thrawn’s journey to the title of Grand Admiral affects everyone around him, from simple cadets who resent nonhumans to an entire tribe losing its land and legacy. Even Eli Vanto isn’t safe from it, losing his chances for a quiet life to instead learn as Thrawn’s aid. Even so, you must admire the subtle relationship that grows between him and the soon-to-be-admiral, and how they form a bizarre friendship over their desire to protect from corruption, suffering, and chaos by doing what is best for their Galactic Empire.

    It isn’t just Thrawn who isn’t just focused on either; remember Governor Pryce? That stuck-up woman who always accompanied Thrawn by Lothal in Rebels? She’s in this too, and we focus on her backstory like Thrawn. Really, it’s great to see people you didn’t think twice about in the TV show and suddenly know who they are and why they’re here. Her character arc of how she became Governor is especially tragic, to see an ambitious woman work through the system by choosing between power and authority over friends and loved ones.

    It makes me wonder if they’ll ever focus on it with Season Four coming up? :-/

    If there were any pet peeves for me (outside of the cliffhanger involving Vanto and his role in Thrawn’s plan), it’s be a couple of things, one of them involving the editing. Timothy Zahn’s narrative at times doesn’t focus on certain scenes at certain times, and only explains what happened as an afterthought rather than as an engaging scene. For example, there’s a part where Thrawn is investigating at a dojo, and spars with a Togorian (?) instructor, and I was excited to see it.

    Until we suddenly cut to the end, with the instructor and Thrawn congratulating each other on their techniques. What the hell? We have an opportunity to see Thrawn against a trained fighter. Instead it was cut for no reason. There’s more like this, especially in space battles where we should get clearer pictures of what’s happening. I am not asking for any imagery porn, but it’d be nice to see more occasional descriptions.

    I dunno, maybe I’m nitpicky. Overall, as Star Wars books go, this is worth you money. While it isn’t something big or epic like the trilogies, it isn’t supposed to be. It’s a simple journey of one of the galaxy’s greatest villains and how he came to power. And as far as these types of stories go, it’s done greatly. The motivation for Thrawn is brilliant, his character is eerily awesome, the writing is standard (in a good way), and seeing his assistant grow alongside his superior as well is engaging. 

    Still, am I just being nice to this book because I am still on the high of Star Wars: Rebels? Well, to quote our Grand Admiral, “Perhaps, perhaps not.”

Phew, finished my Linguistics exam several minutes ago. One more final to go and here comes summer~!

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High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 3
By: Domus Vocis

The ride back to Greenville was in deadly silence. After Hunter’s outburst to Angela, the station attendant called the cops on them. The policemen who arrived, a middle-aged lion and wolfdog in his twenties whose nametags read ‘Officer Jones’ and ‘Officer Harris’ respectively, were thankfully lenient enough to only give a warning for disturbing past curfew. While they almost had heart attacks after the officers mentioned giving a hefty fine to ‘some dumb jocks egging a moving car’ and a ‘funny prank on the school’, the lion and wolfdog weren’t suspicious.

“Alright then,” Officer Jones told Spud, tail swishing like a rope. “You kids drive safely now.”

“And don’t stay past curfew next time,” Officer Harris added, eyes on the quiet shepherd and fox beside him, “we’re ordered to arrest anyone past 9:00, even if you’re outta town.”

“Thank you, Officers,” Spud nodded to them, rather hastily. As he began driving off, Hunter in the back muttered, “Aw, I was looking forward to another Rukis Croax cameo…”

Nobody spoke a word as Jason steered the Outlook through the cold autumn night. Everyone was either drained from tonight’s events or pondering on other things, but the drive wasn’t as long as suspected. As Spud played on his phone and Jason focused on the road, Holden sleepily laid in his seat, still quiet since the confrontation, while Hunter tried distracting himself by listening to the radio.

A new day dawning, comes without warning,” it played, “…so don’t look back! We live in troubled times! Ohhhhh. Ohhhh. Oh, we live in troubled—

“Can’t you just leave me alone for now?” Hunter asked under his breath. Hehe, I ask the news that whenever President— “Make another political joke right now and I’ll go ‘Creative Mind’ on you, got it?” Okay.

As for Angela, she sat in the front seat and did nothing but stare out the windshield, still processing what Hunter revealed to her. The German shepherd wanted to feel sorry for her, since they had fun tonight despite her finding out, but all he felt was nothing. Hunter didn’t feel sorry for what he said, nor of the consequences. When they arrived at the Preacher Family’s mansion, the golden she-wolf spoke nothing as she stepped out of the car and ran past the gates into her lavish home.

Jason then dropped Spud off, who wished Hunter luck on Monday. “I mean, no one pisses off Angela
Preacher and lives to tell the tale,” he said, then turned left and right before whispering, “Truth be told, that chick’s as hot as she is terrifying.”

The German shepherd smirked. “Watch me take her on,” he paw-bumped with Spud, and watched the hyena sneak back inside his house.

Jason next drove to Holden’s duplex, the fox now asleep against Hunter’s shoulder. As the canine sat in his seat and smiled at the peaceful fox beside him, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for tonight. The bleeding on his right arm luckily stopped, leaving bits of dried blood and paper towel stuck to the fur, but Hunter felt more concerned of how Holden acted reserved throughout the car ride.

After thanking Jason for the drive, Hunter nudged the sleepy fox awake and guided him out of the car. The shepherd teen texted Mom earlier that he was sleeping at a friend’s house. When he didn’t get a reply past midnight, Hunter opted that she’d be okay about it.

“By the way, thanks Jason,” Hunter whispered to the tiger, “for everything. Sorry about the car though.”

Jason smirked through the window. “Credit where it’s due, Hunter: I never thought I’d see you rip Angela Preacher a new one,” the tiger said quietly, one ear folded. “I uh…tell Holden I’m sorry about what happened. He’s a good guy, and…”

Hunter nodded. “I will.”

Carrying/guiding his boyfriend to the door, the German shepherd tried fishing for Holden’s house key, only for his paw to brush up against the fox’s boner while digging.

“Mmmmmm, dirty doggy…” Holden muttered, giggling slightly.

With ears folded and a blush hidden under his cheeks, Hunter was relieved to find the keys and quietly open the door. And when they came to Holden’s bedroom, the allure of a comforting mattress was too much for our protagonists.


Hunter slept great that night, albeit after another dirty dream. “Hmmmmm…Oh yeah...” he curled in bed with a smile across his tan muzzle, pulling the pillow closer to his sculpted stomach. A warm pillow. “Oh Holden…”

“Yes~?” a voice came from under him. Blinking an eye open to find the fox in his arms, the German shepherd stiffened in more ways than one. The lithe fox felt it too against his back, and the blue in his eyes flashed naughtily. “Did you buy a cucumber at the EZ-Mart last night or are ya happy to see me, Hunter?”

The German shepherd (thankful for having his clothes still on), rolled his eyes before pulling the chipper fox into a deep hug. Surprised by Hunter’s sudden action, Holden couldn’t help but hug back. It wasn’t a short hug either; he held him tight while his paws caressed the smaller canine’s shoulders, back, and neck.

“Good morning,” Hunter said, smiling softly. Wagging his tail, the German shepherd tenderly kissed the fox’s lips, paws gently holding onto each other’s elbows. Parting as he felt a warm length against his stomach, Hunter booped his nose against Holden’s smaller one and asked, “I guess you bought a cucumber too?”

Fully awake, Holden couldn’t resist laughing. “Good morning to you too, sweetie,” he kissed Hunter back, then sighed before pulling his nose away. “So…how’d you sleep?” The fox slyly smirked. “And if it was about me, I want details~!”

Hunter nervously scratched the back of his head, his paw still covering the groin of his jeans. “I uh, dunno if I remember anything specific,” he said. That’s not what I wrote earlier. “Can it.” Make me: oh wait, you can’t. “Again, ‘Creative Mind’, Mr. Perverted Narrator.” Like I’d actually write that out.

Holden giggled before standing up from the bed, stretching his arms before pausing to stare at the bandage on his forearm. Folding their ears, Hunter and Holden stared at each other in solemn silence.

“Hunter, I—”

“Listen, she—”

Hunter and Holden paused, and the fox sighed. “You first,” he said, giving a genuine smile.  

Tail curling behind him, Hunter sat on the bed with his footpaws feeling the soft bedroom carpet.
“Angela knows about us now,” he said, elbows on his knees while tiredly gazing at the fox. “Holden, did I do the best thing last night?”

“You certainly were a good plushie for me last night,” Holden giggled, then crossed his arms with folded ears. “I don’t know, honestly. What happened with Angela was…surprising to say the least.”

Hunter raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you the wise gay twink of our relationship?” he asked, smirking.

“I am,” the fox replied, “but it’s not every day that an unhinged she-wolf attacks you and gashes your arm before your boyfriend announces his sexual orientation to the next county over in the middle of the night.”

Hunter couldn’t help but fold an ear. “Point taken there.”

Both chuckled before sighing, then Holden surprised the German shepherd by asking, “Did you mean what you said earlier? That you’ve been bi your entire life, and you took your anger out on me? Back then?”

Hunter groaned, but nodded. “Y-Yes, I did,” he confessed, raising his muzzle up to the fox. “But Holden, I mean it when I say I’m sorry—”

“Shhhhh…” the fox whispered, placing a finger on the larger canine lips. “As clichéd as that was,” he giggled, then cupped Hunter’s cheek, “I already said I forgive you. I was just surprised, that’s all. I mean, to say all of that so boldly to someone like her really…stunned me.” He booped his nose to Hunter’s again, causing the German shepherd to smile and swish his tail as they looked out the window.

It was a beautiful autumn morning, and the outside weather reflected the month too. Just a day into November and it seemed to become colder, yet the sun shone off the red and orange leaves like Holden’s fur. Across the street, houses either slept in on the Saturday morning or rustled awake for the day, all unaware of the fox and shepherd teenagers.  

“Knowing Angela,” Hunter guessed, feeling as Holden nestled against his chest, “she’ll tell all of her friends who’ll spread it around regardless. I bet she’s even getting the rumor mill started and it’ll be all over school by Monday. Hell, maybe it’s all over MuzzleScroll already.”

“So you’ll be out then?” the fox asked. “No more hiding? No more pretending we’re Romeo and Juliet—or in our case Romeo and Julio, hehe—and no more being ashamed of us?”

The German shepherd looked down to Holden and thought it over. For only two months he’s been with this lithe fox, half-ashamed to be dating and attracted to another guy, and now everyone would know about it. Screw secrecy by Coach Sampson and screw this day and age where coming out is still taboo in other places.

Images are everything to survive in a small town high school, Hunter thought to himself. He’s not…lying per se, but this is a parody of gay romances in the furry fandom, not a damn ‘Breakfast Club’ rip-off. Touché.

Looking at Holden, the German shepherd took wonder in how much the fox enjoyed being himself. He didn’t care about having few friends or making others like him: Holden Brewin was himself because he wanted to.

And here was his chance to be like that as well. “No more shame sweetie,” Hunter said to the lithe fox, kissing his headfur. Unfortunately, a quick sniff made him cringe. “Ugh, you need a shower.”

Perking his black-tipped ears, Holden sniffed the shepherd’s neck before frowning. “You too, big guy!” he quipped, pulling the bigger canine up to his footpaws.

As they turned to the bathroom (a simple one with a shower stall) and the lithe fox pointed out the shampoo and soap best for the fur, a thought came to Hunter’s mind. He tried shooing it away, but the idea was too much for the German shepherd.

“Holden?” he asked, closing the bathroom door behind them.

The fox looked up to the tall canine. “Yes, Hunter?” Holden replied curiously.

“Want to…uh…oh God, please don’t make me say it so awkwardly,” he began. No promises there.
“Um...would you like to join me?” Hunter blushed under his fur, and Holden’s wide eyes didn’t help. “To save water?”

That sure got the lithe canine’s attention, along with another part of him. With his muzzle creasing into a foxy grin, Holden wordlessly pulled his vest off and tossed it aside, then began unbuckling his jeans. Panting at the sight, Hunter hesitated before mirroring his boyfriend’s movements. Now, in the basking glow of the bathroom’s lights, Hunter’s face felt hot at seeing Holden in nothing but a tight pair of blue undies (one that really left little to the German shepherd’s imagination).

He could see Holden’s eyes wandering all over his muscles too, making Hunter feel self-conscious for a moment before he remembered. There wasn’t anyone else in the room. Taking a quick gulp, Hunter grappled onto his own waistband and pulled it down. Holden did too, but the he dared not to look down. Otherwise, his boner would be in even more aching pain.

Silently, surely, the fox and dog slid the glass door open turned the shower on before stepping inside. Hunter giggled shortly at Holden whining under the descending cold water, and stepped closer on reflex.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Hunter grunted, his footpaws slipping on the tiles. “Holden, here—”
Before he could stop himself, the German shepherd steadied himself by wrapping his arms around the fox’s shivering body. As Holden shifted themselves underneath the showerhead, Hunter’s elbow smacked into the shower’s tiled wall, making the canine grit his teeth.

Gasping at first, the fox murred into Hunter’s broad chest, causing the shepherd to caress Holden’s bare back. “You okay there?” Holden asked, giggling while also holding onto the taller canine. “You seem tense, sweetie.”

Hunter nodded. “I’m…” he paused, realizing his length was pressed wet and dripping against the lithe fox’s torso. “I’m…fine.” It grew harder, hotter, until he felt Holden’s fleshy member rubbing at his thighs too. Moaning helplessly at how good he felt in his arms, Hunter yipped when a pair of paws squeezed his firm cheeks.

“Heh, wanted to do that for a while~!” Holden giggled into the German shepherd’s chestfur. Hunter gasped further as the fox’s fingers caressed his rear, pulling him forward so their dicks would brush closer. “There we are, how does that feel?”

Hunter looked down to see Holden trying to look up to him, only for the warm water to blind his eyes as it fell down on them. Coming up with an idea, the German shepherd leaned his head forward under the showerhead, leaving water to trail down his back and their sides. This left Holden dry from the water able to gaze up at him.

Wordlessly, the fox blinked away water from his eyes as they stood in the shower. Giggling while their world escaped into static waterfalls, Hunter placed his bigger paws onto his fox’s rump before lifting him into a kiss. Their lips melted into the other, followed by moaning and groping as their tails splashed water around their ankles.

Losing his grip though, Hunter placed Holden back down with a deafening huff.

“Tired already, Hunter?” the fox quipped between kisses.

“Harder than it looks in pornos,” Hunter panted, licking his lips before pressing his muzzle back against Holden’s, “even though you’re like 150 lbs.”

Holden pulled back and slid his paw onto the German shepherd’s manhood, immediately silencing him.

“I’m 130 lbs sweetheart,” he corrected Hunter. Moaning at Holden’s touch, his cock grew harder than before in the fox’s nimble fingers, making Hunter’s knees buckle like jelly.

“P-Please…” the shepherd gaped, tail wagging as each simple movement made him delirious with lust. “...don’t stop…” Grinning with delight, the fox was about to do more when a sudden knock made them jump and slip on the tiles.



“You in there, Holden?” a female voice called through the wooden door. “What is going on in there?”

“Uh, nothing Mom!” Holden gasped out, chuckling nervously.

“You sure? I just wanted to tell you I’m making breakfast and…” she paused, footsteps shifting.
“Holden, dear. Is Hunter in there with you?”

Hunter gawked at how flustered Holden became, scrambling from the floor together as the fox grabbed shampoo. “W-W-We’ll be coming down soon! Please don’t come in, Mom!” he said, tail curling between his legs and his softening erection.

Silent for a moment, Holden’s mother simply laughed. “Okay.” The footsteps faded away, leaving the two canines awkwardly standing in the middle of a hot, running shower.

“Remind me to get back at him for giving us blue balls,” Hunter grumbled to the fox beside him.

Streaking the shampoo in his fur, the fox shrugged to Hunter. “I’m sorry about that embarrassing moment,” he said, turning to grab some soap. “So before we have another cockblock moment, let’s get cleaned up for breakfast, okay Hunter?”

Whimpering at the flaccid state of his erection, Hunter conceded. “Fine…”

They finished in the shower before getting out and having Holden put on a new roll of bandages for the still-healing wound on his arm. After getting dressed in his clothes from the night before (with Holden tossing on a simple purple t-shirt and denim jeans that didn’t hide the heft of his undies), Hunter followed his foxy boyfriend downstairs. Reaching the foot of the stairs, he flicked his ears and felt his maw water at what was cooking.

Two tired vixens could be seen in the kitchen, one of them Hunter recognized as Mary without her heavy, dark makeup. Wearing a simple black shirt and pair of torn jeans, the teenage vixen mowed into her plate of waffles before perking her ears.

“Mom,” Mary groaned, turning her muzzle to her older brother, “did Holden get your permission to have that shepherd over?”

Mrs. Brewin, dressed in a purplish nightgown that stopped at her knees, wagged her tail at the incoming two. “Well good morning Holden,” she barked enthusiastically, one paw on the waffle iron’s handle. Her pleasant, relaxed demeanor surprised Hunter, who was still slightly sour about what happened (or rather didn’t happen) earlier. “I’m making us some waffles, so better hurry you two before Mary here maws it down!”

This caused the younger vixen to pout. “Mom!” she whined.

Holden chuckled. “Good morning to you too,” he said, turning to brightly smile at the taller canine. “Come on, sweetie. You hungry?”

Curling his tail slightly at the open flirting, the German shepherd timidly sat down at the kitchen’s island. As he sat beside his boyfriend and got a plate, Holden glanced to Holden’s mother and little sister. Mrs. Brewin stood patiently for the batch of waffles to be finished, looking occasionally to him with a happy nod, while Mary acted indifferent.

The waffles were very tasty, and Hunter eagerly took another onto his plate. “Oh good Lord, you know how to cook,” he complimented Holden’s mother, tails wagging behind him and the other two fox’s. The German shepherd took another bite. “Are there like, Hersey’s melted between layers? And…peanut butter?”

The elder fox nodded with confidence. “It sure is,” Mrs. Brewin spoke. “I took some of the leftover candy from last night and decided to make us something creative.”

“Hopefully you didn’t put black licorice in a batch?” Mary quipped.

Mrs. Brewin stuck her tongue out as a reply, but paused. “Holden, what happened to your arm?” she asked, eyes on her son’s forearm. “Did you hurt yourself last night?”

Perking his ears, Holden didn’t miss a beat. “I slipped on some gravel, Mom,” he said before taking a bite of her homemade waffles, “No need to worry yourself.”

“You sure? It wasn’t too bad or anything, right?” she asked, clearly overreacting. “Hey, when you have cubs like me you’ll be less worried, buster.” Fair point. “As a caring mother trope, I’m obligated to be worried for you.”

The fox glanced to Hunter as he ate (and listened to them), then smiled. “I’m fine, Mom,” Holden reassured her. “I’m turning eighteen in a couple weeks, and probably have main character immunity—”

“Couple weeks?” Hunter asked, looking surprised to the fox beside him. “Wait, when were you born, Holden?”

Holden, looking thankful for the change of conversation, shrugged. “November the 12th,” he said.
“What about you?”

Not believing himself, Hunter replied, “Nineteenth of November. Wednesday?”

Holden nodded. “Yep.”

Everyone was stunned. Even Mary. “Really, he’s older than you?” she gawked, giggling out-of-character for her. “Good fuck is that hilarious!”

“Mary Belle Brewin!” her mother scorned. “Language.”

“Uh…” Mary sweat-dropped, “…English?” Her mother wasn’t impressed, causing the teenager to sigh and put a dollar in the swear jar beside the counter.

“So you’re a week older than me?” Hunter asked, eyes deadpan as Mary and Mrs. Brewin chortled.

“It seems like it,” the fox snickered, gently elbowing the German shepherd. “I guess you have a thing for older men then?” This made the room howl with laughter, including Hunter before he swallowed another bite of the Halloween-themed waffles down. “Seriously though; I had no idea we both had birthdays a week apart.”

Hunter couldn’t stop his tail from wagging. “I guess we don’t have to worry at all about waiting ‘til we’re both eighteen,” he commented, licking off traces in his teeth. After all, you’ll both be legal and we could really go into details, can’t we? “Can it.”

“Speaking of which,” Mrs. Brewin suddenly cleared her throat while sitting on one of the island’s seats. “About earlier, we need to talk about something between you two.”

Again, everyone was silent until Holden spoke up. “Mom!” the fox blushed under his cheeks. “Please don’t say what I think the narrator’s trying to get you to say—”

Well,” she continued, “you both know how carnal sexual desires can be.” Oh yeah, you should’ve seen them in the shower—

“Shut it or I’ll really come out of these pages like in ‘Creative Mind’, you perverted narrator!” Hunter grumbled lowly, his ears and cheeks red with embarrassment alongside Holden. “We didn’t do anything, ma’am.”

Mary, who’d been trying to ignore the ideal, scoffed. “Yeah, and I’m Megan Fox, Jock,” she muttered, her tail curling. “And for God’s sake, Mom; I don’t wanna listen to you talk about Holden’s sex life. TMI!”

“Agreed,” the fox and shepherd spoke in unison.

Before they could delve into the conversation further, Hunter was saved by his mother calling to check on him. After some mild (and semi-false) recounting of how the movie and night went, his mother drove her car into the Brewin’s driveway. Gathering his coat, Hunter thanked Mrs.
Brewin for the breakfast before smiling down to Holden.

“Well, I’ll see you at school?” he guessed, hugging the lithe fox in his arms.

Holden nuzzled his neck. “I guess I will,” he replied, kissing the shepherd teen’s cheeks and then lips. “I love you.”

Without a beat, the jock smiled. “I love you too.”

Hunter’s mother wasn’t best-dressed that morning nor fully her quirky self yet, wearing her pajamas as she drove. “Boy, does your Aunt Patricia need to mow her lawn, right?” she said, driving away from the duplex. Clearing her throat and eyes on the road, Hunter’s mother smiled. “So how was the film? And did you have fun?”  

Hearing her question, and thinking of the upcoming days ahead for himself and Holden, Hunter rested the back of his head onto the seat’s cushion. “It was…nice actually,” he nodded. “Can’t remember much…but…yeah.”

She nodded moments later. “I understand,” she said. “You’re tired, I’m tired, we’re all tired after the hectic night before.” They eventually turned into the Thurman Family’s driveway, having the two German shepherds tiredly crawl out of the car. “You go to bed and take a nap. Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself before helping your Dad with yardwork, okay Hunter?”

Ignoring yet acknowledging her, Hunter zombie-walked to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed, pulling his phone out to text his boyfriend, his boyfriend, a heart emoji before remembering their shower together. Immediately, his erection pressed hotly against his jeans, making the canine moan as he slid his pants off the bed.

“Um, do you mind?” Hunter asked, grasping his groin through the fabric of his underwear. I do, since I need another sexy— “I don’t think so. Fade out already!”

Ugh. The End...of Part 3...of Part 2...of Part 3—fuck it, I’m done with this gag.
High School of Cliches: Halloween Madness Part 3
Welp, here's the (very long) Part 2 of the next High School of Cliches. Here it takes place on Halloween Night, and our couple and their friends (along with one crazy cheerleader) are on a road trip of revenge against a rival school. Much like the other stories, this is a parody of typical gay romances you find in the furry fandom, as well as outside it, while having fun with being a gay romance.

In this installment, we have an uber-conservative small town, car chases, some promised steamy scenes between Hunter & Holden, and a big reveal that will impact our main couple in future chapters. And now in this section, the secret's out! *gasp* What'll happen next???

I hope you had fun, and feel free to R&R in the comments! <3



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Well, it may be a little late but me and the family went to go see Wonder Woman in theaters last night. And what did I think of it?

Honestly, it may not be Marvel, but damn is this movie good. After the blunders that were BvS and Suicide Squad, it is absolutely refreshing to watch an actual GOOD live-action DC movie. What makes Wonder Woman different from the BvS and Suicide Squad is how they focus on the struggles and trials of ONE character, not many. And with great writing, wonderful acting from both Gal Gadot and Chris Pines and a story that may be fish-out-of-water-ish, but has charm, great action, visuals, some subtle but funny social commentary from our Amazonian princess, and Wonder Woman is a damn fun ride. 

PS: Here's a little trivia; when my mom went in to see the movie, she had NO IDEA that Wonder Woman was connected to the Amazonian women of Greek legend. She loved the first half involving Themyscira and so did I.


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I'm Domus Vocis. The name is Latin for 'home's voice'. I named myself this because our planet earth is a place that needs many voices for people to hear. I became a writer a while back, all the way back in middle school. I began with poetry and got to writing short stories. As I wrote more, I got better and better over the years. And during those years, I came up with three rules for becoming a more skilled writer. They are:

1) Your ideas are your own.

2) Never let an idea slip away when it comes.

3) Don't base your creations off of society's rules.

For my hobbies, interests, favorite books, movies, etc. feel free to ask me anything you're interested in knowing!

I mostly write science fiction, young adult, and contemporary fiction, but on a few occasions write something else of a different genre. Almost all of them have a form of symbolism to them, so read it carefully. Some of the stories I write don't take place in the same universe, and only a few do. The reason for this is because my OC's are very different from one another.

Speaking of which, the last thing I will say is that all my stories and OC's belong to me alone. If you wish to borrow any o them, feel free to ask, but still, be creative with your OC's.

Trust me; a true writer and artist creates his/her own ideas from scratch.

Who here is excited for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell? 

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